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  1. Yeah its fairly common as far as weird spawns go in H3. On top of the oddball stuff he just explained Guardian is just one of the maps things like that happen on most frequently because people tend to move around quickly and die in a lot of places regularly so other than just spawning gold with someone you might get meleed in the side bottom green off spawn, spawn top blue with a guy jumping right at you from top gold, spawn s2 with a guy lifting staring at you, spawn s1 and assassinate someone in snipe tower or get naded yourself etc. There's a large chance this stuff starts happening even in slayer if you have a teammate pushing too much and running through blue/gold while you control snipe/green but especially in oddball. Default Guardian spawns are even worse you can literally spawn top middle
  2. Its a really weird move. Maybe its a push towards the whole game pass thing but to me it looks like a push to stop using consoles. Maybe they just assume most console and PC gamers are divided in a way that prices aren't a relevant factor so the only thing they're tempting is losing people to other consoles rather than to PC gaming
  3. I'd assume so unless a TO explicitly requests otherwise in some type of contract (or opts out of official 343 support)
  4. Yall crazy if you thought Infinite would be good out of the box on like a competitive level. I look forward to seeing how the settings change and have a small hope that someone in charge of it will execute their job well. If I'm being realistic its probably going to crash and burn and be another game people play for 2 weeks before hopping back on CoD or Fortnite or whatever. Obviously the hope is that its a good game and we're all happily playing it but just keep your perspective and hopes in line with what has actually happened between 2001 and 2021. Help, thoughts, feedback and or opinions should be fresh and available from people that care when they start doing flights and hopefully they'll take that feedback seriously. Even if it turns out I don't like Infinite I'd be willing to give real feedback and play in flights. Hell I even played the H4 flights and I hate that game so hopefully others will do the same
  5. Truth I can understand playing in or watching a tournament live but on some level you're just going to be watching some mid 20s to late teens kids talking shit to each other about a video game if you turn it into a tv show and while that might be funny for a few clips overall I really hope nobody would watch it
  6. Lets be really realistic for a second and acknowledge that sprint is going nowhere and we will be subjected to at least a few months of whatever new features are added to the game unless 343 relinquishes control of the settings and we get lucky in that whoever does gain control after that point understands Halo past and present. By understand I mean someone who has experienced playing competitively and for fun socially so that they have some concept of what really is frustrating and no fun to play and what generally does work in a competitive environment. We really don't need someone with their own distinct vision of how Halo should change. We just need someone to say no so that the game can as quickly as possible evolve into something enjoyable at a high level for the competitive players. The crazy/wacky ideas are fine for people and playlists where no intelligent gameplay takes place but it really does need to be barred from environments where people take thing seriously and competitively a lot of the time. Fun and interesting ideas quickly become a reason that a game isn't fun when players are better or more knowledgeable and begin to exploit the design failures of cool sounding ideas. Really we need to just stop trying to compromise between the casual and competitive experience. If something really just doesn't work at a high level then it really just needs to be removed regardless of the feelings surrounding it by the people who created that piece of content. We shouldn't, for example, settle for less ammo in their new favorite power weapon if its just over powered and easy. It needs to be removed from the map competitively. If they want to actually have real balancing cycles and revisit it in a flight or a test playlist that's fine but action needs to be taken for the health of the game and community as soon as possible rather than us having to experience sagas of very minor tweaks and flat out bad gameplay for months or even years. The community surrounding the esport needs to be taken care of quickly if they want that community to reach its potential. We should be moving towards a better game rather than moving towards some familiarity experiment where we're trying to make a casual player feel at home on a competitive map by leaving little reminders of potentially unbalanced or silly things they like. They should either balance those mechanics to work in both modes or just drop them from the competitive experience. The alternative is just something like Halo 5 where the casual player is still lost and the competitive player is frustrated by annoying mechanics and items laying around the map. It feels like they function under the assumption that casual fun and competitive balance are mutually exclusive so they attempt a compromise despite games such as CS proving that to be incorrect. The real problem is poor design when you have a clash between the two. The biggest problem that Halo has ever had is that divergent design where we somehow split into two main paths of what the game is or should be. There should be one single thread of what Halo multiplayer is with very minor offshoots for fun or whatever but instead bungie, 343 and the community allowed/supported all of these different groups fracturing off into whatever gameplay they could design and dream up and the actual design of a Halo game at this point is a huge fucking mess because of it. So much so that I don't really think its reversible or something that can be fixed at this point without just rebooting the entire series. If you think about it you can see that up to a point it was working but with Reach where everything really kind of took a life of its own and different modes were really different the series began tanking. We just gotta get back to where everyone is playing Halo with some minor alterations rather than having 5 different versions of Halo in every new game
  7. The thing I'm sort of surprised by is that nobody seems to be pointing out how shots connect WAY more cleanly when playing on PC vs playing on console. Its super apparent when I play on Xbox One or XSX at 60 fps vs my desktop. I would check at higher frames on XSX but I don't have a monitor that supports over 60hz via HDMI atm so that'll have to wait. Its not even remotely close when swapping between the platforms. Cross map on console just doesn't connect despite visually seeing bullets hit people half as well as it does on PC PC is actually easy mode MCC compared to console because it just works so much better
  8. I have a theory that this issue varies in severity based on the lifespan of the individual franchise. When I look back and look around I notice that SBMM is implemented and complained about the most in series where people have been playing for years and years so the gap between bad players and dedicated players is large and the population of the average dedicated or once dedicated player is larger than you might think so there are a lot more pub stomp lobbies and parties than you'd see in a new game Nobody gave a shit about any of this in older CoDs or social Halo a decade or more ago. People just had fun. Recently it just just feels like there are more people taking things seriously and creating scenarios where new casual players are getting crushed enough that its become a problem. That might just be people talking about it though and the problem isn't really a problem and it was always the same with the real difference being that people focus on it now
  9. CoD is just really behind on how to handle ranked vs social matchmaking because honestly they just really fucked up any ranked modes they had for basically forever. This is a new problem for them so they're probably scrambling to offer an alternative atm
  10. Yeah but if we went down that road with the people in charge of Halo MM the ranked playlist would be more H3 team slayer and less MLG settings. Can't really trust them when it comes to competitive settings as dumb as that sounds they're super lost without the community settings as we witnessed in H5. It took years for them to budge on that radar and automatic weapons. Hopefully lessons have been learned for Infinite but since every Halo has restarted the cycle of learning and creating what in the end turn out to be very similar competitive settings I'm not going to be excited until I can confirm they've learned and moved forward with lessons from the last game rather than resetting. At a minimum they have to start taking action and making changes to those settings on the scale of weeks instead of months and years
  11. I see what you're saying. I wouldn't really know anything about that kind of smurfing. I just make new accounts to play on if the one I'm using stops being able to find matches. I think the kind you're talking about/that they ban for would be the guys that go in and intentionally lose until they're way down in the brackets just to stomp people that can't move and shoot at the same time My honest fix for MCC wouldn't be very popular here but I would just use the Halo 3 1-50. It would work because it put a bit of a cap on the highest visual rank so that you basically were leashed and couldn't get an mmr/level so high that you could just stop matching against competent but maybe not the highest rank players in the game but it was also rather quick to level up in. Usually you'd get to play a game where everyone had a 50 in the MLG playlist back then but if it just wasn't working out they could throw you people in the 40s as well. What happens now is that it takes so long to level up on MCC that once you start getting close to or past 40 you're basically done searching on that account outside of peak hours
  12. What making smurfs? Yeah I did it all the time lol. I thought about making a youtube series about how easy it was to get placed into plat instead of diamond or onyx earlier on and how you could proceed to drop +20-40 every game for dozens of games in a row to get out of it and the game just never seemed to realize what was happening. The problem was that during placement it didn't matter how well you played individually even though they pretended like it did or at least it didn't matter enough. You could be 80% of your teams slaying but lose the CTF because you couldn't literally get an overkill on every spawn to stop the flag running p1 as your teammates controlled your bubble as if they didn't know this was CTF. It was very weird I had accounts that were champion at the same time I had some smurfs getting tossed into plat after placement just off of getting some teams that really made no sense. It would make sense if I afked or intentionally played poorly or something but I pretty much always play relatively the same even if I'm not taking it as seriously or talking with someone else. The secret bad thing about the H5 system is that your rank actually just didn't represent your skill very well and instead it was far more accurate in displaying time investment and/or how many people you searched with in a party
  13. There is no fixing smurfs in Halo as we know it. You either allow that to happen so that people with ranks can actually find games whenever they want to play by getting on their other account or you open up the skill matching so much that games are trash anyways. The end result is the same. Good players playing against people worse than them. There is no clever solution when the actual problem is that almost nobody is playing the game and the only viable solution is diluting skill based matching in the playlist so that you can find people to play with.
  14. 20 wasn't too high. It was frustrating just because people sucked and sbmm is actually a myth in ranked MCC but its not like it really took that long to do. According to the challenge hub you guys still have a little over a week to hit 20 and begin searching the playlist. Crossplay will be enabled as well so there should be somewhat faster MM as long as you're searching on a controller
  15. I think the most interesting thing to me is how people point out that bungie did x y and z bad with Halo but I'm not sure I have ever seen someone suggest another dev that would actually have done better. The only thing we succeeded in by losing bungie working on the Halo franchise is a significant drop in functional quality. The actual mechanics of the game are just individual preferences and nobody makes games like the original 3 Halo titles. So, basically, I see people complaining but I'm not sure if they see that there isn't a solution they would be satisfied with. We would be lucky to have bungie come back to Halo because the alternative is studios that are definite downgrades for the most part and a market that will never produce the game you want in terms of game mechanics
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