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  1. Just played my very first Halo CE 2vs2 with @@AkaDemiK. I was that InnermostBowl guy, we were playing against ParFreY and I dont remember the other guy. We had a nice comback ^-^ Ive started playing Halo online with Halo 3 and wow, what did I miss! What should I learn/practise first to get better at HCE? Any tips would be appreciated
  2. I have to agree. Same with the new graphics of the Halo CEA campaign. They look good and all but they are way too bright and shiny and "nice" for the atmosphere. Especially on 343 Guilty Spark. Its completely missing the dark mood and "dirty" look imo.
  3. Awesome to see some Halo 3 MLG again! But the sad thing is.... I am from Europe
  4. I understand if someone likes the medals as a feedback thingy. But imo that should be handled differently. Only give out medals for crazy/cool stuff as a reward. Like Sprees, Multikills and so on. Therefore I really would like to see something like Counter Strike does it for the actual killfeed: Put a little picture of the weapon (which was used for the kill) instead of the phrase for it and add a special icon for a headshot or assist. Like: You (a little picture of the BR) Enemys Name Maybe put a star for the headshot above the weapon or something like that.
  5. Just listened to all the Hunt the Truth episodes and I have to say: wow. Really awesome thing and I am already feeling the hype for the story again. Also very easy and good to listen to for a non English person like me. Two thumbs up from me to 343 even if I more on the #DoNotBuy side
  6. I think they have said that they will give a toggle option for the Spartan Chatter. In that list of changes which came out after the beta feedback.
  7. The thing I am thinking about all the time is how many maps will there be? I dont count their remixes or what they call it as "normal" maps. They are just a bonusthing to me. And if they want to sell forgemaps as official on disc launch maps - *middlefinger*. Reach already did this shit so pls no. So in my eyes we have two maps we know about so far. Ok to be fair Regret and Thruth are quite different but anyways. If I had to pick one I think it would be Regret.
  8. If Septic and Chalkie really move together into the US I can see them doing some big things. Its really hard in Europe to even practise on USA level. And I think this is one of the problems the EU teams have. If they are the best in EU they cant really practise like the top in NA can imo to get even better.
  9. Is there a video of that? Or can I rewatch the whole G4G event somewhere? On Topic: You did an awesome job! I havent had so much fun watching Halo in a long long time!
  10. @@Sal1ent and others: I really appreciate you guys are posting here and awnser questions so I have one too. What is/are the reason/s for changing a lot of the designs from previous Halo games? For example the Sniper or Rocketlauncher? Or why does H5 have a complete new sounddesign (lots of beeping, overall a lot more sounds)? The medals and announcer were completely redone already in Halo 4. Do you just think it is/was time for something new and if so - why? In my opinion the classic sounds and designs are nowhere outdated or bad looking. General tuning of course but why is there a complete change? If there are other reasons it would be nice if you could give more insight on that. Like someone mentioned earlier, I have not seen a single person saying the new sniper looks good or even better than the old. More the opposite tbh. Also I am still not really at the point where I understand the implementation of Smart Link. I saw the post from @@Shekkles and your awnsers to that The bolded - here is something I have said/asked a few pages back: I somehow get the other points but I still believe we would not need "ADS" to achieve them. Anyhow - thank you for awnsering (if you do :P) PS: Sorry for any English mistakes
  11. Awesome guide @@Proto! Im really excited for the event and I hope I will learn some stuff. The article itself came a bit too late, or better I started to play CS a bit too early. Ive put a lot of time into the game the last two weeks and pretty much learned the topics you have addressed already Nonetheless great article and again, Im pumped!
  12. What was the exact intension of Smart Link again? It links the weapon to the helmet/hud right? But wasnt it always like that? Ive always thought that was the reason for the zoom we had in Halo untill H5. And now I see the Ironsights or the weapon itself (Pistol) while zooming. So to me it looks like the exact opposite now.
  13. And how do different sounds, generic looking weapons and a boring medal system for example do that? I dont think there is someone who will buy the game because it sounds different or because the rocket launcher looks like a Battlefield one.
  14. Thats one thing I really dont understand about 343. Yes we have Spartans, the shieldsystem and the weapons. But the rest: The sound is completely different. The weapons are all (most) different looking now. The announcer, the medals, changed gametypes (Ball throwing, Flagnum) etc. And damn 4.5 seconds between Multikills instead of 4. My question about all this is just: Why?
  15. Can I get an invite to that chat too please? Edit: Name = Blainour
  16. Great Stream from the European Tournamet! But I am really disapposinted in all the hate that was going on in the chat from Amercian viewers.
  17. Hello Im not sure if this is the right place but I have a question. I have bought CSGO last weekend and I really want to learn the game. Ive already wachted severeal videos and read some guides but I am looking for someone who might be willing to teach me some stuff or just someone I can ask some questions about the game. CSGO is pretty much my first PC Shooter (played the Crysis 1 campaign a few times) and besides Halo is Bad Company 2 (both on Xbox) the only other Shooter I have ever played online. So you can say I am a complete noob haha. So I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. Maybe to show me some stuff in "custom games" or might even dont mind playing a few rounds with a complete beginner . But my main thing is that I have someone with knowledge who doesnt mind awnsering my noob questions^^ Im 21 years old and from Germany and Im a bit shy when it comes to talking English lol. Thank you
  18. Too bad they cant go with Speed due to that passport shit. Hope they can represent my country in a good way still
  19. You are basically saying someone is not supposed to play Halo if hes not on a team. By "doing shit" I mean "nothing much" btw lol. But what do you do when your teammates just run str8 out after they have respawned and go -12? I know it is a beta but the player matching does not work at all I would say. Why are 4 solos even getting matched against a team of 3/4? Thats why I said its frustrating.
  20. Imo yes. I might still go negative or what but I can get some more kills out of individual battles. With the movement abilities and maps in H5 its pretty easy to just back out of a bad situation.
  21. I cant handle this anymore. Playing H5 solo is complete bullshit! I have never seen teams tryhing harder than in this beta it is just not fun. And I dont wanna know how "bad" players feel. Because of everyone just thrusting out of battles you cant do shit alone against a team.
  22. This is gonna be VERY long sorry! Little introduction first - the in deep feedback is below I have played about 70 games now and I have to say it was better than what I have expected it to be. The first couple games I have thought it would be complete garbage. Then I did really enjoy it after I got used to everything but now its just boring again. Not a bad game but nothing special anymore on the market. I am ranked Semipro in both playlists if that says anything. I did not read any of the posts here yet because I want to give only my own thoughts on the beta. So here it is: Visuals: The game looks really good overall. I dont want to say that the maps or weapons look awesome but more on that later. I dont really like the look of the Spartans - still that plastic look and not as "flowing" as in the older games. The shoulderparts look attached and not like a actual part of the armour for example. Anyways a lot better than H4. I like the simple menu and searching screen - hope they keep it something similar to that. Audio: 50/50 tbh. I really enjoy the gun sounds and the sounds of the Thruster etc. But damn - all that beeping and the "killsound" is so annoying! The shield does not sound like it did in 6! games before at all. Because of that and the beeping hitmarker Ive thought several times my shields were down. But they were full. Spartan Chatter: I dont know - dont mind it at all. Its not helpfull (for me at least) because I cant really concentrate on the callouts if they are "ingame" What a "no no" is for me: "Enemy is on a multi". Leads the rest of the team to camp out the time I could hit the higher multikill. Weapon Spawns: I dont really like that they call out the weapon spawns. It might help newer players a little bit but they would learn it sooner or later without it too. If they want to - if not its their problem. A good player/team should be rewarded for knowing the spawns/timing the weapons. The biggest problem its that just everyone sits on the spawn and the player with the best connection gets the weapon. Footsteps are a bit too loud imo. Overall there is too much. I played some H2C after a few Beta games and lol. All you hear are the shooting sounds, grenades and the announcer. Abilities: Sprint: Needs to go. It was explained "why" a hundred times now. And a lot better than I could ever do it. I know its not nearly as bad as in Reach/H4 anymore but still. The combination with the stronger Thruster makes it pretty much worse though. Because of Sprint the maps are big for "small arena maps". Walking "normal" over the map takes days and there are so many places where nothing is going on. Up the base movement and you dont have the problem with the big maps. "Sprint makes the game faster" is just an illusion! Since its pretty unlikely you will remove it - How to fix Imo: look at the "Solution". Thruster Pack: I enjoy it a lot. Was the best thing added in Halo 4 and Imo that alone could be that 4th thing you want to add to the shoot, nade, melee formular. Needs a few tweaks though. Like I said earlier: in combo with Sprint its even more a free "get out of jail" card. I really like the idea to be able to dose the thrust. Like tab the Thruster button for a shorter thrust, hold it till its empty for the long thrust (2 or 3 short thrust before it has to recover). In addition let me shoot while I am thrusting. So you can use it as an really exiting offensive tool. The first thing I have thought of when I heard about the Thruster Pack in H4 was the "Thruster Strafe". Sadly that never really happened. Also why should I not be able to shoot while I thrust? Sorry but where is that immersion here you guys were talking about?! Clamber: I would prefer it not to be in the game - I could live with it though (What I think I have to since the maps are built around it). But it pretty much brakes the maps like jetpack did. Not as bad but still. In combination with Sprint and Thruster Pack or that jump/ground pound/jump combo you really can get wherever you want from wherever you want - pretty fast! Again - like with Sprint and Thruster - you cant shoot. An I thought this was supposed to be an "Arena Shooter"? The most important thing though is that it pretty much completely destroys skilljumping. Slide: Would be gone with the removal of Sprint. But would it matter? No. We still have Thruster Pack which is pretty much the same and anyways: I havent seen one person yet using it. You could say "why remove it then when it doesnt bother you". Well its simple: Why have something pointless in the game? Shoulder Charge: Again would be gone with Sprint. And again it wouldnt matter. Why? Again Thruster Pack: Thrust + melee = Shoulder Charge. Died from it once in 70 games and pretty much no one (again) is using it so its another pointless addition. Ground Pound: I dont mind this. But please REMOVE IT FROM THE CROUCHBUTTON! If this stays on the crouch button I wont play the game. That might sound stupid but its not. Im crouch jumping since Halo CE has released - its my nature to do so. Again I havent used it once yet and never saw someone getting a kill with it. So it wouldnt be a problem to put it maybe on the dpad down when its not being used that much. It can be a nice "montage" thingy though or just to embarrass someone So keep it in I would say. Weapons: Weapon switching overall is way too slow and feels not fluid. It takes too long till I can shoot both when switching weapons and when zooming in! Flinch: REMOVE IT! I heard its a bug and I hope it is! Skill gap: Great! Finally a shooting skillgap again. I dont know what it is but sometimes it feels off. I guess its because of the vibration (I really hope I can toggle that off in the final game) in combination with flinch. This shoulnt be a problem in November anymore then I think. Smart Link: First of all its not what you told us it would be. Because its not only cosmetic. It makes the AR and the SMG way too powerful! Also its a change just for the sake of change. The scoping was something Halo did not like every other Shooter out there. And it takes way too long to zoom in and shoot. Especially with the Sniper! One thing which Im not getting is the fact that you change basically EVERYTHING in the game even if its not needed. Like the Rocket Launcher - WTF is this thing now? Assault Rifle: I like the design of it and I also understand why its so strong. And I think if its a pickup on the map with BR/DMR whatever starts its ok as it is. But if its the primary weapon with the Pistol as the secondary weapon you should make the Pistol a 4SK. (Look at the Pistol Paragraph for more) Like that a skilled player can easily kill one or two guys spraying at him with the AR. Also its Range is way too far. This wouldnt really be a problem anymore without ADS. SMG: Let me say this: How am I supposed to kill someone with a shotgun in this game? Either the Shotty has a pretty long range or its going to be a useless weapon. The SMG is so strong you are down in 1 second. And with the bigger maps/more open map parts I dont see myself getting kills with the Shotty. The problem is that the SMG has to be stronger than the AR on close range but since the AR is already that strong it pretty much IS a shotgun now. And again it looks very different from that iconic SMG Chief is dual wielding on the H2 cover. Which is one of the most famous pictures from Halo Imo. Pistol: I love it! Make it a 4SK and everything is perfect for me. Since its the hardest to use it should be the most rewarding - and it already feels really rewarding. But as a 4SK a really skilled player can outplay 2 AR sprayers or rape any other precision weapon user! It would make the AR/SMG in AR starts not as OP anymore. Battle Rifle: Finally it sounds good again and it looks good. But I want the classic zoom back on it please. I think the recoil is a bit too much? Or I dont know what it is but I often missed a headshot because my reticule goes up more and more even if I aim a bit down. Maybe flinch too idk. Maybe make it shoot a tiny little bit faster. DMR: Did not use it much. Shooting while being scoped feels strange - shooting without zoom is much more effective I think. Looks like the bullet magnetism is pretty high when not scoped. I think its balanced good. On close range it is hard to get kills against a BR/CQC weapon and on long range its of course better than the other weapons. Sword: It is the sword - works. Prophets Bane: Idk about this one. I cant see 3/4 of my screen and its so damn bright. I think its not very effective against good players but if there is one of those internet warriors having it its pretty damn OP! Sprint + Thruster + the extra speed makes it the perfect run around weapon. Like I said against a good team/good players it can easily be outplayed Imo. Sniper: ROF needs to be increased! Also the zooming needs to be much faster. Quickscoping is not really working and this is not CoD where its easy to do so. Also yy is damn slow. Looks like its pretty easy again to use (dont like this. I really think H3s Sniper is the best). And why is it the H4 Sniper again? Changed it because you can? Pretty much everyone said that the H4 Snipe looks just stupid. I hope this is just a placeholder Hydra: Pretty effective when you flank. Hard to get kills when you are getting shot so you can not zoom it with it. I like that! But the design? Meh - really looks like that watergun someone posted here on the forum lol. I like the weapon overall but its not enough for that map Imo. I would like to see some powerups! Rocket Launcher: Why? Just why did you change something so iconic? Dont know how it plays but that fact that it looks like a Battlefield RPG is bad enough! Light Rifle: I couldnt use it much tbh. I liked the bit when I did tho. Just the zoom looks a bit stupid again and is really slow. Nades: I like that you dont have to look straight into the sky to throw them for a longer distance. They might be a tiny bit too powerfull for my preference but I can live with that. They are way too easy to shoot. I get a sick outplay double kill and I know i wont kill the third guy so i go for the stick. But no the grenade just explodes right in my face and kills me. Thanks 343. Movement: Strafing should be more responsible Imo. I like how its harder to aim but I still cant really outplay two guys at once who have at least a bit skill. I didnt have a problem with that in H1/2/3/Rv7 but here I dont know what it is. Is there still too much bullet magnetism or is it the strafe? I guess I have to play more to be sure/to get myself better. Also crouch strafing looks not very effective anymore. The killcam showed me that they have to aim down only like 1 milimeter. Maybe the hitboxes are too big? That might be the case why the Sniper feels so easy and why I get killed around the corner pretty much every time. The base movement speed is too slow. Because of Sprint the maps are bigger and so moving around without sprinting just takes too long. Also it would help the Strafe to be more effective. Plus it would make the game actually faster unlike sprint. With the abilities we have you can get from bad positions into good positions in just a second. You should be punished for putting yourself in a bad situation. Like I said earlier Sprint (especially with Thruster combined) and clamber make clever map movement pretty much non existent. Maps: Truth: It looks like a Midship remix. But thats it. It plays nothing like midship and it plays really slow and standoffish. Most of the time the battles happen around one base and the Carbine site. Also you should not be able to get from bottom mid to top mid that easy. You should not be able to get to top from bottom at all. At least make it a hard jump like in Reach from R2 To R3 on Zealot. I did not really saw team shooting across map like in H2/H3. The sight lines are pretty bad I have to say. Also its hard to see the blue team sometimes. Empire: Outside is way too powerful and easy to hold. Make the inside powerweapon a Rocket launcher maybe? And I think an Overshield/Camo could be working. On this map is clamber nearly gamebreaking I would say. You can get at anywhere from everywhere. Again the sight lines are pretty bad - its not really a map for a sniper. Of course its fun to use and I like having a Snipe on small maps (look at my name haha) but immersion? Regret: There is too much grass and too many bugs in my honest opinion. On Carbine site the grass can really hide a player coming up the ramp from a base. Remove the bugs - it might help that crazy framerate issues the map has. I almost got killed by a oneshot guy because I chased him into the base and had like 20 fps! This cannot happen in 2014. Solo the map plays pretty bad but I can see it with a good team and interesting objective gametypes being a good map. Eden: I prefer empire thb. Eden has the better sightlines though but the flow of the map feels not right. I dont know what it is but I just run around the map, I never went to a middle area. Again just camping outside + in one base is the key I think. The two Breakout maps are pretty much the same. I really like the Forgetheme of them - Im pumped for community maps on that canvas! Both play a bit like Onslaught or Amplified from H3 Imo. Dont see them working in any other gametype though. Overall the maps arent that great tbh. They look good but not really special and Truth for example is too dark. Better than what we had in H4 but still far from the class of the old trilogy. I even liked the Reach maps more sorry. And I hope that those 4 Forge maps are not official launch maps and also that those "remix" maps are bonus maps. I think it would be pretty cheap to sell forged maps as "official disc" maps. Breakout: Halo really needed something like this. If the Pistol was a 4SK what would it be in Breakout? Because its not really good compared to the SMG in this gametype. I like the 3SK BR as a "semi" powerweapon. 3rd person Killcams need to go. Its supposed to be a competitive gametype and you get pretty much a reward for getting a team mate down. That player can overlook the whole map and around corners. Medals: As many already have said: There are way too many. Some of the new ones are really awesome and Im happy there arent as much as in H4/H2A but still. Some really unnecessary ones like the "Hatrick" one or the Kill medals for each weapon "Sniper Kill", "Sword Kill" etc. A medal is a reward and I should not get rewarded for something I am supposed to do. It does not feel good to get flooded with medals. It feels actually bad because you dont even know what you did to get that specific one. They also look too bland and need more colors again and more different shapes. The medals also were something very iconic to Halo but again you changed them drastically in H4 just for the sake of change. Announcer: Again too much. He talks and screams and purrs at me all the time. I think its way too much information. For example why does he tell us the score in Breakout?. A simple "Round two" like in the old games would be much more "cooler". And it looks like you want Halo to be "cool". What leads me to my next point. High Fiving: I think its funny. And I dont get why everyone is hating on it. Yeah its a bit childish but you make jokes about immersion and how stupid it is to talk about realism and then at the same time you say Spartans are badass killermachines that dont do stuff like that? Also is this the community where most of the "languys" are who play for 6 hours straight, high fiving after a clutch match and are talking trash all over the place so I dont see the problem with that. And thb there are way more important things to talk about. Solution: 1 - Remove Sprint + Slide and Shouldercharge. We have the Thruster Pack which hast the same mechanics as those abilities. It can be used as a speed boost, the thrust itself is slide just not on the ground and Thruster + melee = shouldercharge with at least a tiny bit more "skill" involved. Spartans are supersoldiers yes. And therefore people expect to be able to sprint? What? Its a since fiction video game. If we really have to talk about realism lets start somewhere else. How can I die multiple times? Oh yeah its a video game. How are weapons and ammo just respawning and not coming down with a parachute from a plane above me? Oh yeah its a video game. You see what I mean? "Immersion" is not a good argument. With the removal of sprint we have what it looks like you want to create: a balanced competitive and fast paced arena game. Ofc it is not just sprint why we dont have that but its the biggest reason. Halo works better without it - we have seen it. And if you are not able to balance it 100% then why just why do you want it in the game? I just dont get it. or 2 - Let the player be able to shoot. At any time. Let me shoot while I sprint. It is more realistic to be able to shoot while running away from a covenant army than it is not. It would not be too powerful because I can pretty much only shoot the direction I am running. But that makes the run away sh*t much less frustrating. The same goes for Thruster Pack. I have already explained how it could create so many awesome outplays if I would be able to shoot while I thrust. And again its completely NOT realistic to NOT be able to shoot! Let me shoot when I slide - why should I not be able to shoot while I do so? Let me shoot while I am charging the ground pound. I mean is this Halo or Dragonball? It looks like you are a Sayajin when you perform a ground pound. To balance this make you lose shield when you hit the ground and not direct hit the enemy player. or 3 - Thruster Pack as the only new ability. Thats the version of Halo 5 I would prefer actually. As I have already explained earlier let me dose my thrust and let me shoot while I thrust. That makes it the perfect offensive tool because you can introduce it into your strafe. You can still use it as the "doge" ability with holding the button to release the full thruster load. Also you wound not really lose the other abilities we have right now: - Sprint: Spartans are much faster as normal humans anyways so sprinting is not really necessary. With the Thruster Pack you can still have that speed boost. Its the same just not permanent. And you still can shoot! - Slide = Thruster - Shoulder charge = Thrust and then melee - Ground Pound is already being performed with the Thrusters. Maybe make it a simple button combo and not just one button. (Especially not the crouch button!) - Clamber: Remove this. It makes the maps actually better and with the Thruster Pack you can actually introduce a jump method that takes skill to use. For example a wall jump. You jump "against" a wall hit the jump button again and then thrust yourself above the edge. The time window for the second jump should be really small though. Or simpler let me use the Thruster Pack as a mini Jetpack. You would have to release your full load to let the Pack thrust you up just a tiny bit. Not that OP range of the Jetpack of course. You would have to put that on another button though. Because I dont know how you should "aim" your thrust up. Maybe put this one on the dpad up? Overall: Halo 5 is a good game but not a good Halo. And its by far not a good competitive title in its current state. With all those abilities/gimmicks, powerful automatic weapons and still somehow easy shooting (or the bad strafing) it is a good game for casual/new gamers. But they still will not have a lot of fun with the game. And the reason why is because you push them into a competitive environment. I heard H5 is going to have ranked matchmaking only. If people just want to play for fun and not because they want to try hard to rank up they cant. Solo the game is not fun at all. And forcing the casuals into a competitive environment like this you will turn them away really quick. On the other hand with all the abilities and simplification of pretty much everything you dont please the competitive crowd either. The competitive site of Halo 5 feels really dull Imo and therefore I see the population overall dropping really quick again just like in H4. You guys really need to focus on one aspect. A good competitive game will always be enjoyable for casuals too. Just look at all the games like H1-3, Starcraft, LoL, CS etc. But a good casual game will never be ready for eSports. And to me it looks you aim more to the casual players and just give us competitive some "arena", "equal starts" and whatnot because we are actually the people who are the loudest and to please us. We care the most. We are the people who are playing every Halo even more than 10 years after they came out. We are the people who really know in deep whats good for a game and what not. If you want gimmicks you can have them. Look at my third solution paragraph for example. You still have most of the stuff in just packed better and ready for eSport. So 343 now its up to you. Make a good game and bring back the glory days or keep doing what you are doing and kill Halo more and more. Of course you will sell those copies. I will buy the game too no matter how bad the mp will be. Because I know about Halo because of its story and therefore I play it in the first place. Will the multiplayer remain like this I will buy it used though. I wont play online and I wont give you one single penny more for dlcs or whatever! I might sound harsh but I think I need to so you guys get what I want to say. PS: Sorry for any English mistakes I am not English/American and it also is a VERY long list. Thank you for reading and taking my thoughts into consideration.
  23. Yeah Ik but thats the problem. I pretty much crouch every time I jump and then Im just a easy target. Of course you could say "dont crouch then" but I do so for 10+ years mow. I have to #adapt then I guess
  24. Groundpound on the crouchbutton drives me nuts! Every second battle I just get stuck midair not being able to shoot and get slaughtered by those OP autos ._.
  25. Definitely more than 2000$/€ The Muckle Oxmox Halo 2 Master Chief Life-Size statue alone cost me almost 1000$ lol
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