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  1. False cause on the idea of going too dream Hack but ... maybe another time , Later.
  2. Looking for a team that has a pass already or willing to join and play as a team and make dream hack F / A = Stree7Sweeper G:T: = Stree7Sweeper
  3. do you have the pass already , i am looking too go to dream hack, i am about 4 hours away from the event and can make it.
  4. i am also of thinking of making dream-hack-dallas, i am only 4 hours away from the events location .
  5. I Be The Best. !
  6. Looking for three players today for a halo 5 4 verses 4 tournament . Na has 2000 series 10-27-2018 Tournament Starts at 11:00 am central time. Team Halo Unit -
  7. stree7sweeper here, what is going on, hows it going, what it do, hows the game going ? Free Agent 2019/2020.
  8. going to try this out for the next 3 years max, lets get it and get things started, dont bull me .. lets win a championship know what i am saying !>!?!?!?!!>?!?!?!
  9. Stree7Sweeper Looking for a Emotional Team ready for prize winning ... Halo 4 - Semi Pro Halo 2 Anniversary pro Halo 5 ( secret pro ) Hit me up... I will be coming back during Halo 6 or maybe a Halo 3 Anniversary.
  10. GT : Stree7Sweeper Sent you a message on Twitter as well.
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