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  1. Hi, I'm a mid diamond and would love to LAN as well.
  2. Where in Atlanta are you? We LAN all the time at my place in Douglasville/Hiram. Always down for $ series on LAN.
  3. H2/H3 LANs coming soon when the MCC update is live.
  4. Hope you enjoy it! <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBlri8uhFog
  5. We LAN all the time at my house in Douglasville. Got a full setup (8 xbone, 8 BenQs, Gigabit Fiber)
  6. fucking going to off myself. I've been so excited since June
  7. Does anyone know if the Halo CE Anniversary will have OG Halo 1 multiplayer? Or is it that Reach shit?
  8. Host LANs for H5 at my house. One coming up this weekend
  9. Just DM'd you the details
  10. Will be running LANs out of Douglasville, GA. Gigabit internet, already have setups in place.
  11. Very true, maybe I'm just ready for another type of cancer? Agreed. Still cancer either way

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