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  1. Is this an automated capturing system like eathalo.com used to be back in the day? or are you guys doing it manually?
  2. I'm not saying I won't try it out, I'm saying it's a fact it won't be 100% the same which is what this thread is about, it will never be like the old days. Halo: Nightfall looks lame and boring, just a bunch of cosplay people walking around Iceland's rough terrains.
  3. well you can play with your noobish nade indicators and nade markers and screen shake at 60fps all you want. I like to play Halo 2 on a CRT better, so fuck xbox one and it's hdmi-only bullshit.
  4. If that's the case then they should make the bots mimic pros' actual decision-making depending on where their teammates are positioned throughout the map, imagine being able to play against pistola's clone, or the ogres, or snip3down, etc. etc. that would be a good feature, maybe even having the bots hear callouts (with that crazy xbox one voice recognition) and help you team-shot when you need them.
  5. I would like to see spartans wear some kind of badge or medal showing their rank somewhere on the armor, kinda like emblems. Bad-ass rare armors like the recon in halo 3 and a lot of custom stuff, just new visual shit but nothing that changes the core mechanics of gameplay (H:R,H4) other than that I would like to see a spectator mode and the option to have offline multiplayer bots with difficulty levels in case some people don't have internet access or if you want to LAN 4v4 and don't have enough people, Unreal and CS have been doing it for ages, so take stuff from good games instead of just CoD. It would also be good to practice against a To4 on Legendary mode and not jeopardize your online rank plus you won't have to deal with annoying 12 year olds.
  6. I think FIFA is sick and there's a huge skill gap, which makes tournaments fun to watch and players wanting to be better than each other. Probably my favorite competitive game other than Halo 2 and Melee.
  7. When did 343 start being so concerned about competitive halo? where was their ambition before halo 4 came out? we didn't even get a beta and it has built-in sprint, 5 shot br, AAs, perks and kill streaks. When did they become the good guys that you guys are defending?
  8. You must be dyslexic because those tweets made him sound stubborn and arrogant defending sprint and H4.
  9. it wont feel the same because the xbox one only supports hdmi, which means you cannot play it with a CRT tv, which means screen lag of at least 2ms (depending on your monitor)
  10. Yeah man me too, I hate all the suspense/uncertainty they like to create, they only answered a couple of questions. e3, RTX, CimiCon,Gamescom and PAX Prime they repeated themselves so many times it's not even funny, and the fans Q&A were a joke, they dodged all the serious inquiries. Waste of time.
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