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  1. If anyone wants to play h1 mm dubs send me a friend request. i've been getting a lot of matches lately, might be because people are on winter break, idk. gamertag: Smith3rZ
  2. I need a partner for h1 matchmaking dubs. tired of getting paired with idiots. gamertag: Smith3rZ
  3. I'm in Missoula, Montana. I only know of one other player in Montana right now. add me: Smith3rZ
  4. Been out of the loop for a while. I understand that Allegiance fell apart due to contracts or maybe just because the season was over, but why did Naded join OpTic? Didn't EG attempt to get Naded after Lethul left? I feel like he should be on a better team. OpTic Halo reminds me of the Cleveland Browns or LA Clippers, just cursed man...
  5. Wasn't Contra one of the top 10 finishers at that Halo 4 event where Ace won 400k?
  6. Damn, I forgot about Kianeto. I used to rock those shirts back in high school.
  7. I've got some pretty risky picks but I'm hoping the madness will be just as lit as years past. My final is 62-61 Oklahoma over UVA, Buddy Hield with the game winning shot over that stifling defense...lets go!
  8. How much does the first place team take at Halo World Championships?
  9. Been out of Halo for a bit. It's nice to see Naded at the top I've always been a fan of his for awhile. Can someone tell me if Allegiance is really that good or are they getting lucky? none of the tournaments have been LAN right?
  10. Game looks fun, but the maps are killing me. They all look the same, just like Reach!
  11. Is there a tournament today? Saw a bunch of posts the other day about some pros playing the 343 pro team?
  12. Bruh you got too much time on your hands to come up with some sh*t like that.
  13. No its just me. I could get another but he's not a competitive player. I've never played H1 on Xlink, is it pretty bad compared to XBC?
  14. Anyone down to 1v1 or 2v2 on Xlink Kai in about an hour?
  15. Anyone in Idaho trying to LAN H1/H2 (Not MCC) anytime this summer? I'm in Western Montana but I'm willing to make the trip for a couple days of straight gaming.
  16. Did XBC get shut down? Just bought an OG xbox and H1 for $50...trying to get some games in besides LAN
  17. being in 5th/6th grade and having h1 system links with friends/any kids from the neighborhood who had an xbox.
  18. Can someone fill me in on what has happened with Winterfox, did they split up? Also, I think CLG is going to be fine. They are still a top 2/3 team and on LAN anything can happen. Wouldn't be surprised if they win one of the next LANs.
  19. Randa's career was just destroyed faster than what 50 did to Ja Rule back in the day
  20. Can someone please send me an invite to the team beyond chat? thanks. twitch username is Smith3rz
  21. 343 should have put out a map they knew would work immediately (like a Beaver Creek or Midship remake) that could be integrated into HCS, especially since H2A HCS will be done once H5 comes out...But instead they are remaking Relic and struggling to put out a decent forge map. Wasn't there a Beaver Creek or very similar environment to BC within the forge world? I thought i saw something like that a while back when there were teasers for MCC. EDIT: I'm a fan of this trash talk but I'm sort of confused why its coming from Randa. When I think of trash talkers Kobe comes to mind: all-star, champion, future HOF...an established player. Someone who played at the highest level and succeeded. Kobe attacks an opponents psyche but not with personal jabs or unoriginal comments like "x sucks" and no twitter rants calling people idiots and nonsense like that. Maybe Randa is trolling? idk, but either way its kind of childish, at least be original. Regardless, I hope he proves himself at the LANs.
  22. Naded probably feels great being on a team that actually practices. Starting to see the fruits of his labor #TeamRanda

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