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  1. On one hand I hate the map remixes from the perspective of wanting to see new and interesting things but on the other I like them because it doubles their chances to produce something worth playing on by reusing assets in a different manner. For example I really enjoyed Eden as far as H5 maps go and absolutely hated Empire and without a map remix H5 would've been down Eden in the map pool They're probably the best example to use because despite reusing a lot of geometry they play vastly different. One is small with many corners and poor gameplay with autos where the other is rather large with a lot of rotations with snipe etc. Totally different gameplay using the same pieces
  2. The thing we're scared of is seeding being inaccurate, few total rounds, online gameplay and the potential for people to not take every game seriously really delivering a misleading result in a tie that goes that many ways when you try and apply that to a tie break. Unfortunately and understandably they probably didn't want to/don't have the time to properly let them resolve the tie so they did this instead Overall I think the system they tried to use is fine/viable I'm just not sure it fits in the context of online Halo where you play multiple rounds of different game modes vs something more like Chess where its the exact same game every round
  3. I honestly think powerhouse is a shit tier map and wasn't better than anything ever included in any final settings of any Halo title ever. Seems like almost nobody who actually played the game wanted to play it ever. People on forums always mention that map as if its worthwhile though. So why? Its not like the map wasn't tested and we didn't try to make it work and yet it faded faster than isolation koth
  4. Personally I think we just need to go ahead and admit that most new Halo maps have been garbage for a long time. I think we should have a package of competitively viable maps that we can carry over between games or the tools to accurately remake them in a pleasing way. I'm not saying 343 shouldn't make new maps. They should. I'm just saying we shouldn't have to rely on those maps because historically we can predict with confidence it will not go well. We need to step back away from expecting to play nearly all new maps. We have a catalog of designs that spans decades. They will not do better in a few years every cycle for the new game. We should just have staple maps that we know work well and move towards minor improvements over time and the inclusion of a new map every few years if it turns out to actually be good. We currently have no quality control and just end up playing on some bullshit every few years before remaking something that does work with boxes
  5. I've come to the conclusion that whoever decided upon the format didn't actually check on how the system works to ensure it being implemented correctly. I wouldn't even really say I'm a fan but people shouldn't be allowed to call these shots that don't really understand the numbers. Its important to actually have enough data to make reasonable assumptions
  6. Nah I just hate btb lol I've always just ran ffas or 4v4 in customs with people if they're on
  7. If we're trying to be spicy Every BTB map and mode has been and will always be trash in Halo. Don't even try and change my mind
  8. Because its actually just as bad as it ever was and a lot of people who don't play H2 a lot come back expecting it to be better than H3 when most of the time unless you pulled host people were immortal from a distance online and on MCC half the time someone could just go afk and your snipes wouldn't register. Its potentially one of the few times they came close to "just how you remembered it" except people choose to not remember playing on terrible hosts which is what their dedicated servers are a lot of the time. H2 was the origination of the online warrior lol we just like to get mad about H3 bullet spread instead. They're both games that need to be played on LAN to be fully enjoyed. The top end of the dedicated servers is usually better than the average host in 2005 but you still feel what it was really like once in awhile on MCC
  9. Sounds like more waste of space orgs/owners trying to snake their way into Halo by lying about pretty much everything. It'll probably never stop until there's some kind of real players association and becoming an org requires proof of intentions, funds and legal contracts for everyone involved
  10. Its honestly fine this is just low effort content to try and put up something before infinite. I wouldn't expect anything spectacular from a 3 map game. Can watch some games or maybe play a little and move on to other things while we wait for the game they'll actually care about. No reason to try and care more than they do
  11. Honestly not sure who is playing rn in the continual time loop of Halo and its been getting worse ever since the end of H5 or so as teams shuffle and we swap games often without much coverage
  12. I mean it does but what I'm interested in is if they actually did that or if they just retooled what already existed and renamed it. After that I'd want to know what kind of 343 sauce they threw on this just because with their track record I have to assume something went really wrong or someone made a poor decision somewhere and then I guess I'd want to know what impact the whole corona shit has had on their rollout plans if any. We pretty much already need an interview specifically about where in the world this game is, why it took so long and what inevitable disaster took place that we haven't heard about. Who knows though the silence and lack of information could even be its own marketing strategy. They might just be pulling the plug on marketing afraid that letting people see too much of the game early would hurt them more than it helps since they over promised and under delivered with both MCC and H5 in different ways. They have needed someone to really control the things that are said publicly due to the fact that they haven't really ever set expectations appropriately as a company. People want transparency when really we just need to be delivered what they promise. We don't need to know everything they just need to quit lying about various things. I feel like that last bit somehow keeps getting missed every cycle
  13. People say this but if we're being real even the absolute best players in the game die to one guy with a BR all the time when they have snipe and somehow get isolated into a 1v1. That's not to say they don't also hit no scopes/quick scopes/whatever at a higher rate than even some of the best players too but saying you're helpless is kind of misleading. I never made pro bracket or anything but I've been peeled and gotten kills on these people in that kind of situation. They do have an advantage though and at some point you just have to blame yourself for letting it happen to you since that snipe came from somewhere in 1v1s and in 4s on 2 snipe maps I'd hesitate to really try and break it down into a 1v1 game or situation when the reality is there's 8 people moving around and you know they have it. I'd say it should be harder than it was in H2 and that the BR online makes it feel worse than it really is in most situations in H3. At the end of the day though the snipe is what it is in Halo and people will be rewarded for their skill if they have it. Its just important that we make sure to not repeat H2 ease/H4 beam rifle/H5 shoot anywhere and get a headshot levels of stupid. Imo you should lose that fight if they hit the right shot its just important that it remains more difficult for the player with snipe to hit that shot than it is to get a reasonable kill with the BR
  14. Ease of use is probably the most useful feature within a weapon sandbox for actually balancing it. Imagine the sniper rifle had the same aim assist that the BR/pistol/whatever has in any version of Halo ever (or the reverse of that). Wow ease of use sure does matter all of the sudden

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