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  1. do BTB have a ranking system? Or it's only for fun
  2. This had me thinking if I should buy the master chief collection but question myself what if I'm not good should I go back to cod or just keep trying and stay out of mlg section just do radar matchmaking
  3. I'm at the tower don't see him is their a time he comes? Eastern TimeZone
  4. I like MLG but I only play it cause it's the only playlist without bloom
  5. I'm about to. Be a 25 msg me Xi Greninja iX
  6. I'm downloading it also if trying to play customs message me Xi Greninja iX
  7. I joined, new to halo but I'm really liking this game and can't wait to play with more people (Destiny) to be playing on xbox one gamer tag xi Greninja iX
  8. I don't like the way new call of duty looks and would like to learn how to play halo my gamer tag is Xi Greninja iX
  9. Bronx Ny Gt Xi Greninja iX
  10. My name is Andrew 18 years old from NY I enjoy playing cod just started learning how to play halo and it's really fun I play bumper jumper, more than I like gaming is a great community if wanna add me on xbox Xi Greninja iX
  11. I love call of duty but halo takes more skill than cod so halo is better
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