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  1. They literally warned that this could happen and was even somewhat likely. Not that you can't complain its just, well, they told you so. Sure you could be disappointed but delays were never off the table and they were extremely up front about it
  2. I don't buy it. If you make a game that people love they'll play it. Sure a streamer might stop a few people from trying but if so many people agree that updates are bad that the bad news is drowning out everything positive about the game and making an impact then they fucked up horrifically with or without constructive criticism. Now for the streamers own good the feedback decision making tree is bit different. You don't want to scare people away from your livelihood but you also have to consider that some of those people entertain via wild and baseless opinions and an imaginary character built up off of that and not necessarily specific titles or games. They're not all in it cooperatively with the game devs nor do they all share their actual personality and opinions live on stream.
  3. I think wall jump could be cool but I also feel like its only cool in the sense of traditional map design. I believe they would just go about designing nearly every jump on the map for the wall jump so that rather than being an interesting new avenue of mobility it would just be a requirement to move about the map used in place of the traditional jump rather than in addition to. I do think it could replace thrust as an interesting mechanic in the middle of gun fights. The 343 doubt in me says you wouldn't be able to shoot while doing a wall jump just because of how much they love animation locks that prevent you from shooting lately. Basically cool idea that I have no faith in being implemented well
  4. Guaranteed to happen. Already happened often on H2V before it was mostly console players pre MCC. No really good solutions. You could ban for it if you went to great lengths to detect the macros and all of the new ways people invent to implement them but it'll just be an arms race and I honestly don't believe the MCC team/whoever maintains the PC version has the time of day to fight people truly determined to abuse it. Best case scenario is they do some ground work to prevent it and almost nobody cares enough to circumvent their detection due to the general obscurity of MCC H2 in 2019
  5. MCC is the perfect opportunity to either win over PC consumers in the sense of trusting 343/Halo brand or totally ruin everything ahead of Infinite. They could pretty easily upset reddit and become a small scale EA/Battlefront 2 so it is pretty important that they handle all of this well if they wanted a future on PC. In a lot of ways this is why I'm surprised that they'd outsource MCC porting again or even do this at all. At least they're going one game at a time and trying to not recreate the 2014 disaster
  6. Nobody cares about how you want them to play the game or the "right" way in your opinion. They all just want to play the game they want to play. If we never had the option to do something else nobody would know any better but that is not the case with Halo. Halo isn't even focused on ranking or competition. We're a fringe group even within the smaller community that plays ranked modes. If they had one ranked playlist it would be the default team slayer list with a bunch of obj gametypes that have radar and autos etc and what we know as MLG/HCS settings would be dead permanently.
  7. I think the general idea is okay except for the part where the Halo community missed the opportunity a long, long time ago. People have been allowed to play such divergent versions of the same game and series and compete with each other that at this point you would just be losing fans by not providing the entire experience they're accustomed to having. Think about how much it sucked to be a BTB kid in H5 or a competitive player in H4. It is not fun when your section is the one left out. They still haven't actually delivered a full experience to match H3 or Reach and if we start pushing them to not focus so much on all of the little things and instead have one really good ranked playlist I'm afraid we'll see that happen to almost everyone. There is also the example we were given with Halo 5 competitive settings in the first couple years that showed that change and obvious improvements need not apply in a timely fashion so I'm afraid of what kind of playlist we actually get as the sole ranked option if we went that route. I promise it won't be the playlist anyone here wanted so be careful what you ask for.
  8. I think for what they're good for most of those map designs have a high degree of success. So I usually view it more along the lines of appropriate fundamental designs for game modes rather than building a 4 base sym and then finding out it plays CTF afterwards relatively well in 4v4. I think the most contested/likely to fail design is segmented followed by bridgeworks and top heavy. Its not because they're inherently bad just that its most often asymmetrical and thus more difficult to balance and design around. It also immediately cuts out certain game modes like 2 flag in the majority of those circumstances. Very susceptible to stand offish gameplay and poor weapon design (think automatics or shotguns) unless there is a ton of attention to detail. Oddball, FFA and 1v1s are probably the only reason decent players look back at your selection for bridgeworks and don't hate the thought of playing Guardian and Lockout. The majority of CE map design is actually unbelievably bad without also pairing it with the actual gameplay mechanics of Halo CE so its hard to give a broad opinion on that game in particular in the sense of future discussion. A great example is how well Damnation plays in CE 2v2 but just how bad it actually was for 4v4 Reach. I think the biggest take away from all of Halo map design is that you should build maps for specific gametypes and build towards varying experiences within those gametypes as the map pool grows. First you need to have in mind what the games mechanics actually are and how they work at a high level because Halo has also proven that simply rehashing good map design from another game can easily turn into very bad map design. If you don't build a map with the understanding of how that game plays you get sword base and if you try to copy it from another game you can get Penance or Solitary which is why giving an overall opinion on types of map designs in Halo is very hard. They're really just tools to build an experience that get misused A LOT
  9. I don't think bullet sway is really the right hill to die on. If you were trying to come up with a reason that something being so difficult to use could damage a skill gap as a whole you'd be trying to direct attention to things like avg kill times becoming so long that map positioning was nigh meaningless as a way of displaying a negative side effect of an extremely difficult to use weapon. You wouldn't be saying the shooting takes less skill but that the game as a whole lost layers of complexity due to weapon tuning which at some point would have to be a net loss. If you draw it out far enough you create a game where nobody ever scores or wins despite everything being quite consistent and skillful mechanically. None of this exists in a vacuum and trying to debate as if it does in either direction is a cool thought process but distinctly divorced from reality at some point. You could stay convincingly objective with the broad strokes in game design but when it comes to deciding exactly where you cross the line and lose skill gap overall in the big picture of the game I'm not sure anyone can really objectively do that.
  10. Its always been a button layout that swapped the triggers. I haven't actually played it in newer titles since I swapped to bumper jumper in H3 so now that we can swap triggers on their own I might try going back but if it swaps other unrelated stuff these days I'm kinda surprised. Always had to swap back for H2 though since I just can't wrap my head around the button combos with RT to shoot for some reason after learning it the other way lol
  11. I understand your feelings but that doesn't actually address what I was saying lol. Saying "most pros don't use vibe" could mean a lot of different things. People are out here like nobody uses it but the more google I use the more it starts to seem like a pretty significant portion of them do
  12. You're not wrong but its just hilarious to see people talk about it this much. I just want the stats now after people are saying nobody uses it etc because I have this weird feeling that the number of players to use it, even pro players, is way higher than people realize
  13. I think we need to go figure out how many people actually play with vibration on at the top end. I've never used it but I can remember being surprised by a few pros who did. Iirc Snip3down and Ogre 2 are a couple of them
  14. I get more bloodshots on people who are just sort of out in the open than I used to but I get less of the typical bloodshot from OG where someone is rounding a corner. The thing that happens on MCC way way more for me is actually just straight up killing people through walls. https://i.imgur.com/UI8diB2.gifv I mean really lol
  15. Destiny 2 did that based on your input device. Aka handcannons worked differently in real time depending on which device you were using for input. Point being you can have both so why not allow crossplay as an option? People out here really wanting less and a smaller population when everything they want for a pure PC experience could simply be a toggle before you start to search playlists. All of the console options including aim assist already exist. Work would have to be done to remove and alter it. Might as well just leave the option, allow people to opt out, and continue building the PC support that has to be created anyways.

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