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  1. Hey guys! 4 months of work (of course not full time) went into this Montage, im really happy with the finished Video and I certainly hope you enjoy watching! There are mostly clips from Competitive players and a few Amateurs as well! Please Retweet the Video on Twitter if you can, I would really appreciate it!
  2. Thanks Scarecrow, editing Halo is still just one of the coolest things, i'd never want to completely stop tbh. Even though im looking into other Games right now.
  3. Thanks a lot! Railgun is pretty much the best gun in the game for Montages, sooo easy to sync to. Absolutely love working with those clips.
  4. Hey everyone! We hope you enjoy watching this Montage, we had immense fun making it, and we really think it turned out great. We went for a little bit of a different feeling than mainstream Halo Montages right now, especially in the music choice. Constructive Criticism is very welcome, and also, retweeting us would be greatly appreciated. https://twitter.com/Zhuhlol/status/896794016150368259
  5. Thanks mate, will take it to heart! Yeah i heard a few people say they wouldnt choose this kind of music. I dont like the kind of music that is usually used in montages nowadays so i made a concious decision to use this stuff. (: Probably should have used some generic DnB to maximize its appeal. I dont really know. Some of the filler seeming clips are against Top EU players. Thanks a lot though!
  6. Thanks boys, glad to hear it! If you have any kind of feedback please dont be shy to give me all you got
  7. Thats the best compliment one can get when making a Halo 5 montage. <: Thank you very much!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0W9eLJiHhM Hey Guys! This is a Montage i made for one of the Top EU HCS Challengers A Sneaky Walrus! I dont really know how much i need to say about this Montage, i probably should just say that its been a blast working on it after such a long abscence to Video Editing! Its been 3 years since ive even opened a Editing Programm and i actually think this is the best editing job ive ever done to be honest. So im really happy with the outcome. I hope you will enjoy watching as much as i did working on it. Thanks for watching, dont forget to leave a like and a comment on youtube as well. Please dont spare with the critique, its how we get better. Thank you!
  9. SunSearcher Customs, specifically Free for All ^-^ Austria, Central Europe

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