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  1. That's probably because almost nobody played it. I only know what that is because I look at these forums and we're a small part of a small community. Not that its the most irrelevant thing ever but I meannnn a lot of people here don't even play H5 to begin with. It was a lot like Reach gold pro settings but not quite as bad in that it had a bunch of good ideas but was so obscure most players wouldn't even know what it is
  2. Based on the wider community/pro player reaction I really doubt we actually play penance but yeah it probably does need to be patched
  3. It was a cool idea that died due to the sins of mismanagement and general online drama
  4. Go to network and turn off relays if its on. Most people who can't get a game have it turned on
  5. Dude it would start every Reach game with the start screen open trying to make me quit yesterday. 343 magic for sure
  6. Thoughts on moving rockets back to the original spot and moving camo into red on Penance?
  7. I haven't really played a version that works in Reach tbh. Not saying it can't work but I think someone would have to prove that it can work at this point with the V7 settings. Its just hard to actually challenge any position when the other team is on top of the map. Way harder than it is in CE because its not like you can peak and catch someone slipping a lot of the time you just get railed by 3-4 people if they're actually coordinated/set up due to every approach being visible from top green and the surrounding area. Team in the lead can just wait unless you want to start spawning camo/snipe inside red. Even that might be a problem since its easier to collapse onto red from up top than it is to watch for the other team doing that but at least it would convince people to leave for a few seconds. Doesn't help that every weapon/power up besides GL on the map is set up in a way so that people in green can just sit there and fuck on you if they decide to bait it tl;dr though is just that its very hard to get that coordinated push going and even when you pull it off flawlessly you're all still taking lifts, fighting from downhill and standing in portals while the other team has a lot more cover/room to move. We REALLY need a real overshield for that map imo. Pushing 4 people with every advantage in the world with a slower ttk is just a nightmare on a map like that. Get ready to see a lot of standing still, burned camos, and maybe even rockets despawning before someone gets out there
  8. I've noticed the performance on specifically the pit remake in forge is quite a bit under par on both PC and Xbox One (non elite). It took me by surprise. That's probably something that 343 should look to fix before people are playing this for money
  9. Get Penance the fuck out of this playlist. That is all.
  10. It is the directional sound is insanely bad about it like on countdown
  11. It never even crossed my mind that someone would do that. I'd really love to hear the reasoning lol
  12. Can't find a game so I do the old start a custom, end it then search. First game starts 3v4
  13. Well part of the thing people need to understand is that 343 probably wants cross play to work. It would be better for both communities as far as Halo maintaining a decent population in both MCC and the future. That's why they don't have plans for AA as of their post imo. As far as MCC goes we'll probably just have to live with it how it is but Infinite is where the aim assist values will be created knowing full well the game could feature both PC and console gameplay together. They're stuck in a place where they don't want to start changing how the game works on console players but also want to investigate cross play as an option with MCC. They likely also just want more time to see something other than a small population of PC players or streamers with shitty input lag getting stomped by actual pro halo players along with long time players. Its probably hard to really make a decision that they'd be confident in from where they're sitting without more information from a build that features the correct inputs from PC players
  14. 4sk is an interesting rounding situation with damage resistance and damage increase in the settings iirc but I could be wrong
  15. You're trying to ignore the part where the person being shot has to make a decision around burning it or not. That moment when the weak person gets into custom but maybe tries to wait and see if they can recharge before touching the OS happens in just about every pit game and its not always the right choice. People choke, die and lose the custom to the other team all the time
  16. I don't really agree with that. Its always silly when you see people just stand next to the OS and wait for someone to appear. There's a lot more gameplay and thought revolving around deciding to burn/make someone else burn it/waiting to recharge before you pick it up. Without that you either just give up knowing you aren't getting that OS or you just run through it regardless of the situation
  17. Element can totally be tried I was just saying that if nothing else Warlock is the backup plan. This is a 3 second arm time at 1:26. That's 5 bomb and pretty different than H2A
  18. By who? Broadly I wouldn't totally disagree that a bunch of casual people probably liked the game. From a competitive perspective or from a personal one I can attest that Reach decimated the population of my friends list that was playing Halo
  19. Removing that flinch aspect really is a good thing for the game. That totally is something that could be suggested to 343 should they ever be willing to help us. Removing the sniper rifle isn't something that will happen because you both want to make improvements to the game and to preserve people's nostalgia. They're still there trying to play MLG Reach. This would be v8 or v7.5 not an entirely new game mode. I think your big contenders for things which will fit in with the current line up and essentially be plug and play would be Zealot and Sanc bomb along with Oasis koth. We already know these really do work at that level of gameplay its just about how willing we are to exceed the two gametypes per map limit. Reflection is straight up a bad map before talking about annoying grenade mechanics on the hardwood surfaces all over it. There is a reason Ivory Tower was no longer played in H2 and why it was removed in Reach despite us really not wanting to use so many forge maps. I do not think sanc bomb should replace CTF because specifically bomb games on that map can be dragged out and into replay OVER AND OVER and fixing that would require work that we might not get away with. Sanc bomb is just a very low scoring gametype Oddball could be a great addition on warlock or lockout should we be unable to find another way to play it. I think having an oddball map is the easy new addition as long as it works. Warlock is probably the vote here since there is an MLG version floating around for that map already somewhere with a proper layout and spawns Going way back here I vaguely remember on Power House the actual power house building in testing was blocked off so you couldn't actually enter it. That map probably still exists somewhere too but that really was so long ago and played so little that I don't really remember much about it. There were just so many useless places on that map or weird spots that TS was basically off the table and you're looking to direct movement with koth to salvage the map
  20. I'm actually pretty interested in people's opinions of the MLG pit in v7 Reach. I ran a few games earlier and it made me remember just how much smaller that map really is in Reach with 120 movement speed. Vertically it feels a little flat compared to H3. I can't really say that I felt like it was really that good of a map
  21. If you were going to ask 343 for help with making Reach more approachable while ALSO improving the competitive settings I've got three things which may be big or small I'm not entirely sure 1. Give us an overshield that is both multiple shields (exactly like the custom in H3) and charges quickly once picked up to reduced the immortality period. 2. Give us a 'nerfed' jet pack that functions like the current jet pack does with the gravity settings that we use. That way people wouldn't have alien feeling jumps/falls 3. Change the rate at which our movement decelerates so that increased movement speeds do not result in a slippery feeling so that the movement wouldn't, once again, feel alien to a normal Reach player All of those are things that only 343 can help us with. If they can pull that off they would just polish and improve the experience without causing any confrontation with nostalgia
  22. I don't really think the people voting for sword base or playing btb are the audience you were getting in the mlg playlist in reach for the most part. It was just a good map that works for any Halo that isn't CE because of the sight lines in a game stacked with not so good maps. Its pretty much the one forge map that you can't remove or replace without it being very controversial. I think a safer route right now would be asking to at least raise the carbines up and maybe moving towards the H2A layout of weapons. We played sanc before and after Reach as well as during it so we know how sanc works and I would assume most would find those to be improvements that wouldn't really impede nostalgia
  23. Honestly that forge remake of sanc was, unfortunately, the best map in Reach competitive settings. Especially with the old Reach voting system you'd end up playing that almost every game. It was really telling when it came down to it how people just avoided many maps like the plague
  24. I'd like to vote for the total removal of East US 2 server in H3. Despite living on the east coast its nothing but shots disappearing and being sniped through walls. Literal EU servers are better and I can't understand it lol

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