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  1. Looking for a good Halo CE player to help me climb the ranks in the 2v2 playlist (I'm 20 now). I will not be getting H5 guardians for a while, going to wait for that to go on sale.
  2. Couple questions. I'm a level 25, I've gotten a couple legendary scout rifles (they're okay) but no armor. I do pretty well in the crucible but I know I would absolutely kill it if I had some of the good guns everyone else has. I've heard doing bounties and gaining rep and eventually buying armor from the vendors is the way to go. Is there a better quicker more efficient way to get the good gear and weapons? I've done VoG once before that's it. Whats the fastest way to level up and/or get what I need?
  3. To add to the portal glitches this seriously looks like I took a melle hit without actually porting. xboxdvr.com/Bl0HAZARD/ae03f0f5-ca6e-4a08-9bc6-1d6a339d9fcd
  4. how nice of you 343 that actually is a good chunk of stuff but no thanks, I just want the Hardcore and H1 playlists with a working rank system without cheaters.
  5. It's most likely your internet browser. Also, try right clicking on the quote button and opening it in a new page and see if that works.
  6. Ran into this guy twice last night, both times I steamrolled him and he quits mid-game. Signed in just to say this: you sir are a loser.
  7. Oh really wow I'm surprised I've never ran into this before, not used to seeing empty rockets all over the place.
  8. Can somebody confirm if this is happening to them as well: if you have empty rockets and pick up fresh rockets it only gives you 2 shots instead of 4.
  9. I'll leave this here, so freaking cool! Also, Nexy's and other's overhead pictures of map spawns Walshy explaining HH: Missingno doing the same: Teapot if you wanna use one of your reserved posts in the future to explain spawns then a mod can delete this.
  10. Their party pairing system must seriously be fucked if they are purposefully allowing for 10+ players to match up & uneven teams
  11. In lighter news, I finally got to play some CE in Team Slayer the other day and ended up with Blood Gultch! hoggin it :bman:
  12. You're free to do whatever or say whatever the hell you want. Don't put words in my mouth, I was simply trying to prevent you from sounding like an asshat by telling everyone particular broken aspects of the game don't matter.
  13. Horror, I agree with you when you say finding balanced matches in matchmaking is the most important issue that needs to be addressed. I disagree when you say thing like "I don't fucken care if my emblems show improperly or if radar doesn't work, big woopty fucken do" and also "I was referencing bugs that actually matter". Its unnecessary to become hostile and use aggressive language. Bottom line: It's all important, it all matters.
  14. You know this makes you sound really arrogant and self centered right? Just because a known audio issue hasn't occurred to you doesn't mean it isn't plaguing others or that it doesn't matter, of course it matters, especially for those wearing headsets. Also, I would refrain from trying to categorize bugs or problems within your own personal view of importance. Yeah the servers are the most dire issue at hand, but that doesn't mean everything else still doesn't detract from the experience as well.
  15. This has been pissing me off the most, 2nd is the hit markers, 3rd the hit registry. Still fun, but you all know it's slightly disappointing.
  16. Incoming patch notes from 343: We are aware that some users are still experiencing longer than expected matchmaking times. We are working around the clock and will continue to give you updates like this one. While you wait please take a sneak peak at our new upcoming game Halo 5: Guardians. That is all. :saucey:
  17. Loved the shit outta that game, so good. Anyone remember the care package duplication glitch? Lol stacking like 20+ care packages in one location was absolute mayhem
  18. Sorry this is a bad example, but if you look closely I land and press start. At this point I am alive and you can see my yellow health bar flashing, then the bogus fall damage kicks in and kills me. I'm going to try to replicate the glitch tonight for a better visual.
  19. There's definitely something messed up with fall damage. A couple of times I was able to kill myself with full shield just crouch jumping in place. Here's another example of it happening to me out of nowhere: http://tinyurl.com/lpsv3th (its the 1st clip, a 1v1 with a friend and he hadn't respawned yet) Also I don't see anybody opting for the removal of those audio hit markers. Is somebody going to post that on the site?
  20. Many will never get over this failure of a launch. I don't think you quite get it, this was OUR game's last chance to come back to popularity. Remember when Halo 2 ruled as the #1 title for Xbox Live for years at a time? We wanted our community to reach that level of acclaim once again, now its not happening and very well may never happen. Even worse, some of the underlying problems with the way the game is coded are so severe that it's possible some of the issues may never get fixed. People should rage and bitch all they want, people telling them to relax only makes it worse. Many, including myself, are incapable of simply 'getting over it'.
  21. They work quite well when they are working. H2C feels good, better than back in the day but there are still instances where you snipe from a far and it won't register your bullets, H3 feels much better + coupled with the 60fps the game is far more enjoyable and playable (coming from me H3 was my least favorite Halo I really don't mind it too much now). H:CE is a different story, from what I've experienced the matchmaking servers make the game play very well (they still need to tighten the spread/netcode up), but in custom games the shot registry is awful unless you are host or live nearby the hosting connection.
  22. There's 2 voice settings, All players and My Team. But connection issues are evident, hearing someone but they can't hear you type scenarios. For FFA the only voice chat option would be All players, so everybody will have to have this setting enabled, whereas they should have of just implemented as the default for non team games. RIP proximity chat, we probably will never see the return of it and its many funny moments where it cuts the speaker off abruptly.
  23. Well shit. I really wish I didn't blow all my money the week of so I could play on release night. *sigh*
  24. What bundle? There's no MCC bundle in the US you troll-hole. But I do agree, black Friday and Christmas sales will give us a new influx of players that hopefully by then most of these issues will have been resolved.
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