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  1. I haven't really played gears competitively. However with how bad Halo and 343i is, i'm about to start just to support MLG. I also have a personal vendetta with Del Hoyo and now 343i because no matter what you tweet to him, he just has a troll response. Just accept that you've ruined 2 multiplayer games and move on.
  2. I was very negative towards Halo 5 today after watching some matches.. I think my kneejerk reaction was to blame Assault Rifles and the spawning loadout.. The more ive pondered its more of a Map design flaw than anything. I'm concerned with how this game will play on release.. That's all that can be said on August 7th 2015. We'll let the actual build speak for itself.
  3. if they want to change halo the tactics in Halo 5 are great.. But they were saying the goal was to get back to that traditional competitive element with Halo.. Which IMO was always: If youre in a bad position, you get punished. Thrusters make for flashy plays, which doesn't bother me at all. I think the Maps are weak.
  4. I literally LOL'D at this because it ultimately costed them control of the tower for the rest of the game.. this is at 4-3 with 11 mins left.. just another wrinkle Halo 5 brings that isn't needed. Even I thought it was a blue player because of the way it popped out from behind the wall.
  5. Yikes... Time to head back to CS:GO.. I'll see if I can find someone who wants to dump this game for 10 bucks after they buy it. 343i just doesnt have what it takes.
  6. This Map is trash (Empire) and I dont like the AR still. Le Sigh...
  7. If this is what they have to offer to gather interest, its pathetic.
  8. I like to spawn with precision fire weapons. I personally enjoy punishing people for making boneheaded plays, and thus possibly swinging momentum or winning the game. If the maps are catered in that direction, (in the beta i did not feel this way) map control and your movement controls spawns. Perfection is demanded from individual players and a team as a whole, everyone needs to be NSYNC :saucey: My 2 cents is perfection should be demanded from teams to win competitive games in each halo.. hopefully Halo 5 continues this.
  9. Hate to be a "Halo Kid" but AR spawns completely changes the meta of the game.. At least the pistol is OKAY so if need be we can use that.
  10. I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT Y-Ying OUT BEING MISERABLE.. thankful it's been addressed.. (I constantly Y-Y to unzoom at all times in all games lol) I'm currently working full time and its pretty strict what I can watched. I've missed alot of the recent news.. thanks for the info..
  11. Being a life-long halo fan and competitive player makes me want to buy Halo 5 and perfect it so badly.. The Beta was miserable for me, the Sniper was heavy as sin. I felt as if one of the biggest skill based weapons which promotes flashy skill based plays was completely negated by the lengthened zoom in time, and the overall feel and inability to swipe. The AR spawns in any halo game completely changes the meta.. So that was the longest week of my life.. The only shining spot for me was the difficulty in my opinion to hit your shots.. It seemed that for the first time since Halo 1 that it was actually kind of difficult to hit your shots. (Halo 2 doesn't count because it was basically all connection depending if your shots would reg) The Puuuuuur-fect medal was a nice touch, only because it does actually take skill to hit the 4 shot in this game.. I am deathly afraid that this hype train is heading down a path to derailment.. sure lets just take all the flash out of this game and run at eachother spray with the AR then beat them down.. Imagine an overkill with 4 beatdowns.. INTENSE
  12. After about 8 months, i'm going to make my first post because the halo hype train was dead for me... This is the truest thing i've ever read... I don't understand how they can't just do exactly what we ask..
  13. First forum post in a month and a half because this game is just so broken... I can't believe people talk about Halo 4 during AGL like it was a thing... that didn't even exist in my opinion. AGL's existence doesn't exist to me.
  14. Personally, I think the dynamic spawns on Sanc TS aren't all that bad.. It makes ring control that much more vital then it ever was in a halo game.. If you are pushing a team red base, and kill three, you should have two people ring 2 to look blue court/rocks/flag to call out the spawn and trap them there. However the spawns in this game are pretty wacky.
  15. I'm honestly not 100% on who sent them this letter. I'd think so.. the only thing they took from it, was no flinch and descope. the rest is just pure negligence on their part. I'm not upset with the gameplay of H5, or of MCC. I'm embarrassed that they disregarded our feedback
  16. This is literally absolutely embarrassing. How do you have how this knowledge (which trust me 343i does) at your fingertips, and neglect to realize that the consumer isn't the problem. ITS YOUR OWN DUMB*** IDEA'S AND "CREATIVITY" which, is NOT creative. Considering a lot of their "creativeness" stems from other game's ideas and features. 100% Fed up with 343i and this horsecrap launch, and the looks at H5. This is embarrassing.
  17. you're right. Str8 Sick just decided to jump up and challenge br3 when he was one shot with the sniper instead of playing smart. he was reckless all game 5
  18. The tournament was very entertaining for me to watch.. The maps are beautiful, the shot reg is phenomenal... The casters got wore out over the weekend.. We need LBR matches streamed especially whenever there is a tournament this big. Gametypes need serious tweaking. Lockout TS blows. Koth and ball Warlock blow, and I personally don't like the way Sanc plays... at all. Hopefully the forgers can get us Midship early, and get some other solid new maps out in a hurry. watching the same thing over and over again got old.
  19. Str8 Sick choked worse than anyone i've ever seen right at the end of that game.. Jumped off the map, then grenaded Roy to make him one shot at the end.. rough way to end the tourney
  20. Ogre 2 also won Shadowrun tournaments with the squad (StK) and that game had an immense skill gap.
  21. Quinn Delhoyo tweeted at Gandhi and talked about why this wont happen... Dev support.. 343 is unwilling to support a game that wasn't originally theirs.. The reason why HCS is going to succeed. Is because 343 is tied in with Microsoft, so all these tournies will be homepage XB1 and 360.. DEV SUPPORT IS LIFE
  22. Wish I didnt get this full-time job thats pretty solid.. or i'd love to compete again.. hopefully a small like 5K tourney for points happens in Cbus or even near Pittsburgh.. I guess i'll be using vacation time to attend an event one of these days.
  23. I'll have to hit you up.. I'm from Mount Pleasant. GT: llToysoldierll
  24. After the flops of Reach and H4... and how bad AW has been getting bashed for differing reasons.. I find it hard to believe 343i would be stupid enough to do all of this. It's just not believable that a company of people could be this silly to allow all of this garbage to be put in to a game. ESPECIALLY AFTER THEY WORKED SO HARD AT GETTING THE FANBASE BACK.. and are trying to attract new fans... Literally shaking my head right now.. My brain is so fucked trying to figure out why they would do any of the stuff reported.
  25. I voted no, for the reason being: The kill times would be much faster causing the flow of gameplay to change exponentially. Team shotting is already the most effective way to kill someone, you're talking about in a KOTH setting players in the hill getting all 4 players to shoot them in the face and they drop in less than a second, without being able to call out or anything.. Also, it brings a lot of variables in to the equation such as, The burst nature of the BR does not traditionally hit in the center of the reticule (never has never will, it'd be insane to think that would happen) So what happens if you shoot someone in the face with 2 bullets out of a burst? or one? I personally LOATHE variables in a competitive settings, I feel it throws off the game play. (Halo: Reach pre patch) It's a cool concept, maybe a seperate playlist just to run it and make tweaks... SWAT started in H2 and now has its own playlist.. So why not have this called something and have a playlist?
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