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  1. Yeah I mean Halo is totally irrelevant to mainstream gaming until a new game comes out and has been like that for a decade. Its just some average series with AAA backing that people buy and abandon in 4 months. The days of Halo being some kind of premier or popular series for gaming have been over and we're just out here in a bubble where a lot of us want to believe otherwise. Obviously it'll be special to a lot of us but if we're talking gaming in general nobody gives a shit about this series. All of those kids growing up playing games that are 19 or under weren't even 10 the last time we had a good Halo and there's A LOT of them. Time has been slipping away. I was about to turn 11 when I started playing CE on release almost 17 when H3 dropped. We've had so many games that aren't good in a row that they have missed a whole different generation of kids gaming. They just didn't get a Halo worth playing
  2. You couldn't have picked two worse maps for that example from their respective games. Plaza I can almost understand for people with no communication but Heretic??
  3. It carries no weight. He both lies and tells the truth about leaks among other things in the past so if he comments it just doesn't mean anything because we can't reliably trust what he says
  4. Liked for sure in the past tense entirely. Its 2020 however and Reach is a bad and old game. Its not holding 50k. Its hard to pull attention to your game when even if we don't call it bad we can say its quite an old console fps being released on steam into a pool of newer and better looking games alongside other aged games that you'd be hard pressed to call a worse or less enjoyable use of time than Reach is now. As I type this right now Destiny 2 is sitting at 53k with a high of around 70k for the day. Do you think Reach can compete with Destiny 2? How about PoE with a peak of 48k today. Right now Reach is chilling below the original counterstrike so even assuming a perfect release it seems pretty optimistic to think Reach could compete with games that are actually popular currently 355,568 779,615 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 282,085 579,025 Dota 2 88,105 227,398 MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD 86,479 158,371 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 72,621 451,913 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 72,562 189,393 Grand Theft Auto V 65,152 70,560 Team Fortress 2 54,163 77,877 Rust 53,453 78,955 Destiny 2 52,304 79,621 Rocket League 46,478 77,417 Football Manager 2020 43,719 74,395 ARK: Survival Evolved 40,404 69,390 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 38,945 55,381 Sid Meier's Civilization VI That is the group of games Reach would be joining with a peak over 50k for today. That would be an insane achievement for 343 (left is current population and right is today's peak). MCC NEEDS the rest of the collection
  5. We're talking about Reach. 50k people who enjoy that game do not exist
  6. - the last decade Its pretty crazy that we're even out here willing to see if they'll release something worthwhile. We should be the easiest people in the world for them to impress at this point since we're actually crazy enough to stick around and try to enjoy their products over and over. Just release a complete mainline Halo game once and I'll praise 343 all day for it
  7. The only reason people mention arena shooter and Halo together is because Halo CE took some elements from arena shooters and dumbed and slowed them down. After that its all marketing. Halo post 2004 has nothing to do with arena shooters
  8. Afaik its just broken and was being worked on last I checked. They just released the game with fucked up sound good luck
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing if they can even get it all out before Infinite. Unless they start dropping tons of content all at once they look pretty behind already
  10. This is why making a good game is the real solution. MM is going to be shitty for someone no matter what we do as long as we're struggling with a population that's unworkable with appropriate/fair MM settings as far as team sizes go. Its a bunch of guys working with the tools they have after being left with problems caused by something way above their position. Its unfortunate too because I'm sure poor MM experiences contribute to an ever lower population over time so no matter what they do its going to continue to get worse until we reach the point where the only people left are the ones either abusing the situation or literally just don't care unless they do something to improve the game itself to attract larger numbers of people My personal solution for MCC would be to just give it to everyone with an Xbox for free. Its really the only way I can see a big enough population boost to create the type of environment we need for a healthy game. Its also 5 years old at this point so I doubt they're raking in the first time sales on Xbox
  11. Thats the thing though they aren't protecting that queue time. Its the larger teams that won't find games if people start using that not the smaller ones. All of the poor MM parameters based around team size exist simply to make sure they can get games at a decent rate at the expense of everyone else
  12. I have no idea why 343 can't just accept that solo queuing into actual teams of either 3 or 4 is toxic for the solo player and curtail the behavior rather than trying every idea under the sun to protect the queue times despite this problem causing queuing to begin with to be a waste of your life as a solo player when it happens to you. If they find enough people aren't playing for us to have appropriate games then they probably need to step back and figure out why they made a bad game that people aren't playing because the MM parameters aren't the issue at that point Band-aids on bullet holes man
  13. Yeah for me I just want an editor for PC. I'm all for leaving forge as is and improving it for people. I've really wanted to re purpose a lot of how forge functions on console to make a BR where one player is the dedicated builder as a monitor for the team since like 2008 because I think an actual game mode is hidden in there. I still can't believe they made fortnite and it blew up like it did after 17 y/o me was sitting there wanting that game in Halo
  14. Of course forge maps are easier to download and play. I think that is a bonus but it comes with the drawback of not actually getting the best maps we could have. What we're talking about is dev quality competitive maps to download seasonally and I don't think that's a big ask for most people with functional internet. 343 is usually (very) slow to implement good/new maps into actual MM so this would on similar timelines to releasing their own map packs into MM and not some people randomly cruising through having to download 4 maps a day with 3Mb down and hating the game for it
  15. I wouldn't even bother with that. Imo the correct route is just an official editor on PC where you can upload to your own allocated file share with perhaps a fee for more storage space in their cloud to be downloaded onto your xbox or PC later @SpitFlame Sure you can. Its not like map editors are revolutionary or anything. We just have a super bad one and its normalized because the console population doesn't know any better and its different for them. Its not like I'm comparing it to the single best editor ever and calling it bad. Its just not good in a very broad sense when compared to tools that work. For a comparison its not like I'm complaining we have a normal car and call it shit by comparing it to a super car its more like I'm comparing a go kart to the Toyota parked outside. The kart can be fun to drive around but when I'm really needing to get somewhere I'd prefer a real car. Forge is great for playing around in game and if you try really hard you can make some cool stuff with it but its just a handicap at that point

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