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  1. I often question if I'm even on a dedicated server. Especially in the 2v2 playlist atm I come away feeling like I'm actually host sometimes and playing on 500 ping other times. I go to check all of the servers and the displayed latency doesn't really check out with the in-game experience. Funnily enough I had the best experience when they fell back on p2p
  2. I think the koth change is lazy and potentially won't even fix the issue. If the problem is people quitting at mathematically impossible to win scores it seems like that moment will still occur in any of the games where people are getting blown out and likely to quit. So while it might impact how often the situation occurs the only real solution is to put in some work and have the game end when one team cannot win. Like it already would had someone with a brain created the time based modes originally. I don't think the length of games is a problem at all at 250 points to win. Plus it would be nice to just see direct improvement to the game over changes that impact how the game actually plays out
  3. Yeah like was already said the only hope you'd have is routing improvements. Which I guess if you already have a pretty bad ping are pretty possible. You'll just have to do more research
  4. I noticed the same thing at times on MCC. Its like the shield flare bugs out sometimes and just doesn't actually work. As you said though when it actually works and you're familiar with the game you can absolutely tell exactly how many shots hit. I'm definitely gonna toss this one into the MCC weirdness pile
  5. I think its pretty however it suffers from some of the same sort of glare along with certain colors or silhouettes blending into the surroundings just like in H4/H5. I really want everything to try and nail what Halo 3 did where you just instantly saw everything relevant in nearly every situation at a glance. All of the colors just pop and nothing really gets lost in the visual noise unlike pretty much every other game in the series at times. I'm not even really sure how to describe it but whoever decided on the visual direction for H3 is a genius. It works so well for an FPS
  6. I think you could mostly "fix" H2A if you wanted it to be considered one of the best Halo games overall. Basically just remove the screen shake from explosions or at least add a toggle for it, create new maps, reduce aim assist on pretty much everything, include all features such as forge and theater, include all custom game options, and remove nade markers as well as hitmarkers. You would basically have the game that should have followed H2 and H3 at that point to continue the series. Appropriate lighting and shield flare handles what hit markers are supposed to help convey without all of the downsides.
  7. Okay and yeah the online server pings to play locally are very annoying. I really hope there can be some kind of solution for Infinite
  8. I don't understand what you mean. As in you thought they were playing online or that it was understood the network would be being used heavily so that the LAN function in MCC wouldn't play as well as it could?
  9. Thank you for bringing this up and making me remember. I was briefly considering this when Lethul had FMJ and blew someones head off through a wall on guardian with snipe. I don't really have a good way to test this but I do want to see the difference between a properly setup network and a network on the scale of the UGC event on MCC LAN. I do think its a pretty done deal as far as the mass network/internet connection bogging down performance wise but I want to see just how much at that scale. It could basically be the entire problem and if its not that would help to show there is something code related. Either way though it would provide useful information for 343 and future TOs
  10. I want to see people talk more about Tox (or whoever wins) at the desks next time. Like yes Shele was impressive. I've been waiting on Aries to do that since I played him the first time at I believe computer arena. Please keep going. So it really was so cool to see but its crazy the winning team just sort of got brushed off in regard to MVP etc and really a lot of the post event discussion just because they've been winning
  11. Its not even the player names or anything like that. If you watch they just 10 out of 10 times choose to slay it seems like. Forcing obj isn't really what you want to do all the time but they pass up so many opportunities that really could turn into something. Maybe they have a different perspective but that really isn't how it went down in any year of H3. Its just unusually slow at certain moments
  12. Idk I just feel like they stat too much. That's insulting for players like that though so I don't really know what they're trying to do but it isn't working
  13. Okay lol it wasn't that bad it just came out at first a little awkward. At first I was like wut but then I realized some of the second bit of my post was maybe the intended message
  14. Did he actually just try to say people didn't know how projectiles worked in 2008-2010 lol. Now tbf there are people who seemingly can't comprehend it but that's not like hidden game knowledge or something. The concept of leading or the physics behind it are more of just a general intelligence thing
  15. The modern aiming update is a HUGE step forward for H3. Its not going to make it so that the guns or whatever are easier to use if you stopped to "git gud" before. You might even prefer the old aiming if that's the case. Its just going to make the inputs more familiar to people coming from other games so you'll be comfortable from the beginning rather than having to adjust and then begin getting better

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