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  1. People are lucky i never get host lol. Got host a couple time, all i heard through my mic was just bitchin.
  2. The name got people to buy it. The game stopped people playing it.
  3. Oddball, Assualt, One Flag, Team Rockets and all those fun as fuck AS gametypes from H3 and Reach.
  4. UnRated

    NBA Thread

    Leonard had an amazing game, and a great series.
  5. UnRated

    NBA Thread

    GAME 7!!!!!! HERE WE GOO
  6. Awesome article, clears up a lot of things. IGN and other mainstream gaming media have made so many peope think Xbox is doomed, but really its just MS not explaining their new product details properly. E3 was trash.
  7. The forge noises in Halo Reach were a bit annoying, but the Forge noises in H4 are HORRENDOUS. Its like theres cyborg eagles having an orgy in my headset, i have to turn the volume all the way down
  8. Remember Reach's shield flare? It was a really good way of finding out how much shield was left and was almost as good as a hit marker. Remember getting a perfection medal? After a match, whether the opponents were good or bad, it was a good feeling getting a fancy medal for not dying. At all. Not even once. And for players who didnt get many of them, you would remember each game and what happened in that game and who your teammates were. Remember that one guy who got camo? He was annoying, because you couldnt see him. He could have rockets, he could have a sword, but all you knew is that he was probably dangerous, because you couldnt see him, after all. But that only lasted 30 seconds. If he wanted to get it again, he had to work for it. In MLG, he might even have to plan getting it with his team. Remember the Plasma Launcher? Watching the bright blue balls following a revenant all the way across Hemorrhage, and getting frustrated when they got stuck on a hill. Remember Maulers? Those ****ing maulers. Remember the Power Drain? They were so annoying, so fun, so cool. That noise that made was pretty awesome, kinda terrifying. Remembering the little things...
  9. still very happy with my first gen 360, wont upgrade to One in about a year, unless it turns out to be as bad as expected, which would mean i'll get a PS4 in about a year
  10. just figured it out, those cheeky bastards who coded this website sure know how to make everything simple. A plain link? Come on, make it just a little bit harder for the newbies, eh?
  11. anybody know the bbcode for youtube embeds? the one i usually use aint working
  12. UnRated

    Music Thread

    Electro House and D&B are usually what i tend to listen to. Spor, anyone?
  13. Hahaha hey Lewie, they got some nice forums here
  14. I could not be more jealous. I know what all those switches do and i want to turn every one of them
  15. What the fuck, that sentence is exactly me, right now, in every way. I also enjoy long walks on the beach ;]
  16. Pretty much sums up what i think. They made a broken game and took IMO way too long to fix things. They've done a decent job making things better, its now quite playable, but the community should have gotten this a long long time ago.
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