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  1. only complain i have about this game is there is no party restriction... im going in Solo about 90% of the time.. and i dont wanna be "forced" to play just FFA, that need fixing to.. go from 8 to 6 ppl and put Truth in there.. and im happy
  2. lmao im dumb.. thanks ofc its the halo channel app Btw 1.17 KD = illuminati confirmed
  3. is there an app for halo waypoint? if it is im not finding it :S dont wanna have my browser open all the time.. just wanna be able to look at my division progress on the phone
  4. sorry if this has been asked.. but isin´t Truth supposed to be in the slayer playlist? played like 20 matches yesterday and did not once get it ? maybe im just unlucky
  5. hmm just "quit the build" and i lost all my ranks in arena... and all my req points ? dafuq 343 ?
  6. first ima take 2-3 days off work... then im hopping into that warzone thing for first 2-3 games... then arena, 10 games atleast... then maybe some campaign missions and then back to multiplayer
  7. im that casual that i bought Ps4... and just play for fun... haven´t touched halo in months
  8. is the game fixed yet? haven´t played in months
  9. i really don´t care about clamber... but thrust needs nerf.. or just take it out, we wont get rid of sprint.. so why bother barking up on that tree once again..(not saying that i like it... far from liking sprint) Im enjoying this game, and love that there is ranking system and spectator mode.. Still, its not halo.. but it is a fun game/beta
  10. i got placed in Bronze :S and now im stuck playing ppl with no skill.. im dropping 20-30 kills per game... good for my K/D but.. it gets old.. Just went 30 - 8... and my team only won by 2 kills
  11. does anyone have the code? ppl in the preview thing
  12. i want my codes... dear xbox live/343 #PreviewMember
  13. i don´t see time on preview dashboard... only see when it ends.. 11:59pm pst
  14. does anyone know when the beta starts tomorrow? Too hyped to get to play/stream this weekend
  15. Damn dude.. im from Iceland.. and i have 1terabyte cap on mine.. and its about 100$ a month.. im good with Netflix and plenty of twitch streams
  16. He has 50 rank in all playlists in Halo: The Masterchief Collection (including Halo CE playlist and Team Snipers) He can BxR and BxB in Halo 2: Annaversary He´s Playing Halo 5.. without Sprint, and in smaller maps, no abilitys
  17. First game on server update.. and in swat... all maps that you can vote on are Halo 4... but.. 4v4 Second game... Swat again.. all maps halo 4... aaand 4v5 game Third game.. swat, All maps halo 2 classic now.... and 4v5 game (and ofcourse i get stuck on the "Respawn in 4" bug for like 2 minutes of the game)
  18. only one time im happy that my game crashes... when Smg/AR gametype is voted be4 BR starts
  19. how could they not fix halo 3 sounds ? or the "respawn" bug in halo 2 classic... both annoying..
  20. i had a dream... that mcc was fixed.. 3 h1 playlists 3 h2c playlists all ranked... go on xbox and load up the game... still broken
  21. i really don´t know why we are still trying to play this mess of a game to be honest.. no.1 It gets frustrating no.2 uneven teams no.3. getting party split no. 4 long search times no. 5 respawn in h2c is messed up no. 6 sound in h3 is messed up no. 7 Halo ce is messed up no. 8 game crashes in halo 2 annaversary could probably add a thousand things on here.. but i just found a match,, lol
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