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  1. Well, then look at is as 'first kill wins' (except the definite possibility of a comeback)... I do agree with radar sucking, tho
  2. Fan art for Naded http://imgur.com/yVsm4T7 what do you guys think? How would it look on a shirt? I dont know a good website to test. But im just having a bit of fun Illustrating and supporting the players as a fan.
  3. As I just posted a couple posts above, I made mine. http://imgur.com/1cXXcwJ It is very hard to get his attention tho. he still hasnt noticed it :/
  4. Its more of a wolf... ._. But its funny because I was frustrated about the fact that the eyes werent perfectly centered due to the the asymmetric letters. So I was constantly thinking of ANYTHING to add before the 'R' to even it up. lol
  5. This is a logo I made for Roy as he is asking for people to make him some: http://imgur.com/1cXXcwJ What do you guys think?
  6. Hey guys... I was thinking of making a series leading up to H5 (or maybe do it for h5) of me getting used to southpaw after over a decade of default (bumper jumper).. I am VERY average when it comes to aiming skills. I tried everything to improve my aim these past few years and it has been very frustrating. 90 percent of my kills are from outsmarting them, not outBR-ing (maybe sometimes if its a good day). But I have recently discovered something. I found out my left thumb would have been better at aiming if I used southpaw from the very beginning. I discovered this first by swirling (ogre-twitching) the analog and realizing I couldn't do it counter-clockwise. But with my left thumb, I could do both ways perfectly and very quickly. It would be very interesting to see if I can sacrifice my years of second nature practice completely and learn ALL OVER AGAIN to hopefully become better than before. day by day. frustration, raging and asking why have I done this to myself. Im debating whether I should start during h5, or now and lead up to h5. but what do you sexy people think?
  7. I wouldn't say h2a is bad at all. It does have lots of issues though like the flag hitbox for example. And Halo 4 didn't have this problem.. shit, you couldn't even drop the flag in the first place xD
  8. Have you tried juggling the flag in h2a? The Flag's hit box is basically the entire pole. So if you were under a ceiling not to high, (say Shrine's base or under the Plats of Warlord) and juggled mid-air, that flag would immediately stop and fall straight down canceling the momentum you gave it and making you leave it behind.
  9. ?.. Issues in what playlist playlist? Social Slayer?? Who gives a fuck about the ARs? The only ones that do are the only ones who should be playing the social playlists anyways. I think Having a radar is broken.... Who cares, because I play HCS all the time! I mean, just look at it as a new weapon. Why aren't you complaining about the Silenced SMG in H2A? Maybe because you don't play maps that include it. Well, its the same thing in H5. I didn't have 1 problem with the AR when they updated the Beta to BR starts. There was only about one AR on map.
  10. Thats actually already a thing in previous Halo games. At least for long range Which cross-map Truth is. Its hard to do but it definitely separates the pros from the average joes. I think the problem is the L-trigger.
  11. Isnt each screen already like 480 when splitscreening?? I am a frame whore but I wouldnt go that far. (unless you are joking. im not good at catching jokes)
  12. If this were true, It'd basically be like Halo 5 on pc with modding support.............except that 343 staffs are the only ones allowed to mod.
  13. The ONLY thing I HATE about "Smart scope" is the delay. I can't even describe the amount of fresh feels I got when I went back to H2A. Everything felt instant. Mostly the weapon switching and zooming. Other than that, Its nothing new besides looks. Ok, the AR can now zoom in. OMG we all seem to care about the AR all of a sudden?! C'mon, don't we all prefer the BR/DMR in these forums?
  14. Who were you before you got into competitive Halo? Im sure you didn't really know what it even was, right? Were you the one making fun of xxMLGPRO360NOSCOPE420BLAZEITxx? no. So why are you assuming every casual is a dick? We were once them, so isn't it at least possible that there are lots of them left? The ones who make fun of us has to do with their [/background]personality. Not experience. I started in h3/reach. They called me a reach kid just because I decided to try out competitive halo. It was hard as fuck to fit in but look where I am now. I mean, I still kinda suck but thats another topic. When you exclude Casuals in general, remember you're also excluding the ones with potential. edit: please ignore the highlights and different text sizes. they mean nothing. idk how it happened.
  15. There are many sniper rifle designs in Halo. Even though they all stuck to a similar design, some tried different things (H2C, H4 ect). Vote on which Sniper LOOKS better. Personally, I can't choose between: H2a Multiplayer's H2a Single player's And H3 H4/5's Looks like an easy bake oven and H2's looked like an indie fps sniper If I had to choose one it'd be H2a's campaign's Sniper. It sticks to the the original design but with upgraded graphics. Reach did the same but it doesn't look as cold blooded as H2a campaign's.
  16. Halo 4 and Halo 5 together have one vote. They better change the sniper. For now, one can only BELI343.
  17. Sorry, if you based that post off my choice, I meant the Campaign version of the sniper. I'll edit it

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