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  1. There should be certain areas on the map where you can spawn, but not exact places. Kinda like a selected circle, so you can spawn anywhere in the circle instead of precise spawn points.
  2. They wanted to try something different (yet they copied CoD) and wanted to reach a bigger crowd. I can still hear my friends, who normally play cod, say this when they first played halo 3: '''Wheres the sprint button?! why cant i sprint'' Damn, hurts my everytime...
  3. man I hated the invisible walls/edges in Halo 4, that shit was so horrible
  4. CTF Warmup has to be my favorite, so much action and chaos:D
  5. Damn grenade launcher would be sexy as hell
  6. Team Slayer should definetly have Power weapons to promote movement. Objective gametypes promote movement by it self so power weapons are not necessary, but i would probably still want power weapons on them aswell.
  7. Abandon is actually a really good 2vs2 map IMO
  8. i would say no, just because you can use it doesnt mean you have to use it :/
  9. I kinda hope they dont show gameplay. I want them to be real perfectionists and take their time
  10. arent you supposed to 3-0 us? :gandhi:
  11. Man, if they really could make this that would be some super epic. But yeah, your kinda asking them to create a entire new map edit software into a game which is particially made with a map edit software (or whatever it is called)
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