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  1. Don't have to imagine that shit happens on H3 MCC all the time accidentally to the point that you turn a corner and the world explodes and you know that it just randomly happened for the dude nading you. Its not even confusing anymore just frustrating. A few months back I won a 2s game against Danoxide because at 24-23 he tries to throw a sticky and it double nades and sticks to him then we push and get 2 kills to win. I love the game and everything but mad amounts of bs happens with MCC and grenades
  2. Yeah that's a big deal don't get scared off from trying to do something about it. Most of the time I've tried to get a game it just doesn't work
  3. This is stupid. If you care enough ask for what you actually want. If someone that doesn't like those mechanics does what you say they get a game that still sucks but maybe sucks a little less than it otherwise would have. In either case you just go play a game you actually enjoy afterward and forget about whatever they released. I guess you could stick around and continue to complain about it forever also but I hope people have been paying attention for the last decade. Get what you want out of the game or leave and do something else. Nobody owes the franchise or 343 anything. You're the consumer.
  4. Unless hes got some way of shaving and cutting his own hair its probably more along the lines of a year at most. Not sure if they really care that much though and just used it as a way of saying some time did pass rather than trying to portray roughly about how much time. For people trying to figure out the lore and setting of the game though it could be an interesting question that someone at 343 may be willing to answer
  5. Doesn't even have to die really they just need to resolve that whole situation. Putting us in a situation to kill Cortana off was probably a mistake from the beginning. As much as bungie/343 wanted chief to just reflect the player via not talking much the masses just don't care about Halo without those two
  6. Yeah theres plenty of opportunity to try out the games and not really pay full price or whatever. For me its really about just not giving it energy or caring if its bad. So many people around here have tried to care and spend so much time complaining that its actually just ridiculous at this point
  7. I'm just hyped because somehow this time its different for me. If its a great classic FPS I'll play and if its shit then I'm done with 343 forever. Either way I'm free from the bs we've been dealing with for a decade at this point. I suppose I already am and going back and really just playing MCC and dropping H5 entirely is maybe what caused the perspective shift
  8. I wonder how many people are sitting here waiting to see Infinite like I am. I'm kinda hype just to see anything because its the last time I'll care to even look at a 343 product if this one is bad
  9. I don't think learning the nuances of the H5 movement at higher levels was ever on the radar for a casual or even most "competitive" (in the sense of someone who prefers that type of playlist and not necessarily skill) players as even a consideration or thought. I think running around in H5 just felt like work to anyone and a lot of people didn't enjoy it. The comparison has been made a million times between driving automatic or manual and H5 definitely brings that same type of argument to movement in an FPS. No matter who you were or your skill level you just pressed a lot more buttons to do really simple stuff and that's going to be noticeable to anyone with no real deep dive or thought process behind it
  10. From where I'm sitting it doesn't really look like they're interested in growing a consistent viewership or anything like that with the grassroots events and its more about allowing anyone who can meet some guidelines to try out having some sort of Halo event for whatever experience or growth that might provide that TO. I guess it does give them a trial run and connections to those people for future events and other games which could be beneficial
  11. What website am I on right now? Lmao. There is nothing worse in the entire series than default Reach. Nothing. Rockets on Chiron TL34 is better. Of course it still has a lot wrong with it on TU settings. If you're actually interested in playing anything worth a damn on Reach you're in the competitive playlist or playing some weird forge custom. Anywhere else and you've got strange tastes at best (at least imo obviously) and should probably prepare to spawn with the magnum/AR and play on Swordbase in most cases. Fuck 100% and 85% bloom. Forever.
  12. I'm pretty sad about that last game. REC should have won it but just kept making honestly strange mistakes for them. Too bad we don't get to see the next game of that series. The good news for REC is that it was a very winnable game and series so we'll hopefully see a rematch
  13. That situation is just kind of crazy to me. Sure they didn't really try to qualify but honestly should that even be allowed to happen to teams who just placed in the top 4ish or even won an event in the last few months? Seems like a great avenue to create weird pool/bracket positioning for no real reason if you're part of the group organizing these tournaments. Seems like online qualification might be a littleee bit too important
  14. Is it really though? Historically it seems to be pretty expected
  15. 6:05 in that first video begins the most Halo Reach moment I've seen in years

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