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  1. Frosty and Snip3down are playing Apex Legends together, and Frosty mentioned that he wants to compete in Infinite but his contract with the Florida Mutineers will most likely prevent that from happening. I unfortunately didn't clip it.
  2. It wasn't full, she kills someone behind the warthog with the shot as well. I'm assuming that's why it was recorded. Regardless, this conversation is asinine and should not continue. Hopefully there will be a couple of pages deleted by the morning so no one else has to read any of it.
  3. I noticed that in the FB section on Ogre 2's page he has written "Walshy, Side(Saiyan), 1gre." I hope he doesn't think Strongside and Saiyan are the same person. On a different note, I'm excited to see if he goes through with this documentary.
  4. Everyone leaving, it's almost as if it's a sign or something.
  5. Mikwen has all the Reciprocity stuff removed from his twitter now. With nV gone, maybe Ola/Trippey/Saiyan/Snip3down is the new Reciprocity squad?
  6. I'm genuinely surprised that anyone finds this situation surprising. Safeguards don't mean anything when you sell majority stake in your company.
  7. Former COD World League caster. Currently the most likeable personality in the COD scene. It's a smart pick-up for OpTic right now, given their current situation.
  8. Snakebite has been playing on the OpTic Race to Master Prestige this whole week.
  9. If you don't have enough for the rest of the class you'll have to put them away.
  10. Definitely fake. We already know it's called "Halo 6: Heroes"
  11. nV vs. OS "LAN" starts today, SGDQ starts tomorrow. It's about to be a good week.
  12. Nascar and the HCS have one thing in common: Not a lot of things go right. *ba dum tss*
  13. Stick Beast 73 will bring the casual players in to watch, don't hate.
  14. Would be great for him to track down and interview some of the players from back in the day. Gandhi would be a great idea, and get Hecz to fly him to Austrailia and interview Ogre 1. Although they aren't players, Puckett and Adam must have tons of stories. Who's going to take one for the team and find all of the player's Myspace profiles from back then for pics?
  15. Well, we are finally getting a real Ranked and Social split. Something that Halo 2 and Halo 3 had on launch. Hooray I guess?
  16. Don't worry, we'll get them eventually. We just have to wait for them to re-skin the warthog for the 8th time.
  17. I wouldn't dig too much deeper than that. Don't want to lose your family.
  18. I hope so as well, but from the breakout removal situation, it seems they removed it because they were caught in a lie.
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