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  1. I think the reason 343 does the whole secretive thing a bit is because bungie went all the way in with it so they assume its expected with Halo. I was never really a fan though. I'm FAR more interested in games with more public design processes and feedback. Best example probably being OSRS just because I like how they take feedback and discuss it in public and poll almost everything added to the game. Its just cool seeing people really make an effort to make a game that their players want to play rather than trying to make a big revolutionary change or surprise to get people to impulse buy before they really know anything about the game. I do think there's room for both more or less rooted in the difference between a new IP nobody has ever seen before and a long standing series selling more or less entirely off of the success of previous games or updates rather than it being a totally new game
  2. This is a very real thing. I interned for a company that shall not be named once upon a time and sitting in the office and listening to them more or less make light of their hardcore/intelligent player's suggestions and the disdain many of the devs had for them pretty much is the reason I never pursued anything in game design specifically (easier/more money out there too in the same field away from games). I'm sure its not always that way but I'm also sure that those sentiments aren't exactly uncommon either. I would have just never been comfortable trying to push a product to people knowing that many people working on the game were more concerned with something like their own creative vision rather than making the game that the players wanted to enjoy which could be a pretty divisive subject that I'm sure many people fall on both sides of and its likely one of the more challenging aspects of game design
  3. What you mean where they reduced it by so much on the DMR that most people don't even know it exists/isn't just visual? Sure its there but the carbine in H4 before the TU has more spread to it if we're looking for something scary and then after H4 where its even more unnoticeable in the next game. Its pretty obvious the devs really didn't want to actually have bloom in their games like it was in Reach since the direction of their work is also a solid line towards eliminating and reducing it as time goes on.
  4. Ain't nobody trying to have a bloom debate again. Even 343 caved on it and provided alternatives while we were playing Reach and discontinued its use in every game post Reach. When we don't even come to a middle ground and the competitive community and 343 just lob a mechanic you know its nothing short of atrocious
  5. I mean if we're talking about how people actually play CE and teaching it. Countdowns for power ups and weapons should just be an option for game audio. Looking at the clock is nice and definitely part of later Halos but that would be kind of a newer MCC thing for that game since most people playing are using alarms/talking timers since basically forever. Might as well just let everyone have the whole timer experience since that's what they'll be playing against eventually even if they don't realize it
  6. The team in charge of MCC has been constantly impressing since flighting began. They're seriously doing a good job and have been for awhile. They're a great example for the rest of 343 and hopefully it will be carried over into Infinite and beyond. They're the exact opposite of the 343 memes and what a lot of people around here expect when you hear their company name
  7. This has actually always been reasonable and not really super relevant to the console its on because when they're making these games they adjust the graphics and everything to hit target frame rates. The big thing that a lot of AAA devs miss in the FPS space is that the feel of the game is more important than the game looking slightly better. Things like high frame rates, big enough fovs, and input delay being as minimal as possible have a FAR larger impact on the enjoyment and feel of the game than a couple of lighting effects. We've given a lot away over the years so the artists involved feel better and the people standing on stages can read off some stats about their new games. That's kind of a different discussion but there is no mistake that the most successful games that people actually play put a big emphasis on feel but definitely lag behind a step or two graphically. Imo its the most underrated trait that a lot of the really successful devs have like Blizzard, bungie, almost anything Nintendo has ever released etc. Its not all just fov or FPS either. Its in the animations and how when you press a button things happen instantly without that almost undetectable bit of lag or latency between when you press buttons and things happen. Its so hard to compete with some of those devs on that level
  8. Its not as big of a thing these days but many devs for consoles sort of "cheated" a bit and some of the physics or interactions within the game were locked to frame rate. That's why ladders broke in the original dark souls with PC mods that unlocked the frame rate so, if they're doing that (bad practice these days imo but understandable), adding a fov slider or anything else that could disrupt frame rates could be a really bad idea in extreme cases. The reason that was used is because in a console environment before you could've always depended on the same performance and hardware in the same areas. The tl;dr though is that depending on how the game was created and what the devs expected you can really fuck up how a game works by significantly changing frame rates and that's one reason you aren't typically given a ton of graphical options with console games. Edge cases of huge frame rate dips or suddenly unlocking them could cause some super unintended side effects Can look up fixed time steps if you want a more technical reason for when and why its used. Its potentially not even relevant to Halo especially because the Xbox has multiple versions now and will be coming to PC where the hardware is so variable I would expect them to have accounted for these things especially on PC where they can expect really high frame rates from some setups
  9. I meannnnn duh? People can formulate as many arguments as they want but there's a reason that competitive Halo more or less kicked the bucket at the time and the reality is that it was because Reach sucked lol. All through Halo 3 people just talked about how bad and random it was and then they played Reach and half of us disappeared in the first year if not more. Bungie proved everyone wrong when we thought it couldn't get worse. Seriously there was so much hope and people thought H3 was so bad back then and they couldn't wait for Reach. Its really hilarious in a bad way now that we have hindsight if you were one of those people around for that. It taught me a lot about expectations and assumptions though Believe me I want something new and fun too but Reach was never a good game so I guess I'm still just waiting on Infinite news
  10. For me its more about the volume of the foot steps and the distance that you can hear them from. Ideally I would want them quiet enough that if you're moving and not paying EXTRA close attention you'll never hear it. I also wouldn't want someone to be able to hear you coming from very far off. To me I can only respect it when there are multiple angles and the player is so close that you need to make a really fast decision when you do realize whats going on. It would be lame if you're sitting on flag and hear someone walking through lobby on Narrows so you just wait 3-4 seconds in the back of flag to assassinate them. Basically if its loud enough/the sound carries from far enough away that players begin to just stand still and listen then it was far too loud. Moving and looking around should always be the best way to feel out the map. Loud enough to punish/eventually notice someone just following you attempting a backsmack for 3-4 seconds is fine with me though because I feel like it helps create that moment of decision making around either going in for the backsmack or shooting/throwing a grenade while they're still looking away maybe you'd even try to jump so they don't hear the last couple of steps. Its sort of related/unrelated but this is also why Elamite is a super good caster sometimes. He really goes into what players are thinking when they challenge or breaks down the small details of what a player decided to do when confronted with decisions like this once in awhile Footsteps aren't really the biggest deal in most Halos anyways. Its when people begin jumping/falling and swapping weapons that you're really going to hear them from pretty far off as long as its not some post Reach bs. Hearing that weapon swap off spawn in CE really is just stupid
  11. There's no difference in value/quality between them? Lmao. Yes there is. With sounds you have to be paying attention and trying to figure out where what you're hearing is especially when there are floors above and below. Radar simply visually tells you exactly where someone is and is much more powerful because of that. They're not equal in any way shape or form unless you're just trying to take a hardline stance against any cue that may reveal where a player is and want to ignore all nuance
  12. I'm certain claymores will be changed in MW. Absolutely everyone I've played with and people in this thread have complained about them lol
  13. Pretty off topic but played the new CoD beta this weekend on PC. Crossplay, aim assist, controllers along with mouse and keyboard. Worked pretty flawlessly on those fronts besides people glitching out of maps. Hopefully 343 takes the hint. I've gotta say its probably the most fun I've had with a newer CoD in a long time. Felt like I was playing the real successor to the first couple modern warfares suprisingly since I'm really not a big cod fan. I'd probably be a bit scared of dropping in this games launch window
  14. Nothing to do with the casting lol I just can't handle watching that game anymore for some reason
  15. I laugh about this every time I start getting curious about how Reach is going to look/feel without all of the motion blur. 2012 me would think I'm insane for even caring. Luckily I'm not getting my hopes up since regardless of what it looks like nothing could ever hide how bad the gameplay feels in that game

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