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  1. Yeah, I do see how he was trying to make a general point about encounters, but the point really should have been shown on some map geometry where the power between the players, relative to where they are and the choices they made to be at that specific place, are more equal. It brought up a bunch of questions that directly challenges the value of having such a play be possible anyway. And yeah, you're completely right, the other player could have sprinted away, and the disadvantage that getting shot knocks you out of sprint anyway is almost totally meaningless as that player was shieldless. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  2. I'm just spitting out some thoughts to develop my thoughts on this, but isn't the example of a player challenging from Green Hall in The Pit a bad example? For one, in H3, the grenade lands in the hall where in H5 the grenade looks like it missed anyway. But the main point he brings up in this example is that a player can play through a grenade throw and keep being aggressive - he talks about all the options someone has in H3 if you're in Green and a grenade is in front of you, you can retreat, you can call them out, etc., and he seems to imply that H5 has all of these same options but also has the opportunity to play through a grenade. But if you can reliably play through that grenade with Sprint, doesn't that actually simplify your strategic options? The best play tends towards pushing forward, at the expense of everything he brings up that you can do in H3. This also crucially overlooks how this affects the power of grenades and a player's agency to counterplay using grenades. Grenades are also a limited resource while Sprint and Thrusting are unlimited. One sort of skill (grenade use, grenade throwing, knowing where they are on the map) is de-emphasized for the aggressive sprint/sliding strategy he discusses in the video. He also doesn't mention the context of the map space he's in. In Green Hall, the Rockets (or Camo) spawn there. If you enter that part of the map, you're choosing to put yourself at a disadvantage to acquire Rockets. In this particular scenario (and in the space where the player challenges from bottom mid on Sanctuary), the player choosing to enter that space should be at a particular disadvantage relative to players not in that space. The Sprint/Slide example he shows on The Pit here shows how these mechanics can flatten out the power disparity of map geometry relative to a sprintless Halo, which is a pretty big critique leveled against sprint in Halo. Am I being reasonable here? Are there some holes in my thinking? I haven't played H5 in a long time and really no interest in it, so this isn't coming from someone reasonably seasoned to critique it from experience.
  3. hahahahahahahahahnfldsfmsd.,gnroai;gjkdm,,aaaaa;er
  4. Is it just me or is it really hard to capture the first base on Summit in Warzone Assault? Most of my games on that map as the attackers ended in the first 6 minutes. On the topic of Warzone, I dislike how many different ways there are to attack bases. For instance, controlling Spire on Raid on Apex 7 is easy-peasy. Once you capture it in the beginning you shouldn't be losing it.
  5. +rep for Sicario. H5 feels like it had a lot of potential to discuss complex/difficult themes in a good way but squandered it. :/
  6. I guess my response is merely an echo but I agree. I don't like that it's in Arena because it's such a different experience than "regular" Halo. I'd prefer it to not be at events too because it seems like it'd get old really fast.
  7. I remember when my step-brother owned Halo: CE, and every other weekend I'd come over and watch him play the campaign, but I never played. He'd usually wait until the weekend I came over to play it so I could watch, or if he played it during the week he'd replay the mission just so I could see. However, he was having a real hard time with The Maw, so he asked me if I wanted to play co-op with him. That was my first and probably best moment with Halo: CE, going through that last stretch, being the driver and failing over and over until I finally succeeded. When H2 came along we spent most of our time exploring the glitches and watching all of CMNeir's glitch videos so we could replicate them. I also distinctly remember when I played against my step-brother's (young) uncle, and I think he went to some tournaments? I don't remember too well, but I played against him and that was the first time I had any sort of serious multiplayer game, and that made me want to get better at Halo. I think I had more fun moments in H3 than the others because I played it the most (and was the first Halo game I actually owned). I remember playing with my sister in Doubles quite a bit, and I remember a particular Doubles game where I dared her to only use the Flamethrower and stickies. I remember playing on Avalanche for one of my first times on that map, single-handedly taking out the entire team's vehicles, first taking out the Tank, then their Hornet, then their Warthogs within a minute or so. There was another time where I used the lifts on Avalanche to hijack a Hornet. I remember spending all day in the Bungie vs The World playlist. Getting my first Overkill Exterm with the Sniper on Citadel... Doing the Vidmaster to finish Halo 3's last levels, then later doing the Vidmaster for ODST to make it to Set 3 on Legendary on the last day of school on LAN (because we tried 3 times over the Internet and each time it failed, one time right before the final round). This game series had a big impact on my life. It's really hard to pin down my absolute favourite moment in the series. I think it'd be unfair if I chose just one.
  8. I used to play Halo quite often a while back (but never to take away from school) and I was pretty decent I think. I tried to play Halo 3 MLG often to improve but not too much because I always searched solo. Now, with the combination of Halo 4, starting and now finishing university, and the disappointing launch for MCC I hardly play it anymore and I'm pretty bad with no drive. If I get on to play Halo once every 2 weeks or whatever the rate is, I play Campaign, maybe BTB. I used to watch MLG's tournaments but now I don't care. I really want to care, and I felt passion that I had for Halo reignited right before MCC was released, but its problems quickly doused that. I used to do more than just lurk on the community forums. I'll be working in the summer but I'll have a lot of free time and I can't see myself playing Halo often like I thought I was going to before MCC came out. :/
  9. Played the beta for a few hours... Flinch is bad and the AR should be toned down. I don't know what role the DMR is supposed to fill because I find the BR is just better than it in every way. :/ I also really don't like Smart Scope. I hateeeee the delay ADS causes with the Sniper and DMR. Also, you can still run away with Sprint. It's more tolerable but I would still rather it be removed (I doubt it though). I like Thrusters though lol
  10. I hated Library as a kid but now I kinda like it, though I prefer it in CEA. Cortana is probably the worst level in the series.
  11. Decided to play some MCC last night and it just ended in frustration. Couldn't get a game in the H2C playlist and my game crashed. The aiming in H3 feels slippery and totally different from the original and it's hard to adjust when I can't get many games in - I also have some bad sensitivity issues with H: CE. I also had some pretty bad experience with lag across all the titles (except H4 as I didn't play it). Example: No-scoped a player, but it took him a full second to drop dead. I played a few H2A games last night too and I don't know what it is about it, but I easily perform the worst in that game. I guess I could ascribe my performance across all titles as I haven't played Halo seriously and consistently since 3/4 years ago, but I can 4-shot with the BR in all other titles and can get 3-shots in H: CE but I always seem to get like 7-8 shot kills with the BR in H2A and everything feels weak. H2A also feels super clunky and I don't like it. :/ Hopefully when I hop on next week my experience will be better.
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