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  1. If you're great at CE you can complete with a team that is good. You can't do that in any other Halo game because the skill gap between bad and good is so small.
  2. When you have camo and shoot at automatic weapon you go from being visible back to camo almost instantly after the last bullet is fired. If you shoot the pistol or any other non automatic weapon it take 3 to 5 seconds before you are back to full camo. However, if you're shooting the pistol and have an automatic weapon as your secondary you can switch to it immediately after you fire the pistol and go to camo much quickly.
  3. Does the battle rifle feel extremely inconsistent to anyone else? When I zoom in it seems like the burst is extremely tight but out of the scope it feels a lot like the H3 battle rifle. If I catch someone off guard I always scope in no matter the distance because it seems a hell of a lot more consistent that way. I wish there was a way we could test this and find out if this was the case. If that's the way it operates it needs to be changed asap.
  4. Lol I love your sarcastic and condescending ways, Riot. All of your posts are like that and it makes my heart smile in such turbulent times.
  5. I was Boskiie when we clutched out that wizard game where that one guy was teleporting all over the place. It's just cool to see other Beyond players in matchmaking.
  6. Wow. I was bashing this game like hell when the beta was first released and was getting negged like crazy for it. Then I come back to Beyond a few days later and everyone is saying the same thing I was saying. That honeymoon phase sure didn't last very long!
  7. Enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts. This game is nothing but a spray and pray clusterfuck of a game. Everything about this game is bad. The sounds are terrible. The lighting and over textured maps are terrible. It's arguably more clunky than H3 and it feels as if the base movement speed is just as slow as well. Sure, it has low aim assist, but the bullet magnetism is atrocious. How can you not go from playing CE or H2 and not see how this game is completely broken? It's really really bad guys. Everyone played the H3 beta and the halo reach beta and thought it would be good but how did it turn out? Halo is done guys. This is finally the last thing that has truly convinced me of that. As of now, all the hope that I once had is gone. I wish I could say that at least we have the MCC but that's been almost out for 2 months and it's still broken. 343 screwed us over
  8. This game is just as bad as H4. It's over guys.
  9. Dude.. I can't play this game right now. It's so bad on so many levels.
  10. What is everyone using as far as button layout goes?
  11. My very first impression from my very first game is that this game is dumb. AR is pretty much a power weapon with the flinch that it causes and the game just feels clunky like H3, Reach, and H4 did. It doesn't have that smooth feeling that H1 and H2 had.
  12. anyone want to run some ce customs? Gt is boskiie. Or we could just search the ce playlist.. what ever floats your boat
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