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  1. Woah these skins are amazing guys, someone spent a whole 20mins in Substance Painter making them, so much effort...I can't wait to spend my money on them./s
  2. Huge news for the Halo Infinite campaign.
  3. Some people may not realize that some studios may have licensing or contract restrictions preventing them from doing any work outside the studio. While I'm not sure if this is the case with 343 it creates a significant impact upon any project. With that being said, what happened to the 4 years of development that took place before Covid-19 existed? The idea that production can't start until an engine is finished is obtuse as creation of all assets like models, rigs, animations, materials/textures, and more is done in separate programs outside of the engine...
  4. Exactly, I keep saying the casual player base is needed for the success of any competitive game. Smash and all of the top esports games right now are perfect examples of this. They retain a high player base directly because their games are fun and/or entertaining to play. Think if the 15 seconds of fun every 15 seconds that Halo 2 had, btb was huge for casuals and always has been. Honestly, I think all that is needed to please the casuals is to expand upon btb more. Make the maps massive like how big battle royale maps are and add vehicles, weapon/powerup pick ups, and stuff around the map. Casuals will have a field day.
  5. 5 years, 5 long years. At first it was going well, then set back after set back. Loss after loss, made what was going to be a quick and decisive win...into 5 years of hell.
  6. Top streamers are gonna play the game when it comes out regardless of if its good or not. Think of it like tourism, they come for the sight seeing and unless its a complete dumpster fire they are prolly gonna say they like it to please viewers. An example would be hyper scape, everyone played it and said they like it but went back to playing other games. Variety streaming. I didn't realize wanting a game to look like a next gen game graphically was being a fucking casual, we should all embrace goldeneye n64 graphics as the standard for eternity. /s Who tf here was complaining about the delay? like 1 person? I'm pretty sure most people on this forum realize that its no where near ready to release.
  7. I'd pay good money to see the real story on hbo, its unfortunate but this game is in development hell right now.
  8. My precious forum thread experience, PLEASE
  9. This is good news, the gameplay they showed recently looked like the game is nowhere near a finished/playable state. I'm glad they didn't just decide to release it anyway and pretend the game is perfect again...lol Hopefully this means flighting is back on the table for multiplayer too
  10. That'll be $60. Campaign only, take it or leave it.
  11. Careful their Chad, they could add sprint to sonic when you're not looking
  12. The Doc simping for halo sounds like good news if Infinite ends up being good.
  13. I hope steam workshop is a thing too, idk theirs just something about combining a Turok style dinosaur mod with a planet of the apes mod in Halo Infinites open world campaign. I NEED IT
  14. iight so when Halo Infinite comes out can someone make a mod that adds dinosaurs to the campaign please? or like at least give me the damn tools to do it myself please, thanks.
  15. 343 watching HiddenXperias lore videos like
  16. Ah, yes. New Halo, rightrightright.
  17. I read this completely wrong at first and somehow thought u meant "Halo: Guardians 5"
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