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  1. My gamertag is laced up andrew add me we can play pubs or arena or comment your tags and i will add you
  2. My name is Andrew I like to play halo it's fun game not a fan of abilities being in halo unless we can pick them up and I'm here looking for people that I can play halo with either campaign or mm for halo 5 and future halos look forward to meeting some new people thanks for your time gt laced up Andrew
  3. Gt Laced Up Andrew I'm decent at the game learning power weapons tho
  4. Greninja

    NFL Thread

    Let's go Giants hope it's a good year for us
  5. Do I need to the raid on hard to get a raid helmet or raid gloves I'm a hunter
  6. Anyone who plays killer instinct wouldn't mind adding new people to play with GT Xi Greninja iX
  7. Xbox one VOg will help you with it Xi Greninja ix
  8. Basically for the topic would like to meet people who have it and wouldn't mind playing with me my gamer tag Xi Greninja iX. And I tryed mining cobblestone and coal wouldn't let me pick it up has anything to do with my connection? I was able to pick up dirt tho and wood.
  9. What's your gamer tag probably can show me button glitches for H2 I'm new to halo and that's all I hear and big teams guess glitches and big teams were fun for H2
  10. I take halo 4 over reach even tho halo 4 has it problems atleast I can play team slayer without bloom unlike reach gotta only play mlg to avoid bloom it's not fun sticking to one playlist cause of bloom
  11. Never care for graphics. It as long it can meet the goal of 60fps its fine for me
  12. I agree like I usually play cod now learning halo but it doesn't give the rights to bash on people who played cod cause I'm sure their is halo pros that actually made it to professional Cod I respect that
  13. I have no problem with the new features for cod AW but it's remind me of to many games which is why I'm trying to learn halo instead as everyone is saying cod aw is gonna be like halo 4. Cod aw still will be played cause cod takes no skill most people like that instead of playing halo cause they probably suck
  14. cause I'm sure halo 5 will have sprint so figure get use to playing with sprint
  15. Still play h4 instead of reach cause I hate armor lock but h4 is a bad game. The features of h4 is bad but the fact that you get shot and stayed zoomed in just makes me wanna play h3 again
  16. Ii played cod and. Now learning halo and I like it it's more of a challenge than cod but younger people will get a cod game cause it's easy even tho halo back in the day was bigger than other fps
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