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  1. That's because in most Halo games the primary weapon skill is such that its you accruing minor advantages and marginally better stats over long periods of time if you are better even at the highest end. You don't just win every BR fight ever. Most players can land a 4 and if they get first shot it really doesn't matter how good you are many of those times will have you dying. The skill of the best players comes in the form of punishing people missing that 4 more often than others will. They don't just out shoot everyone they see or win 2v1s all the time or anything crazy. They're just statistically better over long periods and it pays off. Most of the different skills in Halo work like that. Everyone has a decent package of nades they know how to throw once they're generally good at the game but they aren't exceptional with them usually and so on with just about everything
  2. Its not that bungie wasn't intentional which I've seen a lot of people assume. Its just that bungie didn't care about creating some competitive game nor did they try to make one. Its not that they accidentally made a less competitive game. They did it intentionally. There's pretty much no chance that they accidentally kept a cohesive game that made sense pretty much every step of the way but it happened to be less demanding or competitive. They were walking directly away from that type of game on purpose. That's also why you spawned with an AR and some trash tier pistol in all of their games after CE but they still bothered to include the obvious addition (the br) that helped fill the gap left by not having the original CE pistol's role in the sandbox. It takes some pretty deliberate design to both fill that gap in the sandbox but also make sure you don't spawn with it in their game modes. They left those things in the games for people like us and also decided that wasn't how they wanted most Halo players to play their games.
  3. Nope we should skip the settings discussion and do the things we know make sense from the first step rather than going through the whole song and dance we've been going through since Halo 3 only to do the same thing every time anyways. Its never made any sense how we try to come up with reasons to not include whatever far fetched and obviously unbalanced new weapon or power they hand us. The discussion should be framed from the point of view of "Why should we allow this to be used in a competitive match?" rather than the other way around. We'd get a lot more done a lot faster that way
  4. I think its fine if people have a browser for meme stuff like that but the browser definitely doesn't replace the need for actual matchmaking on some level. I'm not sure how it would look if you just forced everyone into a browser with no matchmaking at all but it would be a pretty bumpy transition with a lot of pissed off people. They'd have to add servers and support for people to setup their own ladders and track players playing on their servers to basically emulate what the matchmaking hopper does for ranked
  5. H2 Vista is a good example of a Halo custom browser and H5 proved it. I could find a serious game once in awhile but really I was just dropping killimanjaros on people in 8v8 Lockout 2 flag snipers. Much like Halo 5 just had people only assassinating lobbies or that castle 8v8 map with the huge bridge
  6. I honestly think TTK isn't even the main problem with Halo. I'd argue that average kill times have basically been static since 2004 with minor changes. The real problem to me is that the kill speeds and the movement mechanics and whatnot all work together to create an entire game and in recent years the designers haven't respected the pace of Halo and thus they change the movement in this case but not the kill speeds so at that basic level the formula breaks down. They have to respect the pacing of the game they're trying to create and tailor the movement and kill speeds for each other instead of leaving one steady and radically changing the other. We would've been in just as bad of a situation if the average kill speed was way faster in H2/H3 because the rest of those games wouldn't support skillful gameplay. You'd have just been playing something very similar to swat in those games at that point. Obviously the difficulty and the difference between average and perfect matter but if the average kill speed gets too fast for the movement or the movement gets too fast for the average kill speed the game basically stops functioning in a healthy way. They've spent the last few years seeing just how close they can get to that line The mobility and kill speeds in a game should be a reflection of each other and they're just not in modern Halo. It doesn't stop there either. Things like aim assist, map geometry, respawn timers, power weapon strength etc etc etc all tie back into it. They've been failing at getting that level of cohesion together and that is why modern Halo sucks and can't actually hold a population. Its just not a well made game A great thought experiment for people would be to think about Halo CE. Like really think about it. Think about the movement, respawn system, average and perfect kill speeds, how powerful rockets are in the sense of blast radius, grenades, how quickly things respawn and the ideal number of players all together as one cohesive game. Now contrast ALL of that with H2 or H3 rather than just one piece. You'll realize that the directions of those differing aspects shift together across the games in a common direction that makes sense because its intentional and not some monkey game designing something new. They knew what they were doing and they were designing towards a goal. It isn't some guy just deciding we can sprint now or just throwing thrust into the mix. They made sure the entire game maintained cohesion as they reinvented it. Now do that with Halo 5. You'll see the problem. Pretty crazy how they thought that you could just leave basically everything the same post H2/H3 but change mobility and maps and expected it to work well huh. They're just trapped between trying to pretend they're Halo 3 and making their own game and it just looks dumb every time. If 343 wanted to make another H5 my challenge to them would be to actually change more in a logical way. Make the game actually fit together
  7. Yeah I mean that just sounds bad when you put it on some gameplay. I don't even mean strictly quality wise if someone at 343 sees this feedback. It just doesn't fit Halo and doesn't sound/feel good. Its just actually the wrong sound imo.
  8. The Halo 3 BR is just the most bungie (or blizzard) thing ever where someone who is honestly very smart overengineers a solution to their problem. They just attempted to game design with math and forgot that most people won't even begin to grasp what's happening. Tldr is that even if its not actually as random as people think if they can't understand it then it is effectively random and will be frustrating. Like even for people who do understand the math its still beyond human capability to do anything with that information in real time or just by playing the game other than adjust to shooting a little lower and praying As a positive thing for people reading this though you could take away from these numbers that every time you ever thought spread is the reason you missed in a competitive Halo 3 game you were probably wrong and instead its just really hard to tell what the perfect shot is for you. It was more than likely someone marginally missing or the internet screwing you over with a dropped shot rather than RNG bullet spread. Since you can check for dropped shots if you really care in film its best to not even worry about the random bullets and just assume you could've shot a little better which is probably a happier place for almost everyone lol and a whole lot closer to the truth most of the time
  9. Alright yeah so you can see from "The first bullet can have an error between 0 and .15 degrees off of the true aiming vector. The third bullet is between 0 and 0.38 degrees, the second bullet falls somewhere between the first and third. It is a mistake to look at where the third bullet lands and assume all three bullets are that inaccurate." that apparently all three bullets could conceivably hit the same spot so I suppose there is always some chance of the perfect 4 from anywhere lol. Its kind of hilarious but the actual important part for the MLG setting "is In the case of the Battle Rifle on Guardian, the approximate distance from Snipe 2 to Gold 2 is roughly 18 world units. Plugging those numbers into the equation yields a value of .047 world units in the absolute worst case scenario for that bullet. Since one world unit is equal to 10 feet, the variation on that bullet is 0.047 world units, or roughly half of a foot. Considering that the Spartan model is 0.75 world units (the Chief is 7 and a half feet tall) you can get a pretty good idea of what kind of variation will come from that bullet, that works out to roughly a half a foot of variation at that distance. The Chief’s helmet is approximately 0.094 world units wide, so if the shields pop, that bullet – aimed and fired accurately – under reasonable network conditions yields a kill." where you can see that basically shooting at the chest/chin area it would be damn near impossible to miss at most ranges enough that you wouldn't get a kill assuming perfect shots. There's just no good way to figure out how to be perfect in Halo 3 and its probably excessively difficult and abstract especially on a controller. So as people we just throw up shots that generally look good and hope we're right and that the game doesn't roll the worst case scenario or close enough to it to throw off whatever level of imperfect aim we do have
  10. Yeah the bad part is that you can't really tell as a player if it was you or the game that missed the shot in any sort of objective way when you're on the MLG settings. The math tells us that it was probably your fault for not literally being perfect but you don't know that ever which is just bad game design imo. There isn't a good way to look and say "Hey my bullet could be X degrees off of the first bullet where I was aiming and we were Y distance apart and my aim was Z from the perfect shot so here I had a whatever chance to miss or hit compared to the 100% chance of the absolute perfect shot. Its stupid and crazy for that to be in a game
  11. The best case scenario is probably still a 4sk from that distance unless the deviation from the original shot is high enough that it can't hit the other player which it probably isn't yet. I need to find a copy of the old bungie article that actually explains the math behind how the bullets deviate. I've actually either linked it or referenced it before but its hard to find lol
  12. Not sure tbh. I think we would have to go count which bullets hit/miss in theater mode to figure out exactly which shots went wrong and then repeat it many times to get some kind of average for what that would've been. When you shoot as high as he was in the video from that distance the only guaranteed hit is the first bullet of the burst. We'd have to figure out how to measure distances and do some math to see if the second one is still guaranteed from that far but clearly the third bullet at the very least has the chance to miss on every burst
  13. The real functional difference is you can shoot three body shots into players and a headshot and that is a kill. It does make it so you can miss a bullet and have someone die but it also means that you don't have to actually put yourself in a situation to start missing those bullets. So it cuts down on the impact of randomly missing bullets from two directions at once and brings the consistency way up because of it. Basically it moved the game from "sometimes this just doesn't work" to "this almost always works as long as I'm playing well" The almost bit sucks but its not a 100% fix to the game. Someone at bungie or 343 would've had to do that for us but on a functional level it does mean that you probably go entire days of gameplay without the random bullet being the actual reason you missed. Its far more likely that you were marginally off of a perfect shot when you miss in Halo 3 than it was that you actually shot perfectly and still missed. I think that last part is also problematic because of bullet travel speeds and moving people at variable distances being something that just won't be that exact of a science for the user. The perfect lead/aim in Halo 3 is damn near indistinguishable for the player than the 95% perfect shot which to me just isn't ideal
  14. In Halo with the way their utility weapons work I don't really think its notably easier to go one way or the other at least in Halo 3 since you aren't just trying to hit anywhere on the body. You still do want to shoot into the area that makes it easy to go for the fourth shot at their heads so there are still a lot of bad or awkward places to be shooting at if the intent was a 4 shot. If our primary weapon was a sniper rifle or something with a lot less aim assist help than any of the utility weapons it would be different enough to matter I think. The ideal way to shoot in Halo 3 is the same way you want to shoot in every Halo barring CE if we ignore the leading part of H3. The big difference between H3 and say H2 or H5 is the punishment for shooting high which is always inefficient in all of these games is that your gun memes you for doing it rather than it just making aiming needlessly more difficult even if its just a marginal difference CE is just the odd game out where a lot of players aim slightly above rather than slightly below.
  15. Yeah its more complicated than that you want to shoot at peoples chest/neck/chin area because bullets will be pulled up into peoples head area by the game. I wouldn't say its particularly harder or easier to shoot there its just different. The really big thing that this video doesn't cover (maybe intentionally idk) is what happens to the Halo 3 BR when you add the 10% damage from competitive settings. It changes the number of bullets to kill and it also changes the number of bullets that have to hit the head to kill. The reason Halo 3 default settings are so bad is because it requires too many bullets to hit players heads and too many bullets total from the four bursts to kill so when you start trying to aim high for the head to participate in the way the game is trying to get you to shoot your bullets actually do start missing like in the video. Full shield head shots in Halo 3 default settings matter unlike pretty much every other Halo and it compounds with the spread bungie put in the game so that the default BR is actually a nightmare. That's why the competitive settings are the way they are though you can hit body shots and get a bullet to hit the head on the fourth burst and you're straight and that's a 4. So you just have to learn to consistently shoot slightly lower and the times that you'll fail despite perfect aim after that drop off a cliff
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