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  1. I found a video supposedly showing "Slow Turn" on the Xbox One controller. I think this clip may not be entirely credible because it is not definitive whether the gameplay is actually from an Xbone and this is the only instance of slow turn I have found on the console. So I would like to know. do Xbone controllers have slow turn? I suggest reading the video's description to save yourself some time and to avoid some dizziness. And if slow turn is back, what are the best places to buy no slow controllers?
  2. My Yahoo Fantasy league needs active managers. Live Draft is tomorrow, Saturday August 30 5PM Eastern Time. We use the Yahoo Friends and Family League (expert league) scoring settings which includes .75 points per reception, among other changes. Thanks, and if you're interested, please use this link to view the settings we use or to join the league. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/invitation?k=bcc3eaa0228e6ffc&l=697558
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