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  1. My name is Andrew I like to play halo it's fun game not a fan of abilities being in halo unless we can pick them up and I'm here looking for people that I can play halo with either campaign or mm for halo 5 and future halos look forward to meeting some new people thanks for your time gt laced up Andrew

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  2. Basically for the topic would like to meet people who have it and wouldn't mind playing with me my gamer tag Xi Greninja iX. And I tryed mining cobblestone and coal wouldn't let me pick it up has anything to do with my connection? I was able to pick up dirt tho and wood.

  3. Halo players seriously need to get off their high horse if they're on one. There are bad apples in every community, though, and it's unfair to solely call out someone whether they play Halo or CoD. To hate on someone (or sterotype an entire group of people) based upon what video game they play? Silly. Ridiculous. Unnecessary.

    Treat others as you want to be treated, and that's obvious.

    I agree like I usually play cod now learning halo but it doesn't give the rights to bash on people who played cod cause I'm sure their is halo pros that actually made it to professional Cod I respect that
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