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  1. Also, there might be companies that wouldn't want to take on this feet that 343 did. If a company were to make a game like MCC and make it successful then that company would get on the map and it would get praise as well as $$$
  2. I agree, even though this launch is a failure and there are more then a handful of flaws and issues with the game till this day the fact that four games that were on two different consoles were put on one disc plus additional content is amazing. No game/franchise/or company has ever done something like this before. This is indeed something companies are going to have to top and I wouldn't be suprised to see more companies putting one franchise game on one game with a combined UI.
  3. They don't deserve the name yet, just because they were amazing before doesn't mean they're gonna be amazing again. They got wrecked by CLG in the scrims, yes they're only scrims and they just started teaming but still, I don't see them being as successful as they once were
  4. I feel like Walshy would benefit the team more as a coach, don't get me wrong, I want to see him play in a competieve setting so bad but as a coach he can give insight and knowledge to players that don't have as much experience as him.
  5. I agree, people are seeming to forget that lunchbox hasn't played in some time and at pax and the invitational pistola wasn't playing good at all. The only solid player is snipedown, mean while CLG is a solid squad and I thought they played really well at the Invotantial (as stk). We're just gonna have to see what happens but I think it's too soon to give EG the god squad name yet
  6. FFA's don't really mean anything, a lot of pros (not all) are kinda bad a FFA's what separates pros from everyone else is their amazing team work as coordination.
  7. Flamesword might not have the best shot but he's an amazing strategist, not sure if you watch his stream but he tells his team what to do and where to be, every team needs that.
  8. Well now the game doesn't have a big enough population, but they should do that, smg starts and having a br on map is OP they either need to remove the br from the map or just have br starts because a br on smg starts is like one team spawning with rockets and the other a plasma pistol
  9. Couldn't agree more, there needs to be a separate playlist for just br's. Playing smg starts is just so ********, if one team gets the br's it's over , good luck trying to even get one and actually win the game. With a separate playlist for br's then people who want br starts can be happy and people who don't want be starts can be happy too, everyone wins.
  10. What if snipedown is really on EG but he's taking legits spot for the next tournament if he really can't make it
  11. Would you people rather not being able to play or having uneven teams?? Smh, be glad if it works that you'll be able to play
  12. He said he would love to compete again but the money is tight and he needs it for his daughter so I doubt he would get back Into halo.
  13. It's possible they add it as dlc, I have a feeling anyone playing competitively is gonna get tired of lockout, warlock, and sanc.
  14. Even if legit joins str8 he can't make it to the second event, I won't who would temporally replace him until then and sucks that ryanoob left, he played really well at the invitational
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