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  1. Online Experience Design Director Responsibilities Reporting to the Design Manager, you will work with the other team and discipline leads to define the product's design vision and execute on that vision with excellence. You will help develop the overall direction and growth of the organization and champion the values of design among the senior leadership team. Design and deliver a AAA social experience that fosters community Design and deliver a AAA player investment experience that focuses on our fans and their desire to express their passion for our franchise (including but not limited to microtransactions) Design and deliver a AAA progression and engagement experience that ties into game features Puts the player first in all of their team's designs Build and manage a strong team of cross-discipline talent Provide leadership and direction to your team and to other groups Be able to adapt to the changing business and community needs that come along with being a live service
  2. Interesting, any idea what position he managed to get?
  3. what i mean is couldn't they just add the og xbox bc games to the current Xbox one servers or set up some sort of server browser through system link similar to how xbc was set up? also are there any alternatives to xbc? or xlink kai?
  4. does xbc still work? i could totally see microsoft setting up some sort of server browser through system link or just turning on xbox live for og xbox games again but on xbox one servers instead
  5. where did you get this info? because this image suggests otherwise as you can see halo 1 and halo 2 are spotted in front of the left tv
  6. I feel that Microsoft won, every conference except Microsoft either had terrible issues or maximum cringe, only thing from Sony that was really good was spodormon. battlefront 2 looks great, beyond good and evil 2 looks great as well but Original Xbox backwards compatibility in 4k was a HUGE surprise, it was the best announcement at E3 this year because that was the one thing i wanted most, now people can play all of the amazing original Xbox games that haven't been played for a very long time, and they showed 42 games
  7. Im willing to bet Phil Spencer is tired of 343s crap as well, i refuse to believe microsoft will not have online multiplayer for og xbox halo 2 after an announcement this big, could totally see them making something work for halo 1 aswell also halo 1 and halo 2 spotted infront of the left tv
  8. Halo 1 and Halo 2 spotted infront of the left tv "System linked OG Xbox and an Xbox One. They're playing Crimson Skies and it looks fucking great on the Xbox One." neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=240159412&postcount=193
  9. Yeah i wish i could be hyped for e3 this year but my expectations are extreamly low, i fully expect 343 to continue to dissapoint fans as usual. At this point im praying on new games specifically a new fps game worthy of playing competitively with classic skill based arena gameplay. Tired of seeing the same games every year worse than the year before because everyone wants to copy cod or overwatch now.
  10. Man it seems like years have passed since ive touched these forums or halo, came back to see whats going on with halo recently and the hype surrounding h3a, after reading a few pages all i found was dissapointment and sorrow, halp pls :'( im cry :'(
  11. definitely fake gonna remove the link from my last post
  12. could someone tell me if this legendary promo is from an official pokemon website please
  13. noooo dnt do it guy, you'll get banned. not worth man, not worth. use pokevision to find the hotspot for them pokemans in your area.
  14. a friend told me they said an update would be released every 2 weeks.

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