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  1. I don't know if linking a near unwatchable video where cratos misses and shoots above someone for it is something I would really put up as an example of anything
  2. Its a weird situation where all new PC Halo players, regardless of aim skill, probably hop into the hardcore playlist since bullets actually fly mostly straight there and run into people who have been playing Halo for the majority of their lives and get stomped. I don't even know how you mostly control for skill and knowledge to try and compare the input devices in this particular environment. This shit on MCC doesn't even really work that well when we all use a controller as far as skill matching. I do not envy 343 right now because it feels like a slightly impossible situation without just throwing a bunch of PC players into the fire and hoping they stick around long enough to understand the game and then see what the actual gap is like with the current mechanics. I think the perfect solution is probably allowing them an input toggle to only play against other people with the same input device so that they actually have a place to learn. It comes with the added benefit of not offending the now existent controller based PC Halo player along with staying true to the original games and leaving the door for cross play open. Its really the only route I can come up with that gives everyone what they would want without stepping on some other section of the player base's toes
  3. "basically we thought we knew what we were doing but we actually didn't at all" - Years of aiming updates starting from beta
  4. I'm sure for someone out there this doesn't apply and controllers may be a real problem but anecdotally every PC lobby I've been in when someone starts complaining they're also pretty much just clueless/very bad to the point that were they to have aim assist on their mouse they'd still be losing by the same number of points so I do feel like this sometimes lol. I actually feel bad playing on PC, not because of mouse/keybard vs controller, but because I'm just crushing these people with near 2 decades of experience when its obviously their first experience. Like I'm not even good at Reach at all and I'm dropping 45+ pretty much every obj while not really trying to do anything in particular. Even when I play with a mouse, which I'm absolutely terrible at, its still an easy W because people just don't know how to play the game at all
  5. I think the population of btb that could be balanced for intelligently is unbelievably small. Its just a bunch of people with no hands running around pressing buttons and no matter the map rotation or weapons they're going to get smacked by someone and whatever that person does will now be OP in their eyes Also bro I thought that was a fake youtube video until I click it lol @ the xbox above. I guess my desk space is cool with it though
  6. I want to support the playlist in principle but the thought of putting myself though anything related to Halo 5 and the aiming prevents me from downloading. Plus part of me definitely does not want to even hint that anything related to H5 could be something I'd want by boosting their active users. I feel like we all send the message loud and clear by just not playing Halo 5 and spending time in H1-3 or the Reach hardcore playlist
  7. In which game? I'd say in every game that their guns shoot straight there is either insane magnetism, a bad strafe and/or the aiming is literally broken. I'd say in principle they should've done better than bungie but then they fumble the execution every single time An example would be you know how PC players are complaining about aim assist in Reach? Just wait until they encounter H2A console players. They think we can't miss now lol. Not that anyone could miss most of them standing still or running in straight lines if we're being real. It doesn't really matter if the gun is consistent if they ruin it all by just making it too easy. The only gunplay that I would agree that bungie was just flat out inferior with was the Reach bloom. Everything else I'd place higher than any 343 Halo spread and all in terms of enjoyable and skillful gunplay
  8. I'd like to think its because if a reasonable human stops and considers the question for a moment they'll realize that if you spawn without a DMR but one team picks them up on the map you can do literally nothing but get shit on unless the other team makes huge mistakes
  9. If this explains why some of my smurf accounts seemed to have better frame rates instead of me needing to restart my PC and play with stuff I'm going to be slightly tilted. I did notice a difference I just didn't think it had anything to do with which profile I was using. Hopefully I didn't waste a ton of time with MSI afterburner among other things
  10. I think Penance is fine for casual play where you can just port a bunch and run around doing whatever. That map gets really bad when two teams are playing to win
  11. You've gotta understand that Reach is the last known era before the b.net kids went extinct so the nostalgia brought them back. They're shit at the game, have no idea about balancing and have awful ideas but that's the shit they like so they're going to come out in full force and complain about it. This is a perfect example of bungie's cultivated community split where they actively enforced the idea that that kind of gameplay was good and that sweaty players were bad. For everyone new welcome to the shit show
  12. That's probably because almost nobody played it. I only know what that is because I look at these forums and we're a small part of a small community. Not that its the most irrelevant thing ever but I meannnn a lot of people here don't even play H5 to begin with. It was a lot like Reach gold pro settings but not quite as bad in that it had a bunch of good ideas but was so obscure most players wouldn't even know what it is
  13. Based on the wider community/pro player reaction I really doubt we actually play penance but yeah it probably does need to be patched
  14. It was a cool idea that died due to the sins of mismanagement and general online drama
  15. Go to network and turn off relays if its on. Most people who can't get a game have it turned on

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