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  1. i know i have a few halo 3 clips in my fileshare id like to have uploaded to youtube :gandhi: :Halo:
  2. did you mean this? i did this and i still have no sound. please help i want to play with in-game sound. btw i know my speakers are working bc i am playing music through my pc.
  3. after i did this i noticed the dsound.dlls reset to their original state before i did the solution for the no sound bug, because the dsound.dlls were using their original names i had no crashes or disconnects in the mlg servers. except now i have no sound...i feel def HELP this solution to the no sound bug is causing my crashes/disconnects in-game. i have no crashes or disconnects if i reverse this "solution". CAN I HAZ SOUND WITH NO CRASHES/DISCONNECTS? PLZ.
  4. ok deleted the dsound.dlls and i still have sound. i tried this multiple times and im still getting disconnects/crashes after a few mins in the mlg servers only, im convinced its a problem on the mlg servers end.
  5. i dont see an option for lockout br/snipes only on the poll lol
  6. wot did you mean by "merge that file"? merge that while with what? where?
  7. DUDE can someone plz find out how to fix the disconnects/crashes? plz. it only happens in the mlg servers, i have no issues in non mlg servers. i updated/installed everything correctly and nothing has fixed this issue, im convinced the issue is being caused by h2 shark or the mlg servers. so many people are having the same issue. i even played a custom game with a host that had the update lol had no issues, dude its h2 shark or the mlg servers. i have been in ranked servers on h2pc before and those servers didnt require all of this lol btw i bought my copy of h2pc new on amazon like a year or 2 ago and my pc runs h2pc above 100 fps
  8. we need ranked server for lockout br/snipes only plz.
  9. lol "DirectX setup has determined that a newer or equivalent version of DirectX has been installed already. No installation is necessary." i have directx 11
  10. i tried both of these solutions for disconnects/crashing after a few mins in the mlg servers and neither of them worked. i still keep crashing and getting disconnected. id like to point out im only crashing/disconnecting in the mlg servers, when i join a non mlg server i have no issues at all.
  11. i did this and now i can join the servers but once im in the server for a few mins i get disconnected from xbox live or my h2pc crashes. EDIT: the crashes/disconnects only occur in the mlg servers only so i think it might be a server issue
  12. will do. am i seeing my h2pc profile name in-game instead of my xbox live gamertag?
  13. i bought my h2pc on amazon.com a few years ago i have the disk and product key right out of the box. but now after the update my in-game gamer tag says "A Pregnant Nun"(not my gamertag) then when i click the guide button it says my gamer tag is "aa Pregnant Nun" like it should say. i did not change my gamertag from "aa Pregnant Nun" now ingame it says my gamer tag is "A Pregnant Nun" and the gamer tag "A Pregnant Nun" is not a gamertag, its also not able be created as a gamertag. DUDE wot is going on? srsly im starting to get scared lol
  14. also i finally got into a game in mlg ffa server #4 and i got 1 kill then i got disconnected from xbox live, i was able to reconnect right away. when i joined back after a 4 mins i crashed and now all everything i typed is just happening over and over. btw my ports are open

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