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  1. Hey,

    I requested to join the Team Beyond spartan company a couple weeks ago but havent gotten in yet. I really would like to help out and ofc get the helmet myself so it would be nice if someone could put me in - thank you.

    I know probably no one knows me bc Im more of a lurker but I hope thats not a bad criterion to get in.

  2. Beyond company is 632 Ground Vehicle kills away from being on 5/5 for everything.  We got into the 5th tier for assassinations yesterday. Good work everybody!  Keep plugging away with those ghosts, scorpions, wraiths and mantises. 


    PSA: Kills with any warthog turret variant do not count towards ground vehicle kills. Splatters with warthogs will count, though.


    Also, I know warthog turret kills fall under chaingun, rocket turret, or gauss turret kills (unfortunately), but does anyone know if Sword Warthogs, the ones that shoot the needler shit, do they count towards it?

    Does the company still need members? Im pretty active, playing almost every day (mostly arena) so I would be glad to help on the grind :)

  3. $1 million prizemoney? 


    "Now, for Microsoft and other game makers, e-sports is considered a crucial leg to the multimillion-dollar marketing push — a way to extend a game’s reach to a highly dedicated group of gamers. As part of that push, Microsoft will announce on Tuesday that its Halo competition will give away a total of $1 million in prize money, the most ever for the game."


    A while back RoosterTeeth showed a few snippets of this Fathom Gameplay. We now have the full video up in better quality, with some additional footage from the B-Roll. Check it out

    0:30 shows best why Clamber is stupid. You cant do two actions at the same time: He is reloading but has to wait for it to finish before making the jump. 



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  5. I'm a bit suspicious of some things I've been seeing in Team Snipers.  H3 typically wins, which has the hardest snipe in Halo and it seems like one guy in each game goes 30 and 5 and everyone else seems normal.  I've watched several films and it doesn't look like an aimbot to me, (I've played against aimbots several times before), but I'm suspicious that people can hit head shots 80% of the time in H3 (in my experience, blood shots are very common w/ H3 snipe, so seeing head shot after head shot gets suspicious).  Maybe they can, but any insight is welcome.  I can also tell from the films that there are lots of no-scopes.  In the last game I played, the rock star was on my team, so the other team started quitting, he starts betraying, a guy quits on my team, and then the rock star drops out of the game. Then it was a 2v2 and actually enjoyable because there were normal success rates for head shots/etc..  IDK... I guess I can just right it off to bad matchmaking (or poor population leading to mismatches) but in any case I have a hard time believing these people can just bounce all over the place drilling snapshot after snapshot while everyone else at least misses every now and then.  If these people are legit then salute.


    Also, does anyone know how to get a film to record in MCC H3 w/ the reticle showing?  I can't get it to work like I could in 360 H3 (I forget the button combo, but you could hit a series of buttons and it would show up and then it would record properly).  Thanks!

    I have a lot of those games today, with me hitting 30+ kills (and I still dont win them). Its not that hard if your teammates can only get 5 kills together and the enemy team isnt full of good players. 


    But pretty much 90% of my games started as a 3vs4 or 2vs3 or today. Ive thought this wasnt a thing anymore? Also the H2C hit detection is horrible, at least in snipers. 



  6. We'll be playing Halo 3 MLG on the Xbone via backwards compatibility before we do on MCC.

    Or in 2017 with Halo 3 Anniversary.


    But seriously, do you guys think there will be even an Anniversary Edition for H3? If so we then would have (with backwards compatibility) 4 different Halo 3s (360, MCC, BC, H3A). I hope they will remove the spread of the BR and make the MLG settings universal (110% Speed etc). But tbh I dont even think there will be one, it would most likely kill the rest of H5s population. 


    Inb4 "H3 is bullshit anyways" comments.

  7. Okay.


    Then how about a Beyond AR / Magnum / BR package then? 



    I am just curious if that is something people would spend money on. Or really any company branded skin. Like would people drop $$$ on an ESL skin for example? 

    Well it has to look good too of course, not just have the brand on it. If so I would definitely spend a few bucks on it.

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  8. I really would like to see Elamite play again. T2 will turn the Str8 Rippin name into an org and makes Elamite the team captain. Legit comes back out of nowhere, super dedicated and will turn Naded into a player who is able to compete for the top 3 consistently (Because I dont see EG braking up/Snip3down leaving them). I havent decided who would be my fourth... maybe Mikwen... yeah he will become the new Snip3down :)

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  9. post

    I know how you feel, its kinda the same for me. Pretty much all my friends have left by now and I cant stand the attitude of the one or two left anymore. They are so happy about 343 and completely ignore that the game is still broken. Also they are some of those guys: "I like sprint - it makes the game faster. Clamber is in other games why shoudnt it be in Halo" and dont even listen if I bring up all the arguments made against it.


    The thing is, I really would like to play Halo. Whenever I see a new montage, a crazy clip on SHC or just some good old H1-3/R gameplay I really want to turn on my Box and play. But there is so much frustration inside me that just waits to come out and that happens pretty much as soon as I start the MCC. I finnaly find a game in HCE after 20 minutes of search and then I got shot by my teamate(s) who dont know how to even hold the controller and just got mad because they were getting destroyed from the enemy team. Or I match a team of 4 in H3 full of complete tryhards while I just want to have a bit of fun. H2A gets boring after two games and I dont even want to start on the crashes and such. Then I just turn off my One again after half an hour (one game and the rest search time) and say fuck it and wont touch it for at least two weeks.


    I got back to some single player games I still had to play (The Dragon Age series, KoA Reckoning etc) and yeah, currently I dont even miss Halo.



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