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  1. This is the type of stuff that scares me about them. Their special spice as a studio that they add to ideas seems to be cyanide. I just want them one time to stay in their lane and when they co opt an idea or feature to just study what they're taking and fundamentally implement the same thing that they thought was a good idea without making some boneheaded addition If you step way back and just look at the big overall ideas that they have most of the time I don't even really disagree with them but when you get to the details they just do not execute well
  2. Honestly tell me an idea that 343 took from another game and executed better or the same as that other game
  3. Honestly I'm just happy to be online playing a new competitive Halo on a lot of levels Its cool seeing all of these people getting back on that I haven't seen in years
  4. Probably because they realized its the most overpowered gun in the game instantly if it fires any faster since its a 1 shot melee mauler with range. Honestly its probably too good compared to the BR as it is because of the melee situation in this game. I don't completely understand the melee system in Infinite however if you go into custom games you can realize that the health differential matters a lot more in this game than previous games. Things like a 2 shot beatdown will not ever trade with someone who double melees you despite your melee connecting if your final melees happen at the same time. We didn't spend a lot of time figuring everything out I just had us try a few things because I kind of started to suspect that a lot of the "blank" melees weren't actually blanks and instead what was happening is that someone was getting teamshot or was already slightly weak when they got into a fight so that when they went to trade with the other player the game didn't allow the trade to happen and instead left the other guy at like 1 hp. Kind of like how its very hard to trade beatdowns with a guy who sniped you in H3 MLG settings or how its very hard to trade with a sword because they're dealing so much more damage than you its easy to hit the threshold where the game disallows a trade. Some people might like the idea of a melee system like that but in practice I think it feels janky and random since its quite hard to know exactly how much health people have and kind of do the math in your head so it leads to people not really knowing what will happen when they go to trade sometimes
  5. Imagine if I told you that the "event" we were mentioning as part of the plan to sustain and keep things interesting in your brand new Halo game in 2021 was in fact actually just team fiesta from 2004 that anyone could've put on from then until now to play with friends
  6. At least one person said for "personal reasons" as far as I know but generally it looks like people are trying to not help them practice/get better because they just don't like them. Sounds unfortunate but without knowing the root of why they're disliked by these teams I guess it might be reasonable and/or a self inflicted problem
  7. Maybe but we have to remember that Halo Infinite doesn't actually release until something like September 2022. They say its out and everything but the game isn't actually finished until we're using forge, actually have maps, have game modes etc. I hate how they're just shipping incomplete games and instead of learning from it and doing better its actually getting worse with each subsequent release
  8. Gameplay aside I'm pretty annoyed by their battle pass/customization too. Its not really fun to use the same emblem/color scheme for something like 17 years and then not even be able to get pissed off about buying it because it actually just doesn't even exist
  9. Yeah at least for a season we've got plenty of money and an alright 4v4 Halo to play. Personally I'm much happier with this game than I was Halo 4 or 5 and I'm not saying that because its like a honeymoon period or anything. Its just a standard competitive 4v4 game and if you liked what we've been mostly doing since 2004 this is it for competitive Halo The biggest realistic need for this game would be a lockout/guardian style oddball map and a couple of 2 sniper ctf/slayer maps because we've already got the 2 base ctf/slayer BR map and we've got plenty of stronghold options. Oddball seems alright on the asyms too that we did get but its not really the flavor of oddball that people usually liked and they're more like lockdown ball from H3 or midship ball than they are the lockout/guardian style maps
  10. As far as a competitive 4v4 game I'm not really mad at it. This is a good Halo game if you liked what we've been doing since 2004 for 4v4. I do think that we need more/better maps though. We're missing a guardian/lockout style oddball map and we're missing dual sniper maps for ctf and maybe slayer. You honestly could probably just pump some kind of Halo 2/3 throwback map pack into this game for a weekly event to fill in some holes and they'd play correctly in this sandbox for the most part. 343 pretty much threw us the 2 base ctf BR map and the stronghold maps for a full series rotation but we're missing a real better oddball map and we have no pit/narrows/sanc/coliseum style of ctf map at all
  11. Idk I seem to put in work with the heatwave in arena so its probably just the big map that makes it suck in btb
  12. Viable? Maybe. Equal? Never. The top end will skew heavily in favor of one of the two no matter what happens so the only thing they're really risking here is upsetting people who already exist within their franchise in favor of people that they hope exist later. MKB support is already at the "viable" level that most games give controller support and they're kind of upset because it sucks to be the inferior input device and less supported one at that
  13. The prize pool for this season in total is 3 million plus crowd funding and we're talking about a guy who spent a large part of his life competing for pennies by comparison even if he "failed" here and was simply in the top 8 he'd make a decent living wage when combined with streaming and whatever org he signs to Also in my own opinion Snipedown is built to play halo with what is arguably the most accurate shot of all time on a controller and he isn't washed up or anything by any means in that department. As long as he has the dedication for this game and doesn't suddenly fall off a cliff raw talent wise he'll be back competing around the top. Old Snipedown still shoots better than most of the best players of all time ever did which is crazy to think about
  14. I think something a lot of people seem to be underestimating is just how much money you will make this season if you're on a top 4 team consistently Assuming he believes in his own talent then he can provide for his family and follow his passion if Halo is what that is
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