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  1. Looking for a good Halo CE player to help me climb the ranks in the 2v2 playlist (I'm 20 now). I will not be getting H5 guardians for a while, going to wait for that to go on sale.
  2. Couple questions. I'm a level 25, I've gotten a couple legendary scout rifles (they're okay) but no armor. I do pretty well in the crucible but I know I would absolutely kill it if I had some of the good guns everyone else has. I've heard doing bounties and gaining rep and eventually buying armor from the vendors is the way to go. Is there a better quicker more efficient way to get the good gear and weapons? I've done VoG once before that's it. Whats the fastest way to level up and/or get what I need?
  3. To add to the portal glitches this seriously looks like I took a melle hit without actually porting. xboxdvr.com/Bl0HAZARD/ae03f0f5-ca6e-4a08-9bc6-1d6a339d9fcd
  4. how nice of you 343 that actually is a good chunk of stuff but no thanks, I just want the Hardcore and H1 playlists with a working rank system without cheaters.
  5. It's most likely your internet browser. Also, try right clicking on the quote button and opening it in a new page and see if that works.
  6. Ran into this guy twice last night, both times I steamrolled him and he quits mid-game. Signed in just to say this: you sir are a loser.
  7. Oh really wow I'm surprised I've never ran into this before, not used to seeing empty rockets all over the place.
  8. Can somebody confirm if this is happening to them as well: if you have empty rockets and pick up fresh rockets it only gives you 2 shots instead of 4.
  9. I'll leave this here, so freaking cool! Also, Nexy's and other's overhead pictures of map spawns Walshy explaining HH: Missingno doing the same: Teapot if you wanna use one of your reserved posts in the future to explain spawns then a mod can delete this.
  10. Their party pairing system must seriously be fucked if they are purposefully allowing for 10+ players to match up & uneven teams
  11. In lighter news, I finally got to play some CE in Team Slayer the other day and ended up with Blood Gultch! hoggin it :bman:
  12. You're free to do whatever or say whatever the hell you want. Don't put words in my mouth, I was simply trying to prevent you from sounding like an asshat by telling everyone particular broken aspects of the game don't matter.
  13. Horror, I agree with you when you say finding balanced matches in matchmaking is the most important issue that needs to be addressed. I disagree when you say thing like "I don't fucken care if my emblems show improperly or if radar doesn't work, big woopty fucken do" and also "I was referencing bugs that actually matter". Its unnecessary to become hostile and use aggressive language. Bottom line: It's all important, it all matters.
  14. You know this makes you sound really arrogant and self centered right? Just because a known audio issue hasn't occurred to you doesn't mean it isn't plaguing others or that it doesn't matter, of course it matters, especially for those wearing headsets. Also, I would refrain from trying to categorize bugs or problems within your own personal view of importance. Yeah the servers are the most dire issue at hand, but that doesn't mean everything else still doesn't detract from the experience as well.
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