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  1. I don't know why youre still here. Whenever I skim the forum if I see a string of red down vote numbers I know its you
  2. I've been running in the water on battle creek and teleported inside a base.
  3. So gandhi and now ninja...any other supposedly outspoken pros completely lose their sack trying to get an internship at 343?
  4. Not the best strategy. If the biggest problem doesnt get fixed then it doesn't matter how many small ones do.
  5. The schadenfreude is real. I want to drink in all that embarrassment when they get booed.
  6. Is it impressive tho? I played about 40 games the first week gave it a legit chance but boredom set in and never played again. If millions of people had MCC then 18 million doesnt seem so great. If they show me a graph where the player population didn't bomb after a few days then I'd be impressed
  7. Boy I wish all of you were around in 2007 to tell me halo 3 sucked before I had a great time playing it. It didn't even occur to me I was wasting my time with a shitty game *smacks forehead*
  8. Nah game isn't very good. Haven't met a person who likes it. They can strive all they want but unless some major changes happen H5 will seriously disappoint in sales and especially longevity.
  9. Your post was basically the same stuff that was repeated ad nauseum during reach and 4. "Potential for a great game/they can't just make CE or 2 again/you guys need to adapt"
  10. I think its just a psychological thing we are trying not to be negative about EVERYTHING so clamber got a pass as being the least worst new thing to adapt to
  11. Have Reach, 4, and 5 to shit on and some are picking H3. What is going on
  12. I know 7 people that bought a box just for MCC. 3 have bothered to play the beta after seeing it. No one liked it. That doesn't look good for H5 sales. But then again we are all halo fans older than 25 we were never the target market so who knows.
  13. My favorite bad response to these posts on other forums is that "you only got away in the video because of X mistake, normally a good player/team will call out and kill you" Bro...its almost universally the good players that dont want sprint. That should tell you something.
  14. H5 should be the worst selling halo by far. Itll sell well but it won't put up normal halo numbers let alone the cod numbers 343 rubs one off to every night 1. Cant possibly outsell h4 with a console base 1/4 the size of the 360. 2. MCC. Sigh. 3. Beta let just as many people know not to preorder or buy day 1 as it did to get people to preorder. So if schadenfreude makes any of us happy we should have plenty of that going around
  15. We were talking about h4. Either way I'm not sure why you're trying to argue this.
  16. In the span of three games I had 2 nades and a hydra rocket blow up in my face from gunfire
  17. Popular is relative. H4 btb was "popular" because most real halo players either quit or just got on to dick around so the population was all waypointers
  18. Ugh. Sick of 343 catering to you try hards with these precision weapons. Edit: lol did I really need to fucking tag this as sarcasm wow
  19. The game might techincally have 4 shot kills but in practice its more like 3 shots thrust recharge, 3 shots thrust recharge, etc
  20. Do you feel bad sometimes knowing people with similar tastes as yours are the reason halo is dead to its fans?
  21. A near perfect representation of my thoughts on the game. I felt so so dirty using LT to zoom but it just felt right since the game feels more like destiny and cod.
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