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    all around nice guy :-)
  2. Playing MCC! Come join. Willing to play anything, but I am DESPERATE for a CE partner. GT: WilframAlpha
  3. Yeah, GGs you guys. Dont think we lost a single one!! So to me, Star Wars Battlefront so far seems like Destiny + Call Of Duty with a Star Wars skin wrapped around it. And to me... it's subpar. It's early though, so who knows! I hope I am wrong. That trailer from months ago blew me away.
  4. Anyone here ever used their Xbox to livestream something that wasn't on Twitch/YouTube? If yes, good/bad quality? Is this even doable?
  5. @@Andy with One World Championship acquiring 32 million unique viewers, it was only a matter of time before major television outlets picked it up. I fear that it won't do too well on television though since twitch and other streaming sites have pretty much cornered the market on that.
  6. Quick question out of the blue here- if Halo: CE is best played 2v2 (which I completely agree with), why is it that early MLG tournaments featured teams of 3 and 4? I am aware that they offered doubles at aome points as well because I remember hearing about the Ogres dominating 2v2, but why even do 3s and 4s if the meta was that this game was best played in 2s?
  7. Could use a partner for MCC CE playlist. add me: WilframAlpha Will be on for at least 2-3 more hrs!
  8. Playing this game for the first time this January and it is still taking me several minutes to be matched up. Haven't been matched up with a single person yet. Just want to play some Halo! Can anyone help or offer tips?
  9. Great to see some familiar faces! I have been off this site since January when I sold my Xbox, but I won a contest and now I am getting a new one! So stoked! Obviously getting MCC and preordering H5. Hope everyone is doing well- I just deleted my Facebook as well, so I will be using TB to take up all the extra time I'll have. Missed yall. Great to be back. :-)
  10. Innocent? Maaaaan, I was here through the truly dark times pre-release! I'm nearly at 1000 posts! Whatchu know about the struggle?
  11. The fact that there aren't two sniper rifles on H3 Standoff, let alone ONE, is pretty damn maddening to me.
  12. Hey gang! Been about... 8 months since I have posted here. I wasnt too well known or anything, but I'm sure some will remember me. I sold my One back in January, but just won a contest and will be getting MCC tonight as well. Anyone want to bring this old lump of coal up to speed? Matchmaking/Ranks working great? What's going on with MCC right now in general? Hope I can get a few solid replies because I'm too lazy to read the hundreds of pages this thread has accumulated since my absence. Sure, I could read a recent article by IGN or something, but I would much rather hear how everything is going from you guys. Thank you! EDIT: Oooookay, so reading the previous 5-6 pages, matchmaking is still crappy, but slightly less crappy than back in January?
  13. Okay, I'll say it- Halo: CE 2v2 is the definitive Halo multiplayer experience. And this is coming from someone who has never played CE multiplayer before MCC.
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