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  1. I haven't posted on these forums in a while but I just remembered about them. Yesterday I played against a grand master. Was pretty fun to see. They were playing Pharah and I could tell they were good. I haven't did my comp matches yet. I want to do them next week though
  2. No, it's not easy. It is an accessible FPS, sure. But the comp is there.
  3. Welcome to the PC version. I hate to sound PC master race, but it's a lot better. I played the open beta on both and I just couldn't do it on console. Idk what it was.
  4. Doubt it, you can go against a team and be solo. Odds are you will not get a 6 stack but can get 3 stacks. And then your team could be worse than you.
  5. Just finished my placement matches solo too. 58, as a general dps player.
  6. Thanks, I set up OBS and it seems to work fine without any frame lose.
  7. Nothing too spectacular AMD FX six core - 3.80GHz 10gb Raam Geforce GTX 660
  8. Oh I know that lol, It's just my playstyle centers around characters that shooter rather than Tank or Heal. I usually only play those rolls if it's necessary. I'm not trying to be CoD kid multi kill man. I'm just an asshole who secretly likes to be better than everyone if possible lol. So I like to learn and train on everything. I'd like to say I know a lot about the meta, I try to study it and watch pros play. I'm still learning but I also want to develop part of my weaker skills. About a week ago I found out flick aiming was a thing, or at least a technique towards aiming as a whole. I was terrible at it so I've been training that and now I'm just training as a whole. I know aiming isn't everything, I mean when I first started playing I become good at Genji with every besides aiming (Or at least I felt like I did Genji's job pretty well). Unfortunately I don't have that 'gift' that you are talking about. I know what you are talking about. Pretty much how those random guys just pop onto the pro scene of a game. I'd like to record gameplay but last time I tried messing with Shadowplay it started being wonky and I couldn't turn it off. Causing me to get consistent frame lose and lag. It was just a mess. Unless there is a program that records with little usage, I doubt I can record my gameplay unfortunately. As to your first 3 points, I agree for the most part. I was only playing McCree for the aiming, single shot hitscan aiming seemed to me like it would be good to learn on. I rarely play him in games now with nerf. He is more of a niche pick now I feel, I guess towards something you really need stunned that Roadhog can't deal with. For Approach that is usually how I try to play. I'll try to get medium range and maybe some type of height advantage (as long as the height advantage isn't over pushing or too far away). For static what do you mean? I mean I usually strafe and of course use sprint to get to and out of situations. At the start of some maps I'll also use his helix to boost me to certain spots (usually on Defense, Hanamura and Volskaya come to mind. The windows their on the underpasses). I mean I usually stay in the generally area that is working for me. Like on Gibraltar I like to get on the shelves where the aircraft sits. I like to get on top of the aircraft too, gives a nice vantage point if nothing is countering that spot atm. As for Technique, I've always known you could burst to stop spread but I learned a few days ago that you can consistently burst. For the most part that is what I do. Though I will have to try the headshot tip you gave me for chars like Pharah. Usually I try to steadily hit headshots on them to get the kill. I guess I'll try to get the first few headshots and just finish the kill afterwards. The main thing I want to ask more about is the arm aiming though. I've been hearing more about arm aiming when I researching aim. For the most part I've only used my aim to adjust my aim/go past my wrists limit. I play on 800 DPI and 6 in game sens. Though I have started messing with arm aiming. I just don't know what people actually mean. Like if a Soldier is sprinting, and I'm trying to track his speed, I should use my arm? And then if that is the case I should learn how to use my arm and wrist equally? I did notice when playing against the bots with Widow maker that tracking headsets with my arm felt different but in a good way. Like it was almost easier, but my arm wasn't used to it. Thanks for answering and sorry if these questions seem mundane/pointless. There isn't many places that go deep into the fundamentals of aiming. EDIT: wanted to also ask, when you mean arm aiming, does it matter if it's forearm or literally full arm movement?
  9. Anyone that plays PC have any aiming tips? I'm trying to get that godtier aim. I've downloaded this 3D aim practice thing, and I use that with ingame stuff. I recently started going into a custom game and putting headshot only mode on vs 6 v 6 (hard) AI. I feel like this is improves my aim the most but damn I suck so bad at hitting headshots. I usually play a mix of McCree, S76, and Widow maker during the custom game training sessions. McCree the most since he is the hardest to aim with. I actually get a headache because my mind focuses so hard when trying to hit headshots only. I think this is a good thing?
  10. I wonder what the first new batch of skins will be. Bikini skins (Mercy plz)? 1776 Soldier 76? With competitive coming out soon, the next thing should be content
  11. Anyone here have good Pharah tips? I know some of you guys played the oldschool Arena FPS so I figured someone might have a really cool tip that others don't know. I'm trying to get competitively good with all of the DPS heroes (I want to be the DPS/flanker/frontline whatever, Cliche but it's just my playstyle). I started playing her after watching a pro play her on Kings Row on a tournament. I'm not bad with her, but I mean there is always room for improvement.
  12. Well it's better than Halo 5, and Blizzard is listening to their community. To say it's made for kids is silly though. It's a great fun and pretty competitive shooter. I believe the devs will push the game forward and make the competitive side great. It's not going to last on console, because console. But it will last on PC. I've played this game every day now since launch. I haven't played a game this much since the days of Halo 3 and MW2 for me. Competitive releases at the end of this month. And the devs are listening so it's in good hands. If I were a pro, I'd rather jump on this game than continue playing something like Halo 5. It's having a 10k tournament (Or had, not sure if it happened yet). And a bigger like 100k tournament (these tournaments are hosted from outside sources, not like Microsoft with Halo 5). in a few months. Battleborn is a joke, and a bad joke compared to OW. You either pay the 40 dollars or you don't. It's a good game. There is skill curve also.
  13. 12k Healing as Lucio and a torbjorn with 22 kills gets epic.. That is why nobody plays heals. It's boring (imo) and nobody gives you credit for helping them out. They just ask for heals while being pushed up too far.
  14. I can't help notice that Blizzard gave you 1337 as your number lol. US or EU? US or EU?
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