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    One man Show
  2. Didn't read the threads but does Halo 5 LAN or is it internet only like MCC?
  3. Totally didn't read most of this thread. But if any has serious questions about God, p.m. me and we can take the time to break it down. We could also talk it out via XBL.
  4. Your Name: LAN man Isaac Winner: LAN man Isaac Round Number: 1 Score:1 - 0 (No show Jinx Saturn)
  5. Well I believe there is one God over all people. He is perfect and we are not. When we stand in front of Him there is only one way we're getting into heaven. I also believe, and have experienced, He has the "key" to life and you can know your roll if you know Him.
  6. Agreed. America, we used to be the greatest ever because of our social standards. Greatest nation to ever exist. Guess where we get our moral code from (or at least used to) Middle east standards are being followed over there, belief system and social "normal" are being lived out in the name of their social constructs. And I would be so bold to say there must be an absolute moral law that should be applied. The question is who's? Without it Anyone can argue their opinions of right and wrong.
  7. If your referring to Islamic "extremists", I wouldn't call them extremists. They're living out what they truly believe is Right. They believe what they are doing is good and the will of God. (How do you stop that?) Also, who's to say what is good /right. What or who sets the bench mark (law)? We're all human so should one rule be right for all? Sex, stealing, lieing for gain, if someone wants sex with a 13 year old, why is that wrong? Says who? If they both agree...? see where I'm going..??
  8. That's a good point. How do you counter that question? @@bluejay
  9. O.k. but whats Your belief? A God or an atheist?
  10. Cypress? What is that? I know of a city called that :-)
  11. So what belief system do you follow and why? :-D Lets keep it civil friendly and calm. PLEASE No bashing!!
  12. I think its a GREAT multiplayer Halo! Best yet! The balance of weapons on the maps. The abilities everyone has and the full fairness of power weapons, now one team can't throw the respawn cycle off and control power weapons the whole game. Find myself able to carry a team a lot easier now that a full team can't do that. GREAT job 343! Halo is about being a Spartan in a suit with abilities, you guys nailed it with Halo 5! The Only thing that feels off (to me) is the sniper feels like it has a slight delay... all other weapons seem to be on point especially with those dedicated servers. Good Job 343!!
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