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  1. gmm top 16 believe the hype top 6 instinct top 2 final boss top 1
  2. i loved playing cynosure hill. i agree others should have been in the rotation during h3. edit: i forgot others from the ff map packs but came across deathstarsog 1v1 map guillotine that i used to play more than anything during h3 after a while.
  3. that video was great. chads post deserves all the plus rep.
  4. im over on the streams tab trying to get my naded on, but i got sidetracked by the streamer Doll
  5. was just catching up in the thread and just had to log in to + rep this post.
  6. who doesnt have to work tomorrow and is going to watch halo until his eyes bleed?
  7. still can't believe naded turned down teaming with eg. feelsbadman
  8. i dont understand why you would play for somebody else. smh. is this just speculation or is this real?
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