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  1. False. Halo 2 is a mess on MCC. Spawns are completely screwed up in slayer variants, button glitches are inconsistent and the whole game is dark and unaesthetic.
  2. Because they enjoy playing Halo 3 over Halo 2. Only on these forums is it cool to hate on Halo 3 all the time. Glad the Halo purists got Reach and H4 in return for their H3 hate.
  3. You're trying to tell me you guys just started to realize Ninja is a pussy who won't give his real opinion on a game as long as he makes $$$ from streaming it? Can't stand that spineless fraud.
  4. not sure how H3 mlg playlist can feel slow.
  5. you're seriously complaining about wait time to install a game that has been out for almost two months. you were patient enough to wait this long to buy the console and a couple hours is the issue. no, the real issue is the game is a broken pos.
  6. How long does it take to upload a video? Surely not 10 hours.
  7. I am not one bit excited for H5 and I returned MCC. I'd say 343 is doing a great job.
  8. Just received my refund for this broken game. Tried yesterday and the person on support chat refused to do it, but today support rep was very helpful and granted me a refund )) Not even mad anymore. Will just buy the game back when it becomes $19.99 and completely fixed in 3 months.
  9. They are going to ban you for marketplace theft. You can count on it.
  10. Well I am going to return this game since it is a broken pile of crap and there is a new deal where you get $15 back for purchasing MCC in December, which just makes me feel even worse for buying this game day one and H4 looks like garbage.
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