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  1. Love VicX, but this is wrong. I vividly remember a Game 5 Zealot TS at Dallas 2011 (Final Boss vs. Warriors) where he went like 6-18 (-12)... and they lost by 1 kill. Ended up knocking them out of the tourney, breaking their 3-event winning streak, and ultimately, even broke the team apart. Actually, I hunted the game down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxUnQ7MmFAQ EDIT: Justin's face at the end breaks my heart.
  2. I don't post much--ever, really. However, I felt the need to make my voice heard that Tyrant CTF deserved to be in the rotation more than half the other gametypes. And I was honestly expecting for it to be in, so I'm a little shocked.
  3. Coming from someone who plays playlist every day (even before the patch), the Warlord map was definitely changed. Before the patch, nobody ever spawned flag. Now everyone spawns flag.
  4. I feel like EG is hoping Halo comes back huge (especially after the release of H5), and they want to be the face of the game like Optic is for CoD. EG shows a lot of love for their Halo players in terms of content, tweets, perks, etc. Of course, the fact that their team is really good probably helps too.
  5. I doubt anything being said about aPG leaving Denial is serious.
  6. It was in the heart of Atlanta, so yes, it was heavily congested and filled with homeless people and sketches. Atlanta has always been a densely populated city with a shitty road layout. It is either 3rd or 4th in the nation in terms of traffic (behind NYC, LA, and maybe Chicago) and its airport has been the busiest airport in the world every year for over a decade. However, Atlanta also has a lot of fun stuff to do, but that's if you're visiting simply to enjoy the city for what it is... not attend a Halo event. tl;dr: It pains me to say this because it's the only way I can attend events anymore, but Atlanta isn't ideal for a Halo event.
  7. He was, hands down, the best sniper in Reach. Also, probably the best slayer in general. He has raw talent when it comes to fps.
  8. Any MLG event that has points and a $20,000 first place prize matters.. sorry bud.
  9. I love EG, but call me when they go 42-1 through 2 LAN events. #GodSquad
  10. I'm the kind of guy who loves "what if" statements, so... what if like... 343/ESL or whatever threatens to ban any team who partakes in the mission to not play Ricochet? It won't happen, but... what if. O_O Would everyone still hold their ground?
  11. Well, Randa decided to put that game in his own hands. He won that game.
  12. Doesn't even matter if it was bought or not. It's an exploit of the system, and it shouldn't be allowed.
  13. Extraction was glorious. Imagine it in a game that doesn't blow complete--... well, you know.
  14. I have a crap-ton of videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/99ProbllemsRS/videos
  15. All of EG. At least 3 members of CLG. All of Denial. At least 2 members of (potential) C9. That's 13 players already. Should I continue?
  16. Can people stop with the ridiculous notion that Naded is a top 3, top 5, or even a top 10 player? If you want to claim anything beyond that, then ok, but even I have a hard time putting him in my top 15.
  17. How is he stupid? Royal 2 and Snakebite are the type of players who are not going to bring a team an overwhelming amount of fans. In fact, they'll lose you fans. It doesn't matter how much talent they have. The whole community sees how they treat their teammates in game. It's gross. I haven't even been able to root for CLG because of those two the past few months, and that's with 2 good friends on it (which is sad). I'm just glad Heinz is away from it, so I can properly root for him.
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