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  1. Can someone please put 'ability to play with guest' on the mcc wishlist...
  2. Arent the games these day as big as they are since devs dont bother compressing any more? The disks/dvd you buy dont even have the game on them most of the time.
  3. Have not see a lot of the stream due to cs major but sometimes when I see the stream I dont like the short team names on the overlays. At one point had no clue what teams played due to not knowing the 'short code' of that team. Not really new viewer friendly imo.
  4. Lets hope more think like us... NG black is one of best games ever for me
  5. I dont understand how quinn makes radar seems to be a resource priority issue. Any of us would and could easily do it for free. Ill even write them a patchnote devblog that I pressed the disable button -_-
  6. You think Denial players can get chairs now? I am still really sad at no Ogre at worlds but I really love the new players really refreshing.
  7. For me personally I have a very twitchy shot. Vibration threw my shot off and made me miss more shots. Friend of mine is the other end. He shoots better with vibration.
  8. First night off for a while... was planning to play around with update... now there is no power
  9. Seen people looking a bit for warzone players so If anyone is looking for extra hand for warzone or arena for that matter (little bit suckie in arena) you are always welcome to invite/follow me.
  10. Ill rather have shitposting then some of the discussions that keep happening and where it seems people put a 12 year old behind the keyboard putting their arguments down. And then keep circel jerking in order to talk last.
  11. That sounds like a pretty fun gametype. Might be even more fun with regular pistol.
  12. These numbers on itselve mean nothing. Xbox one is only out for like 2 years and its the least popular system. This means less copies of the game to sell in general so less hours. Just looking at these numbers is just looking to complain.
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