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  1. The editing was a bit too fast for me but sick gameplay! Thanks for sharing
  2. Hey everyone Im BlaiNour (Flo) 20 and from Germany. I want to "join" this community because the German one is full of haters, flamers, "I am the best u f*ckas* n00b" - players, wannabe pros and immature kids! #rantover Ive started Halo online with Halo 3 so dont hate me because I still have fun with it Some more facts: I love competitive Halo but I also enjoy it casually! In Reach I have only played v6, v7 and SWAT (Top 3 Germany lol) Ive played Halo 4 only for like 3 month. I took a long break from Halo 3 but now Im back #MCC #WeBack I got my name from Reach because Ive blained my teammate in every single 1v1 hehe My English sucks sorry I like to edit videos too Im pumped to finally play Halo 2 online! Have a nice day
  3. Aww thank you for the warm welcome guys <3 Thank you! I might have it earlier than you even though it comes out on the 14th here in Europe hehe. Love my local store - got Reach and H4 a week before release :3
  4. As others have said you have a really nice voice^^ And ur commentary style makes it easier for non English peeps like me to understand everything imo Keep them vids coming!
  5. Thank you for you effort - really appreciate it!

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