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  1. Halo 2 classic is pretty much what Halo 2 use to be and trust me when i say this i played that game more than any other game ever! i just feel that H2A is a little bit smoother than Classic and has modernised tweeks to the maps, whether that varies just from colour or the addition of animated objects (lockout boulders, waterfall on shrine etc...). I want games to develop in graphics and vary minimal things without taking away the core concept of the game, H2C does do these things as well but in essence it is just Halo 2, and if you do want that then yes that game would be better for yourself, but i dont want to live in the past, that phase is over with for me and want to compete on a game thats just overall 'fresh' you could say (vague title but yeah). I 100% agree with the button combo concept and very much do believe that they should put this in to H2A (if its still possible), the game gives you minimal incentive to beat down without this concept. i hope you understand what im trying to say, im not use to breaking down games that i play
  2. MCC limited edition wireless A50's for sale http://www.gamingtarget.com/images/content/news/astro-gaming-a50-halo-edition-2.jpg If interested in making an offer for them then DM me
  3. i enjoyed having a couple of games on it mainly for nostalgia purposes but i definately prefer anniversary as i find it to look a lot fresher and the gameplay to be a little quicker... i don't enjoy playing games that ive already played for many years, i like to see them develop and update so competing on them is never quite the same! Thank both of yous for your support and help like i've said before if there is anything in particular you'd like to see in from my end that you'd find useful/entertaining/helpful then let me know
  4. appreciate the feedback man! thats another reason i have created this so anyone can tell me what they'd like to see... people seem to reading into what im saying a little too literally, i genuinley didnt even do social networking before 2 months ago and have never been a 'tech' guy so i really am new at all this so allow some of the simplicity of my posts. i saw Lxthul had his twitter & twitch under ever post he made but it wasnt actually a post, someone please tell me how to do it then it wont seem like im trying to plug this stuff... the main reason i am taking this direction & putting time into gaming is because of all the positive feedback i received from this forum and the pro players at the events i attended! dont hesitate to say what you think to me, its all a learning curve
  5. thats something i was going to incorporate in my stream to be honest.. but when i analyse & breakdown games i like to have team comms built in, so this will take me a few weeks to be able to do because i genuinley only got my PC like 2 months ago and ive never done anything like this before so it will be difficult for me to synchronise all this but i will try and make it happen because i know it will benefit people who actually want to understand why certain players make the decisions that they do
  6. ofcoarse i will happily upload videos up onto this thread... i guess i can start with my montage Snipetality produced, but due to the fact its hard to get a competitve lobby going because of the issues the game has at this moment (and its been out for a week), unfortunately i dont have any game plays worth uploading, i may be able to collect one or two from the online tournament the other day that may be worth a watch, give me a day or two and ill have them uploaded! like i said im new to all this so any constructive criticism i will feed off of, thank you
  7. i played CS before MCC kicked off and still play it every now and again, such an amazing FPS! i am so shit at it though, will be playing it once or twice a week if you want to add me... any way of DMing someone on this site so i can give you my steam name?
  8. Really aren't undertsanding why you're out to sabotage this but i've seen plenty of your posts before today so i appreciate your opinion but am taking it with a complete pinch of salt...
  9. Not any part of what i wrote is money related, your opinion is valid, im sure plenty of people agree with you...
  10. hahaha i shouldn't laugh, no i was only messing around, you may understand why i was trolling when the highlights of the redbull exhibition i attended today are released (next week i think)
  11. read into it as much you feel necessary bro, i enjoy gaming and do of coarse want to make a potential career out of it... It's has helped me travle parts of the world that i probably wouldnt necesarily get the chance to visit if it wasn't for TCM, so yeah it may sound like im plugging certain things but that is because i am genuinley grateful for the opportunites presented to me and would like to give back in whatever way i can to the people who have helped me get to where i am now
  12. I have finally got my stream up and running ladies and gentlemen! I work 30 hours a week as a Support worker but will be attempting to get online at least 20 hours a week on Twitch.tv to showcase the knowledge collected and gained through out the previous years competing, sharing the life changing opportunities that have presented themselves to myself and my team in the past months. I might be able to increase the hours streaming after the two tournaments that my team (TCM) will be attending in the next couple of weekends, Insomnia in Coventry (UK) on the 22nd-23rd & Gfinity held in London on the 29th-30th of November. I have no current plans to attend any events in the states in the coming months but I'm sure you will see us take a trip over the pond to try and make a menze for our placement at ESL studios in California. I will hope to see some of your pretty faces in the near future as well! I will also be competing in a online 2v2 tournament held by Astro Gaming tomorrow evening starting at 6:00pm UK time and will hopefully be able to stream it. If you have time tomorrow I would love to see you pop on my twitch channel which has come on so far considering i've only done two live sessions (so bare with the noobism of my understanding of streaming XD). Loving the hype i've received from previous events from yourselves and the EU scene has been backing TCM all the way, so thank you for that people! Hope i havent bored you all to death but i am adoring the direction Halo is taking again and would very much like to see it back at the top and competing with the heavy hitters of the gaming world, where it belongs, (despite the issues with the launch) but getting past all that shit H2A imo opinion is just as good as what Halo 3 was... very bold but just my opinion! Thanks for your time who ever didn't fall asleep to make it this far. Much love halo fans
  13. In a few hours ill be driving down to London to catch my flight to Cali Friday morning, Cant wait for this event people, will be nothing like the level i've ever competed at and buzzing to see everyone i got on with at PAX! Be sure to check my MCC minitage that's getting released in around 4 hours from Snipetality... will be streaming Halo from the 11th (the day i get back from Cali), hit us up and support everyone who's competing this weekend, safe people! Twitter: TCM_Chalkie
  14. How come Neighbour isn't going, anyone know? Would love to play him, sound guy at PAX
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