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  1. Im a quite individually skilled player, started playing Halo in CE and started playing competitively late H2. I've played at a few LANs late H3 but never placed very high. I'm a super chill person and like to have fun. I have great communication and am a huge team player. I have flexible hours and can play most of the time, but everyone needs time off, w/friends, school, etc. I am willing to put time and dedication into a team though If I sense something is there! HMU on xbl if you think I could better your team or create a new. GT: Sketchify #weback
  2. Sam here, also known as Sketchify in the world of the internet. I have used this site forever now but never made an account until recently! I decided to make an account to get involved with Halo again. I have been playing Halo since CE and have always been a competitive player, I haven't competed in any big big events/tourneys but I have played in quite a few locals. Okay, so recently my whole friends list on Xbox has dropped Halo and moved into the CoD titles. This has made me utterly lonely in my moms basement, even the spiders won't play with me! So basically what I'm saying is, send me an invite and we shall make a great child known as friendship. #HaloOrDie
  3. Gt: Ske7chify Playlist, customs, or even other Halo titles. Hmu
  4. You have to go into your audio settings on the Xbox one and mess around with the sound options. You have to change the audio to the digital audio setting and just play around with some of the settings. Hope this helps!
  5. I just joined! Like many others not many of my friends have an xbox one, it's going to be great being able to play with others!
  6. I live in Fort Dodge Iowa, GT: Sketchify

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