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  1. Yeah bro lmao sick hopefully they had a worse time playing video games for no reason other than that you're an idiot lmao great job woo Really though how do you expect people to respond to that lol
  2. Prisoner is probably my favorite map in the entire series but it would never work in any game other than CE
  3. The saddest thing is that if the skill jumps are still possible they will no longer be skill jumps on guardian. You'll just clamber
  4. They'll have a hard time matching the quality of the H3 music or the originality of CE/2. They were creating something of their own and they went pretty hard perfecting that with H3 employing a real orchestra and chorus unlike previous games. I think they tried something pretty similar with H4 actually. You can definitely hear the difference in quality when that happens
  5. It is not a good game. It doesn't matter how anything in the game works if the controls are trash and trash they are. Aiming in an FPS has to work and be an enjoyable experience otherwise nothing in the game will be
  6. I actually downloaded H5 yesterday just to like try it I guess. Holy shit the aiming is awful in that game. Its not even like I went straight from PC to that either. I play MCC on both my xbox and my PC depending on who I'm around and going back to H5 was actually just terrible. I'd rather play original H3 aim settings at 30 fps. That game needs a modern aim patch that literally deletes everything about how aiming works in that game and replaces it. I was thinking about finishing the SR152 grind and that's a hard no from me now after refreshing myself on just how bad it is
  7. I kind of think that helps a lot but the hardest part is getting support from people used to the way bomb normally works and separating feedback from people who are just mad at change from feedback based around real problems. I think if possible if 343 could just tweak assault settings and let people play it normally on H3 that would be the best way to get it into the competitive settings and give people something both competitive and fun. A lot of the flag maps would transition directly into bomb easily assuming the gametype was fixed up itself. Something to test would be if the bomb blocks spawns as heavily as the ball does in H3 and if so it would cut down on the viable maps. You could create a very serious spawn trap on some of the more simple maps like ons if it does
  8. Yes and it was a no skill weapon that was fairly powerful at a decently close range. Generally it wasn't used for the same reasons that the H5 AR was removed minus the politics and year(s) long delay from 343. It died in some of the very first versions of the MLG settings. Also before the beat down changes in H3 you couldn't trade melees easily so if one player, totally randomly, happened to land an extra AR bullet or two they would win the beat down trade and it was so random that even bungie patched melees to behave how they currently do on MCC/360 also mb I read assault rilfe at first for some reason so I'll just leave that. Assault also was tried and it was fun during testing sort of but you couldn't really always tell what was going on as far as planting easily due to the ui/audio and custom settings and at a higher level that can be really frustrating and a lot of feedback was based around that
  9. I still think a duo BR where one player is a monitor to craft things and the other player is the spartan was the best idea I ever had in roughly 2008. Basically fortnite for Halo and the only BR that would've actually been made for console players. A game like that would've taken off but now it would just look like a fortnite clone
  10. Unless there is drama we don't know about I'd assume that spot belongs to Frosty if he returns to playing Halo. Financially though unless MS really throws the bank at Infinite I don't think we will be seeing him again. The dude isn't going to just throw away money hes making for nothing
  11. Its not like that's any different than the last 10 years of Halo anyways. At least it could be fun and different. We've just been stuck with stuff they try to take seriously even though its just not a good idea and plays poorly. There's a reason people are out here playing games from half a series ago most of the time. I guess what I'm saying is we've already see their take on the whole balanced competitive arena approach along with an attempt at putting spartans in CoD before that so what do we really have to lose?
  12. Honestly the majority of the feedback was about the graphics. Generally people like the art style but the detail is lacking. The feedback was negative. There was a fair bit of emotional doomsaying when we predictably saw sprint. Nobody can really give gameplay feedback since we haven't seen real gameplay. People are happy that the grapple hook and other additions are on map equipment pickups in MP. People are generally happy with the F2P announcement with a few people against it or generally worried. Weapons look interesting to me personally
  13. This is the truth. I always feel like I need to go out of my way to make a distinction because the way I view the few MCC guys is totally the opposite of how I view that company as a whole
  14. I think almost everyone to have ever taken H3 slightly seriously has either started yelling about spread and shots not registering online or come really close to it. Its pretty surprising so many people come out wanting it to stay exactly the same. H3 on PC with the larger FoV, frame rates, modern aim settings and ability to move the crosshair to be centered proves that H3 can easily be improved. I actually trust them to make H3 better because they haven't missed yet when they do change something
  15. You can care just don't care too much. Its fun to talk about Halo and its fine to talk a little shit about the game but maintaining the proper distance between your own head space and the things you don't enjoy and aren't in control of is something everyone should be aware of. Talk about the game and give feedback sure that's whatever but don't sit there just raging about a game or thinking about 343 all the time for nothing. It won't do anything for you that's positive. Its a big world with a lot of hobbies or even if we were just being specific to gaming there are plenty of other options. No need to be tied to Halo

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