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  1. Pretty sure Xbox and PC now share the same no spread in comp 2s. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  2. I played a couple of rounds of 4s after comp 2s last night and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was having SUCH a hard time shooting in 4s... the spread bug being there makes a lot more sense.
  3. Ah, thanks for the heads up. Ctrl + F "arftacular" to get to my comment. Any support would be greatly appreciated and I give great handjobs behind the Dairy Queen. Thread here:
  4. https://reddit.com/r/halo/comments/caqhqz/_/etaevpe/?context=1 for those of you who care about H1, would you mind clicking over there and upvoting this or providing any supporting info? It’s been all crickets from Postums regarding this so I (and I’m sure others) would love to get an answer. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  5. This just in -- 343 sucks at communication and managing expectations. The world... is SHOCKED. In recent news, water is wet.
  6. You have to start your timer as soon as you go from finished loading to black "wake up" screen. I think before you started your timer a little earlier in the load process or something, if memory serves.
  7. And I also have zero interest in arguing with the meme squad.
  8. I have no dog in this fight, lol. Hitscan vs Projectile is a stupid argument in Halo since we haven't seen either one implemented very well.
  9. It seems they've combined to form some sort of... mega-autismo.
  10. I’ve had my share of shitposts but this is baaaad.
  11. Toggle peek is where you use some sort of surface/edge to block your opponent from shooting you when you’re shooting at them. So: burst hide burst hide oops, didn’t see the bottom part there. Yeah, exactly that. Also called jiggle peeking
  12. Imagine that guy arguing with you about the competitive nature of CE 4s. LOL.
  13. This is definitely true. MCC CE pistol functions the same as OG but with MCC's hit reg, lag compensation, etc etc, it's a shadow of the OG version.
  14. Yes, most of what I'm saying is slayer dependent. Objective has more flexibility but it's still not the best. Do an exercise with me. Where are the powerups on Damnation? Camo is on the top. You can also nade rockets to top green pretty easily while you're protected. Where are the powerups on Creek? Middle and back red. No reason to leave Red once you're set up. OS trumps camo and rockets can be naded back. Camo is ineffective and a bait item at that point. Wizard: powerups up top. Stay up top. Prisoner: OS up top, no reason to leave once you're there. Camo and rockets are nullified with even minute nade timings. Rat Race is good for slayer 4s imo. You don't necessarily camp, but you are fairly locked in those spots because they are advantageous positions. Powerups in 4s aren't nearly as important as spawn control. I do think that swapping the pistol/AR inventory positions would be interesting to try out. Spawns in 4s are the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE GAME in 4s. Control spawns, you control the game. Due to how the maps, ttk mechanics, spawn mechanics (not just the available spawns, but HOW you spawn) and how items are situated, once you have height advantage or an otherwise location advantage (dammy/wiz/pris/etc) you're pretty much golden. edit: typos because I'm dumb
  15. For the second part, I'd be willing to try these changes to see how it played. I suspect that on maps like Battle Creek would turn into stalemates, similar to how they played in H2. Although nade physics could help that out. But like I said, I'd be willing to try. I think Derelict would benefit from removal/adjustment of rockets and possibly changing a camo spawn to the bottom or something. That might make it play better for 4s. I know people have played around with sniper spawns on Rat Race and say they do play better. Point is, I think some adjustments would be great if that was an option within the game. I'm not too sure what level of flexibility that the devs have with that. A forge mode with H1 would be awesome, I think. I'm not too sure if that exists with the PC version of CE. However, I do think you'd need a much larger community to test these changes than what we have now. Definitely lots of challenges to get CE 4v4s into an acceptable state for competition but I think it could be done.
  16. I've already given you my definition of competitive. Whether you accept that or not is up to you. Frankly, I don't care about your opinion anymore to go further down that hole. How much map cycling do you find in HH, Derelict, or Wizard slayer games? Not much. How much in Damnation? Not much. Creek? Not much. Chill out? A little more. Rat Race? A lot. Your sheer lack of understanding of how Halo CE plays is incredibly evident. How does segmented map design matter when it most games people set up in one area for 50 kills (now 75 kills)? Spawns in 2s are "competitive" because they require spawn knowledge in order to get you/your teammate out of trouble. It's much easier, much more effective, and much less random to spawn your teammate in 2s. In 4s, it's a crapshoot because once you're locked in a spot, you've traded 10 kills in the wrong direction to get a random or a spawn wipe. Why have we traded 10 kills? Because the TTK is low and it's not hard to shoot people on spawn. And since I'm assuming you know that you can block spawns, if you block those spawns then you've decreased the probability of where the other team can spawn. If you spawn on Blue at HH, or top on Derelict, through no effort of your own have you worked to lock down an advantage. It was given to you and the team that did not receive it is wildly disadvantaged. There's a such thing called cascading advantage. I suggest you read about it. That's why spawns are "noncompetitive" in 4s. You seem to have a decent understanding of the individual components of Halo CE, but you don't know how the operate in practice with high level opponents. And that's fine -- that's not your fault. In theory all of these things would work to make an effective Halo game. I agree. But in practice AS IT STANDS, they do not. Objective is a different beast altogether but, remember what I said about map pool? There's an extremely limited selection to play objective games on that aren't broken. However, they do play better than TS games. I was going to insult your intelligence again at the end here. But after typing that up, I realize and know you just don't have the experience or knowledge of the game to refute anything I said. That's okay. We'll agree to disagree.
  17. Right. Because words have definitions and words mean things. So in order to get your point across, use the appropriate word that means the appropriate thing you're trying to convey. I won't quantify a qualitative statement. Thanks again.
  18. Wargod at least understands what I’m getting at, I think. I’m appreciative of that. But yeah, this is a major waste of time. I let Lemon derail me with nonsense. I’ll let him have fun with his next reply but I think I’m done here. LOL. It’s like trying to explain economics to a kangaroo.
  19. Competitive versus non competitive is a qualitative statement, genius. So you’re right. It’s hard to quantify a qualitative statement. At no point did I attempt to do as such. Great catch. Also, if I went out of my way to call out “best team”, then that probably means I wasn’t referring to a skill equality. Use your noodle, you goof.
  20. Halo 1 4v4s with equal skilled people on both teams are not competitive. The best team will not always win. That = not competitive. Thanks for playing. Also you commenting on anyone's intelligence is absolutely rich. LOL
  21. I'm in full agreement. Hopefully something gets across. Most CE players play 4v4s it seems. So I hope they make it better for their sake.
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