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  1. I enjoyed the alpha and now I feel like the game is borderline halo 4 standards of trash. Were hack modules in the alpha?
  2. Damn, I really have no idea what it could be. Hard reset and everything and I'm using Virgin Media in the UK. I also seem to find games in warzone easily enough but any arena playlist I don't find games searching alone, even btb, grifball and assault(althought I did just find a game after 15 mins).
  3. For some reason I can't find any games while searching solo but can when other people join my party. My connection to my xbox seems to be fine with 45 download and 10 upload and an open NAT. Is there any other reason for this?
  4. Can anybody else get games in FFA? I'm still doing placement games and literally can't find any games.
  5. Looks like Willerz isn't in the Spartan company but I Mr Kc I definitely is. Willerz definitely seemed to be the one openly betraying teammates in the end and committing suicide although Kc did start it off by shooting him in the back to get him killed and betrayed him as well when it was 49-49 and then he quit out within the first seconds of the next match so I don't know if he was just reacting that way because of Willerz or if he was intentionally trying to lose as well.
  6. Does anybody called Mr KC or Willerz of Oz use this site? They are part of the beyond Spartan company and theyre so immature and sensitive that they started committing suicide and killing each other to lose our team the game because I was a "cunty teammate". Why do people do this? We were 10 kills up on the other team and the next match im put in the same team and I quit out half way through because theyre doing this shit again and I get a quit ban. There is something completely wrong with 343's current system if somebody can openly get 3 blatant suicides or betrayals each game and not get punished while I quit out once in god knows how long and get banned for 30 mins.
  7. I'm only in a custom game but it seems like blue team has an advantage as well.
  8. Was this in contention for any of the awards H5 won? Should it have got any ahead of H5? These awards are debatable but its far from daylight robbery. Most questionable award is that which goes to fallout 4 over the Witcher 3 for its single player campaign.
  9. They could have said week of the 14th and people still would have thought it was yesterday and complained because people are impatient.
  10. As opposed to how skilful using a timer is? To be honest I think this system is more fair for everyone while also retaining some aspect of timing with OS and Camo that isn't exploited by the use of a timer.
  11. So people who consistently bash H5 are getting butthurt over people bashing COD? Really? Granted I haven't played COD competitively since MW1/2 (and 2 matches of MW3) and I only ever played SnD, some of these posts are completely over selling and overstating COD's competitive merit and it has only got worse since MW1.
  12. Yeah sure. I do enjoy the alpha despite my gripes with the game but I haven't had the opportunity to play any decent players thus far so I'm racking 25-45 kills per game which might be the reason why I'm enjoying it so much. If people don't like thrust in Halo however, the personal teleporter will probably ruin the game for you...despite how well it can be used offensively its ridiculously easy to escape with.
  13. Meh. - Slow gameplay - Low damage output on most weapons - Demon addition is terrible and random - Movement is slow - Maps designed around clamber - Loadouts - Beam rifle types of aim assist and magnetism on a lot of weapons - Teleporter will get extremely annoying Game is pretty meh and despite the fact that I'm absolutely wrecking everyone because nobody who is decent seems to play it, it doesn't mask the problems.
  14. Searching solo in sniper placement games and its safe to say I will be staying as far away from searching solo on my main account as I possibly can. Lose two games in a row 49-50 and normally I wouldn't care much and I usually get hyped and a buzz when its 49-49 but with these games it was just completely infuriating because people like SpartanGeorge245259 are dropping neg 13 bombs and when I look after, these people get placed in the same division I'm in despite having neg K/D. Why? I just want to know what I have done to be matched with these people in my team and why they are diamond along with me.
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