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  1. I actually don't think Bazaar is a very good map for anything but koth or strongholds maybe. Every single room has some weird hidey hole. It would be like if every room had the rocket spawn in green to try and pick up a back smack or maybe even more than one of those. I feel like they got lost in trying to make it feel like a town and forgot we were going to play an FPS on it Also I actually found myself missing the hold to clamber option from H5. I don't really feel like getting your clamber takes skill in either case but I felt like I was just sort of "trying" too hard to press my jump button repeatedly to make sure I got the clamber and I just didn't like the attention I felt compelled to give it. Auto clamber is obviously a horrible option and not really an alternative
  2. Doesn't honestly matter it just prevents the other bug from occuring that MCC has. At higher frame rates for some reason pulling the trigger at the optimal speed results in bullets flying literally everywhere as if you held down the trigger and its extremely frustrating. Its a cool idea that pulling the trigger makes the gun more accurate but its practically pointless for people who already know how to play CE so changing that in the 2v2 playlist is just a better experience
  3. One of the big things I kind of noticed during the beta flight that I haven't seen mentioned is that all of the visual effects on the HUD in game actually blurred text and made it harder to see/read at 1080p on a 27 inch monitor. That's a big oversight and should probably get some mention because when I just disabled everything it was much more clear
  4. In game UI is easy to fix just let people move and resize whatever they feel like with some basic options on font size etc. Menu UI is pretty unfortunate. I wish I had taken screenshots each step of the way to show how they have different options keybound all over your controller on each menu and they actually change what the bind does on many of those menus so it comes off as some insanely complex looking situation on every screen. It would be way easier to have dedicated "pages" for each of the things they want you to be able to mess with but a universal menu to select which of those you wish to interact with by pressing start or whatever. Basically what H3/Reach did. The post game report is just an abomination and I don't even know where to start. The H2 post game report is just flat out better, informative and quick to look over. Perhaps if they started with the H2 layout and allowed you to select an individual player to see their new stat screen it would hit a better balance. Dudes out there having to slide their stick left or right to switch between teams then select the player they want to see stats on like some maniac made the menu for it lol. These dudes have things bound to L3/R3 in these menus
  5. Tbh after swapping back to MCC post Infinite flight I'll let you know if they ever have aiming halfway acceptable
  6. So I hopped back on MCC today since the Insider thing is over for now. I have to say its good to be back. On God H3 on MCC is 100x better, smoother, shooting feels good and the aiming is perfect compared to Infinite. Its like returning from being a cripple
  7. Yeah I made a comment on that to my friend I was like "who are all of these people talking to me lmao" the first day I was playing. Normal announcer, AI saying totally irrelevant shit I never wanted to hear on top of my teammates yelling out "over yonder" like get out of here with all of this audio spam for no reason. Turned spartan chatter off too and the option is apparently broken
  8. This is the most important thing for 343 to take away from the beta. The aiming mechanics are unacceptable. I have no idea if its the curves or input delay or whatever. Really I have no fucking clue but as a player I do know that every single Halo game until Halo 5 never had this issue. I do know that every single game currently on MCC does not have this issue with a controller. I do know that I have never had this problem with any other released FPS title in memory with a controller and never on your classic games such as CS or Quake on mkb. Whatever they're doing to cause this to be a problem has to stop now and it is absolutely a problem that 343 industries is causing. It doesn't matter how well balanced the game is or what features they have or how it looks. Inputs have to work as expected and as they always have for the controller players coming from or continuing to play on console because that is the standard and the same can be said for the mkb inputs with regard to the normal standard set by PC titles for anyone on those respective platforms to take this game seriously or to enjoy it fully. That isn't a big ask. That is the expectation that every single gamer comes in with and they have to meet it. They will actually ruin this game if they cannot manage that. It's that important.
  9. Yeah I mean if we stop trolling for a second and actually examine how these guns are working with a controller and watch people run up blasting and blow entire clips without anyone dying if they aren't quite close to each other its obvious something needs to change. Halo Infinite was playing like a PC game that "supported" controllers but wasn't meant for them and as a Halo game that's crazy and bad since almost everyone that actually plays is a console kid I think the BR was a little over the top ease of use wise and I'm mostly cool with the commando but that sidekick is a bad console experience without a doubt. The AR is stupidly overpowered for what it is. Also sniping is probably the worst experience its ever been in Halo. Its SO slow no matter what you do with the zoom sensitivity settings
  10. If you spawn with a BR the aim assist is fine. Probably too much honestly. If they intend the sidekick to be a starting weapon then the game is fucked for everyone with a controller. It would literally just be people running up on each other not putting down shots and probably just using the AR instead most of the time
  11. My favorite part is watching a bunch of dudes post up on bazaar with pistols and shoot back and forth but be unable to kill someone until their father shows up with a commando or br lmfao
  12. Its not even about the damage of the pistol or the RoF or anything like that. Its just that there isn't anything really helping the player out with that pistol unless people are within a pretty short but common range for Halo gameplay. So if you're trying to zoom in and cross map with it its basically like trying to shoot your teammates and basically any controller player will inevitably miss most of the shots regardless of who they are almost every time. A map like Hang em High for example would be fucking ridiculous if you spawned with the Infinite pistol because someone would get a snipe and/or rockets and the game would be over I foresee a lot of the Halo 5 problem where people would directly upgrade their pistol off of spawn with a br or carbine or dmr except in this game its a br or commando and the pistol is actually even worse in comparison unless you can get in close to abuse the fact that your ttk is lower. The problem is getting that close without just dying to someone that can aim twice as easily as you can which imo is not going to be enjoyable gameplay Imo they need to directly port the Halo 5 pistol into this game and just delete the BR from the maps in its current iteration
  13. I personally don't really know if there is a good starting weapon in this game. Maybe the commando but the BR is straight up too easy to use and the pistol isn't easy enough to use from a distance to be a realistic threat from pretty much anyone. I'd be more scared of a cross map BR in H3 than I am someone trying to zoom in with that pistol. Maybe if they improve the aiming something will jump out and feel a little better but right now it feels like the commando is really the only gun that might be a realistic threat from a distance while retaining some difficulty of use
  14. I think that Bazaar has to be a stronghold or koth map in the end. Maybe CTF would work but it legit has CoD flow and too many very unnecessary rooms, corners, and little hiding places to ever be a map where players movement isn't heavily directed
  15. It is blatantly the worst map. Its extremely out of place in a Halo game visually and by design. I guess when they were hyping it up they were hinting at all of the cod4 nostalgia I would get from it
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