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  1. I hope steam workshop is a thing too, idk theirs just something about combining a Turok style dinosaur mod with a planet of the apes mod in Halo Infinites open world campaign. I NEED IT
  2. iight so when Halo Infinite comes out can someone make a mod that adds dinosaurs to the campaign please? or like at least give me the damn tools to do it myself please, thanks.
  3. 343 watching HiddenXperias lore videos like
  4. I read this completely wrong at first and somehow thought u meant "Halo: Guardians 5"
  5. The og shotgun and H1 magnum are just going to be paid dlc
  6. There could still be microtransactions for skins and other shit like other free to play games have
  7. Hmm Free to play with no microtransactions for lootboxes Great move if Halo Infinite has good multiplayer, enspecially for pc on steam. However, $60 for Campaign only is pretty over priced. That's just paying full price for half of the games features and content. Make it $30 and it'll sell much better.
  8. I think the point some people are missing about grapple hook is that Halo fans have been trying their hardest to get 343 to give us a new Halo with classic multiplayer since H4. Grapple may work historically in other games like Quake 2 but thats not classic Halo, thats not what fans have been desperately asking for since 2012. Grapple was also over powered in Quake Live for a while too sooo...
  9. True in terms of bored games, but as far as vidyagamz go I'm pretty sure Quake takes the crown here lol.
  10. Right...okay...well...anyway... So gameplay aside for a second something I feel Halo Infinite needs on pc would be actual level design tools. Forge is great and I'm sure it will be improved even more in Halo Infinite but Forge is just an in game map editor, it doesn't allow for custom substance materials, imported assets(obj or fbx), vfx creation, and custom lighting the same way an actual game engine would. I'm sure there are TONS of 3D artists such as myself and others that would absolutely love to have access to those kinds of tools for Halo Infinite. Steam workshop would be nice too and should even support custom user created skins.
  11. I think I'm lost can someone give me directions to the Halo Infinite Discussion thread please? Thanks.

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