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  1. Remember Reach's shield flare? It was a really good way of finding out how much shield was left and was almost as good as a hit marker.


    Remember getting a perfection medal? After a match, whether the opponents were good or bad, it was a good feeling getting a fancy medal for not dying. At all. Not even once. And for players who didnt get many of them, you would remember each game and what happened in that game and who your teammates were.


    Remember that one guy who got camo? He was annoying, because you couldnt see him. He could have rockets, he could have a sword, but all you knew is that he was probably dangerous, because you couldnt see him, after all. But that only lasted 30 seconds. If he wanted to get it again, he had to work for it. In MLG, he might even have to plan getting it with his team.


    Remember the Plasma Launcher? Watching the bright blue balls following a revenant all the way across Hemorrhage, and getting frustrated when they got stuck on a hill.


    Remember Maulers? Those ****ing maulers.


    Remember the Power Drain? They were so annoying, so fun, so cool. That noise that made was pretty awesome, kinda terrifying.


    Remembering the little things...



  2. Just recently started experimenting all types of electronic music in Logic. Right now I'm working on a drum and bass track that's actually sounding pretty good despite being a beginner

    What the fuck, that sentence is exactly me, right now, in every way.

    I also enjoy long walks on the beach ;]

  3. Not really, no. I mean the changes are great, especially this late with such a low population that still plays the game. However nothing has really changed, they are still adamant when it comes to infinity settings, sprint, etc., and they never really admitted they made a mistake nor was anyone fired. 


    Pretty much sums up what i think.

    They made a broken game and took IMO way too long to fix things. They've done a decent job making things better, its now quite playable, but the community should have gotten this a long long time ago.

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