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  1. I mean obviously its been a downward trend since Reach. It sold A LOT off of the hype of the games before it and it did hold onto its own dedicated fan base but everything has been slipping since then. By slipping I mean rocketing off the edge of a cliff into a seemingly bottomless hole of how poorly things can go post Reach
  2. My suggestion for bungie and then 343 a long time ago was just a 2 man BR squad game where one player is a monitor and the other a spartan. While not really the traditional Halo game people want I do think that could be a very successful take on a BR style game. Just put it on a wide open halo ring have weapon drop pods/covenant ships warping in and shit during the game etc. The game would honestly destroy any recent Halo in popularity if they ever did it right
  3. I actually don't really think they should have optimization issues. I signed up for the PC flights because, well, I actually have a PC I game on more than my Xbox. I'm sure I'm not the only one and hopefully a lot of us can help since we both know how the games are supposed to work and are familiar with PC gaming in general. If they don't address optimization issues it would honestly be a tragedy since most of the games probably run decently well without too much effort due to being so old that even if they're wildly inefficient modern hardware will handle it anyways assuming they iron out anything gamebreaking. Its probably the major focus of any PC flights
  4. All of the things missing on MCC are just what happens when people who don't really understand the games try to remake them. They'll release with obvious bugs that aren't obvious if you never played (and some that are just painful) and skip over little details elsewhere. Its the same reason the UI went backwards after Reach. They could've just cut the new UI development completely out of the picture for every game post Reach and just copied Reach and done a far better job with less work than designing something new. Its a little wild
  5. Its not really about the game right now. If you compare the effort that went into H5 2015/16 to get the ball rolling compared to its subsequent fall off and what we're experiencing right now it makes sense with any game that isn't brand new.
  6. If they don't do PC/Xbox crossplay they're out of their minds. Its nothing but helpful for both communities considering the population and how well the aim assist equalized on H2V and Destiny 2 between controller/mouse and keyboard. If they're TRULY worried just enable an opt in/out option for it like Fortnite. There is straight up no downside with an option to turn it on and off for anyone.
  7. Also if anyone involved in the snip3down/lethul show match is reading this seriously that was the funniest/most interesting Halo related content I've watched in years. Great job everyone involved in that
  8. You're just listing off the exhaustive list of shit we try every single title and the direction it takes when we realize that bad ideas are in fact still bad ideas. All I wish for is a continuation from where we left off just once instead of hitting the reset button and committing the same fuck ups with settings and weapons that we inevitably always commit
  9. I honestly believe the numbers, at least at this level, are entirely about the effort and marketing being put behind it as well as just general fatigue due to nothing being new as well as Halo not having had a large cultural impact as far as the wider gaming community goes in over a decade. The MCC PC announcement is probably the most relevant Halo has been to gaming as a whole in a long time and could be the start of an actual correction for the overall series growth. tl;dr I don't believe any currently released Halo title would be doing any better in this situation although a few would definitely be doing worse
  10. Quit and afk bans need to be enforced and clearly presented with warning so that people understand what happened or will happen shortly if they continue down that path. Now I'm not sure if they receive information server side that would inform them that someone has a habit of just not playing at all in-game but if they do have a way of generally tracking inputs (many games do) it would be easy to identify problem players/trends given a game or two and then start to enforce AFK bans on repeat offenders. To continue searching there should simply be an opt in somewhere on the screen that you, or the party leader, has to interact with to continue searching. None of the above should be optional and it should come that way by default in basically any game with matchmaking experiences similar to Halo
  11. What Reach needed other than maps after the TU was an actual crisp strafe. The movement speed change in competitive settings was helpful but it could've been WAY more responsive
  12. Am I the only one that finds that really questionable? Lol. If I really had to pick one game to start off PC players with I don't think I would've ever picked Reach. I'd probably start with H3 since its basically the most popular game and the next step in the story they never got to finish since H2 was the last PC release. Dunno why they'd start off on a bad foot
  13. Am I reading that correctly in seeing that they're going to start with Reach alone for PC?
  14. Agreed. They still have not provided what was advertised when I purchased originally
  15. While the compromise made sense in light of the arguments during H5 none of the pro radar arguments have anything relevant to do with classic styled competitive play. Sure it would be better than a default radar in default settings though

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