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  1. Kinda reminds me of a tourny back in Halo 3 where they went to a commercial break but forgot to mute Puckett's mic and he starts criticizing the observer - "Jeenyus is sucking this event. Tell him to focus on the flags!" Anyone remember that?
  2. Months* ago, but exactly. The community should have been putting up a huge fuss as soon as the format was announced, but that is not what happened.
  3. This 100%. If people were going to react this way then they should have been vocal as soon as the tournament structure was announced and demanded double elim way back then. We've known this was coming for months, there's nothing to be done about it now
  4. Everyone on this forum is currently watching the biggest Halo tournament of all time at www.twitch.tv/halo so the timing of your post will probably lead to it not getting much attention just FYI
  5. Here, just uploaded the full Bubu Dubu Camo play with Twitch reactions as well:
  6. It might have to do with your Twitch settings man. I just tried to whisper you and it said you had whispers ignored. Maybe you have me ignored or all chat invites blocked or something
  7. I copy-pasted whatever you wrote originally. Twitch usernames can't have spaces though btw so it won't even let me invite the first one you wrote there
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