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  1. Yo lemme get some of them puppies pls
  2. MLG 2 has been announced by the founders of MLG for Halo Infinite and possibly other titles(actually serious but with a different name "Esports Engine") https://esportsinsider.com/2020/02/esports-engine-halo-infinite/?fbclid=IwAR290-_atRNhkOR5W-WDj6ZG2kCphL7C2Ngv04N2U7mV7BSMwdgtHjQQBGQ https://www.esportsengine.gg/
  3. Am really hoping they get these M/KB and controller issues sorted out and balanced tbh, I really want halo E-Sports to make a come back but that really can't happen until these issues are fixed and balanced. That being said, Who do we have to bug to get a hub on Face It? like for all things competitive Halo involving random 4s, ffas, team matches/scrims, ladders, and tourneys. I think now is a really good time for Halo E-Sports to make a come back, most Colleges in NA have E-Sports teams now and if we got some sort of league for colleges to compete in that could be a big step in the right direction for the competitive Halo scene.
  4. Yeah I'd like to order a fucc ton of Halo tournaments for every MCC Halo except for Halo 4 and uhhhh a College league with a side of FFA's and some Lockout BR/Snipes FFA's to go please.
  5. Wait does this actually work without getting banned? can anyone confirm?
  6. I know some people will want to find it after seeing the news and as tempting as it sounds DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! It still requires you to sign into an Xbox Live account to play Microsoft will be able to track your hardware id and will ban you on all accounts.
  7. Now we just need them to accidentally port the og xbox versions of Halo CE and Halo 2 with those og xbox dev kits they have now.
  8. custom edition is on pc tho, it has nothing to do with the og xbox version bc its still the gearbox pc port.
  9. I really hope this means they are finally porting the og versions of Halo CE and Halo 2. I can't think of any other valid reason why they would need og xbox dev kits bc mcc currently uses the terribad pc ports of the games.
  10. If im understanding this correctly I'm pretty sure ranked ffa playlists have had this in the past where if you place in the top 4 out of 8 you rank up. However, I don't see this working well with team based objective game types in halo as it would most likely encourage people to stat whore.
  11. Anyone know if there's news of upcoming MCC events or online ladders/leagues once the game releases on PC?

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