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  1. Does anyone have a idea about what IGN will be showing tomorrow? I'm guessing Halo 3 but not sure.
  2. Yes, or you can go on Xbox.com and click on redeem code.
  3. I do the daily searches which take about 10 seconds and get points for them. I've made enough to where I bought the Xbox credit and bought the game for free.
  4. Thank god I went digital it's been 10 hours and my download is at 54%. My download speed is around 10Mbps
  5. Just went digital for the first time, I was a hater of going digital and always preached physical but i'm not going to sell this game anytime soon and all my friends will have it so might as well go digital. I also got it for free because of Bing!!
  6. Does anybody have a idea about what IGN is showing tomorrow regarding MCC?
  7. Gamertag : I Preet I Those are i's and I will mostly play everything!
  8. Hey YoshinJaa thanks for sticking with me I appreciate it!! But I still can't get it to work:( I downloaded the game perfectly on my PC and followed your steps and it worked fine but my PC is 10 years old so the game didn't work to smooth. I then downloaded bootcamp on my Macbook pro and got Windows 7 working and Halo 2 installed. The only problem is the error code 0x8007065B, I deleted the content folder like the other person said and still got the same error:( I just want to play some Halo 2 before Halo MCC comes out so I can freshen up my game. I clicked on network and this is what it showed.... Is this normal?? I don't know what any of this means, maybe it might be why I keep getting the error?? Thanks for helping man
  9. I see the xlive.dll but don't see the xlive.dll.cat file anywhere. And what is the root installation folder for my Halo 2 vista?
  10. This is what I need to do!! Can somebody tell me where I have to go to do this?? I am not that good with computers so I don't even know how to do step 1..
  11. Does the product key I used stay with the gamertag?? I want to download Halo 2 on my mac.
  12. I checked the box and clicked play and the title menu did't appear. Once I click play everything disappears and all I get is my desktop ughh.. I will have to try again tomorrow morning.
  13. When I push play the window just closes and nothing happens. Also what do you mean by press a key to launch Windows guide?
  14. I am stuck at this step Click Start or Search for Halo 2. Start the game. Press a key to launch the Windows Guide. Enter your account details to recover your profile for use in Halo I am using my Macbook and am running Windows 7 with virtualbox. I got all the steps before this done.
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