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  1. False cause on the idea of going too dream Hack but ... maybe another time , Later.
  2. Looking for a team that has a pass already or willing to join and play as a team and make dream hack F / A = Stree7Sweeper G:T: = Stree7Sweeper
  3. do you have the pass already , i am looking too go to dream hack, i am about 4 hours away from the event and can make it.
  4. i am also of thinking of making dream-hack-dallas, i am only 4 hours away from the events location .
  5. Looking for three players today for a halo 5 4 verses 4 tournament . Na has 2000 series 10-27-2018 Tournament Starts at 11:00 am central time. Team Halo Unit -
  6. stree7sweeper here, what is going on, hows it going, what it do, hows the game going ? Free Agent 2019/2020.
  7. going to try this out for the next 3 years max, lets get it and get things started, dont bull me .. lets win a championship know what i am saying !>!?!?!?!!>?!?!?!
  8. Stree7Sweeper Looking for a Emotional Team ready for prize winning ... Halo 4 - Semi Pro Halo 2 Anniversary pro Halo 5 ( secret pro ) Hit me up... I will be coming back during Halo 6 or maybe a Halo 3 Anniversary.
  9. Looking for a afternoon/evening Team. Looking to get back into it and see where it takes me. if your looking for a good solid player hit me up. ** wipes the dust off the spartan Armor ** GT : Stree7Sweeper
  10. GT : Stree7Sweeper Sent you a message on Twitter as well.
  11. Hello to all you other Premium people, hows it hanging.
  12. Spent the 5 to see what was so special about the premium Lounge.... so far... so.... so.
  13. I am the supreme commander of the FoxHound Unit & The Leader of the fortress of Outer Heaven
  14. GT : Stree7Sweeper Age : 25 Motives : Very Serious about the game Last Event : Atlanta 2015 - Halo 2 Anniversary - 24th Looking for a Squad that plays daily or as much as possible in the afternoon time frame. if you have a few spots opened, hit me up and I'll try out.
  15. none other Than Halo 5 for the most part.. and Resident Evil Zero from time to Time.
  16. well... im just bored right now... sorry for the Negativity.
  17. Life is So Boring... anyone Else Agree ?

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