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  1. Half of me is excited and the other half is hoping it's good lol. With everyone saying how it's similar to H4, I don't have as high hopes for it as I did when it was first announced
  2. Ayye , adding you guys. Add me back GT: The Puppy
  3. Awesome! , good stuff in there also props on making your own montage :halo:
  4. Yea I was #1 for Living Dead wins .I changed my gamertag a few times during Reach , i was P u p p y, Digimon, and Puppy Just. Funzbob looks familiar actually haha , probably did match before in either LD or BTB , used to play with various Btb guys. I like H3's Infection playlist alot more , Reach's was really easy and everyone betrayed ALOT lol. Haven't played LD since Reach though , since then I went back to H3 and have been playing more MLG
  5. Daniel "Puppy" here :frankerz: Gamertag- The Puppy Used to no-life Halo:Reach's Living Dead playlist which eventually got #1 for HTR's overall site score Haven't been very active in playing or forums since after H4's release. Thought I should go ahead and introduce myself in preparation for MCC 8) I am very competitive and always play to win. Pretty much starting from scratch as far as people to play with for MCC :/ so add me for some matchmaking! Looking forward to being active again in the Halo community :Halo:
  6. Love this thread! Remembering maps I have totally forgot about :frankerz: For me it would have to be Jenga Tower!
  7. Ayee I'm in your area , definitely should link up. I actually know your old teammate Sean GT: The Puppy
  8. Good thread! GT: The Puppy Definitely need more Halo people to add :frankerz:
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