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  1. Well, Microsoft just lost my sale. Unless they show the best game ever made or designed at E3, I'm buying the PS4. My big thing about any company or game is trust. Do I trust you, and do you trust me? Microsoft is effectively telling us to trust them, while saying at the same time they don't trust us. They don't trust us to not pirate our games or mod the technology we bought from them. They don't trust us to borrow games, then later buy more in the series because we liked what we borrowed. Yet, they ask us to trust them that they won't abuse the kinect sensor for data mining. This relationship is wrong. I am their paying customer. They should be providing services that benefit me because I give them money. None of these policies improve my gaming experience and in fact most of them actively harm it. Imagine if a restaurant started making ridiculous rules like this: -We are giving each person a camera to order their food straight from the kitchen. But you must keep it on at all times otherwise you will not receive your food. -You can buy any dinner you want. But you can only share it with 1 person at the table. If your mom and dad want to try your fries, it will cost you extra. -You must check in with your waiter every 5 minutes. Otherwise you will not receive your food, but you're welcome to watch some complimentary TV instead. In all honesty these new policies are ridiculous and very obviously anti-consumer. If Microsoft doesn't wake up soon, I foresee a massive shift in the industry to PC, Sony, and Nintendo. And if Apple decides to jump in on down the road, Microsoft can kiss its market share good bye. This is all too bad, there are some cool new technologies available in the XBO. But the negatives far outweigh the positives.
  2. Wow these settings are awesome! This is the first time since launch that I've want to keep playing Halo4 instead of switching the disk. Hats off 343i, loving what you guys have done.
  3. I'm conflicted. On one hand, vanilla halo4 is horrible and the few months after released just plain sucked. It's simply not fun and shows they didn't understand their audience or fans. On the other hand, ever since February they have made steady improvements and continually hired people that I really do trust. The only certain choice for me, no preorder or buy without an open BETA. I'm not getting burned again, no matter how much I love Halo.
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