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  1. You mean like this but without the arrows above players heads? Also Halo Infinite NEEDS Nvidia Reflex + boost as well as RAW mouse input. Idk why both of these features aren't in mcc but these 2 settings NEED to be in Infinite as they're both standards to have in PC Esports games now.
  2. I was cool with it until the outlines just straight up stopped appearing in some matches, they are too thin in some situations too. An option to adjust outline thiccness at different ranges is 100% a must if its not removed. Oor 343 could literally just make ranked/esports rvb only.
  3. Hmm new Halo good(so far). Remove bloom from the pistol and sniper, add de-scope to all guns, and bring back H3 style heat maps as an addition to the new halo waypoint.
  4. It means we get Jeff Steitzer to say Flag Captured in ALL CAPS!
  5. Quick oc meme The most interesting points from the article for me were The FOV comparison in the 4th image confirms that the cross hair will finally scale with FOV and will no longer create a disparity between big cross hair and smaller targets/players at higher FOV'S(Now they just need to add cross hair resize too). I'm curious to see how how the decision to segregate M&KB Ranked from Controller Ranked will effect Halo Infinite E-sports as well as the skill divisions in Ranked, I was very surprised by this. Will M&KB Ranked be easier or harder than Controller Ranked? Will XIM finally be banned from use in M&KB Ranked? Will E-sports events have M&KB and Controller segregated too or integrated together?
  6. Don't forget SOCIAL FEATURES! pls! It has to be easy and simple for players to add each other, to view friends lists at any time, and to view file shares. I'm pretty sure these are known issues with mcc on pc. Some sort of community hub, some way to get ppl to talk frequently in matchmaking again, and steam workshop for maps/gametypes/skins would be nice too.
  7. Hopefully he has the time to actually read through all the posts. I've been struggling with an issue involving mouse wheel down key bindings for quite some time now, this is the issue I posted about in that Reddit thread. I'm probably going to submit another support ticket about it again soon but before that has anyone else noticed this issue?
  8. "That'll be 1600 Microsoft points" - Microsoft
  9. Once players finally get their hands on the multiplayer for halo infinite, weather its during flights or at release I think 343 is going to have to continue to make adjustments to the game play based upon player feed back. Especially if they want the game to last 10 years. We don't really know how much influence the pro team at 343 actually has on the game play it self for Halo Infinite specifically. What we do know is that the Halo fan base is currently divided on core game play mechanics such as sprint, clamber, and the new equipment such as grapple. In my opinion where 343 really NEEDS to shine is in how they address this disparity once players get their hands on the game. Idk how this should be addressed but my concern is how map design will effect 343's ability to address this issue. If maps are designed around sprint, clamber, and new equipment how will removing them effect how the map plays and vice versa? If Halo Infinite has 1:1 remakes of old maps like Lockout or Midship obviously adding those things obstructs the maps design and how it plays. How is Halo Infinite going to last 10 years if its just another Halo 4 or Halo 5?
  10. EDIT: The BR sounds good and bold but definitely slow and a little too clean, it just doesn't sound as crisp as the H2/H3 BR. I assume the sound speed can be adjusted to the weapon rate of fire later in development similar to how keyframed animations can be adjusted but im not an audio engineer so. The long over due return of Halo Combat Evolved style level ambient sounds are finally back, feels like it just needs a hoard of Flood climbing out of the walls now. Hexagon design looks improved from that piece of concept art too, they are fallen over, broken, and no longer perfectly in place. My only critique would be to add more grunge, dirt, and destruction but it is just concept art so.
  11. Jc is anyone else here noticing frequent laggy servers in mm? Like every other game I get in has random lag spikes that teleport me off the map or I see another player teleporting everywhere from the lag. Are mcc pc servers usually like this? I don't think its an issue on my end as my internet speed is 1gbps download/upload, I forwarded my routers ports, and I have 12ms ping on the us east server.
  12. Woah these skins are amazing guys, someone spent a whole 20mins in Substance Painter making them, so much effort...I can't wait to spend my money on them./s
  13. Huge news for the Halo Infinite campaign.
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