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  1. You are completely right I just dont really know what your statement has to do with his post. Halo 5 is not Halo CE and therefore Pistol/AR starts in H5 will not be the same like HCE Pistol/AR. Maybe Im missing something but I just wanted to point out that in CE we have the Pistol as the only utility precision weapon and in H5 we have 3, 5 if you count Carbine and the LR with the pistol being the hardest to use, the one with the shortest range and its TTK is not that much faster than the other weapon ones to balance that out on H5s big maps - at least in my opinion. I see it like Moa - BR/Pistol starts. Edit: Well if the pistol is stronger in the final build Im totally ok with Pistol/AR, but in the Beta the pistol did not feel strong enough against a full team of BR/DMR guys.
  2. No. I just wanted to say that its "unfair" (or whatever you want to call it) in some eyes when you spawn with pistol/AR and the enemy team has map control with BRs and such. Even if the pistol has the fastet TTK the other weapons are (at least in the beta) way easier to use and also have a longer range. Therefore he (and others) would like to have BR starts. Neither do I want a teamshoot Halo again
  3. And you forget that H1 does not have any other precision weapons (except sniper) than the pistol. Now the other team has map control, BRs, DMRs and Carbines which are all easier to use and so they can "easily" spawn trap the other team. I think thats what he wanted to say.
  4. Saucey got some questions awnsered by Josh. Sounds like some really interesting ones and they are waiting for the Xbox PR to give them the go ahead. (So no false information is given out)
  5. So I have steelcase on my shelf without a disc in it - meh. With my Internet it would take days to download a game
  6. So the LCE comes without the disc and just a digital copy or both?
  7. So the only difference to the limited edition is the statue for 150 bucks? Better be some super high quality thing then.
  8. Hunters pretty in pink now? Im quite disappointed too with the presentation.
  9. ONI is the :goat: . I knew it wouldnt be that easy for Ben (no phone calls getting cut off etc) and that there had to be going on something in the dark with ONI. HtT really got me into the story hype! Awesome piece of lore.
  10. You are not, something is definitely still wrong with it. Idk what it is but sometimes it feels like if you are shooting at someone the reticle magnetism just disappears. Or the speed is changing for a second. Really strange. But yeah, it happens to me too that I can 4shot people without MLG settings. That was pretty much impossible for me on the old console due to my stupid connection. I still have quite a lot of laggy games but the ones which are fine have a way better connection than the 360 ones.
  11. You have to admit that everything we have heared so far sounds good, besides the split screen issues. People are just happy about the changes after the beta. Could they change more? Of course - take sprint out for example, but we all know thats not gonna happen. I also do not like the way Halo is going and MCC was a failure but no one is denying that I think. Am I hyped about the campaig? Yes - not about the MP though. But I still like the changes being made after the beta feedback.
  12. Halo 3 looks like to be the only game I am playing on dedis from time to time. My shots connect the best out of any of the games.
  13. Haha no x). I mean the one on the far right of the picture Batchford posted. But I just looked up a H4 cutscene on Youtube and hes really much bigger than the chief. My bad. Edit: @@Mendicant Thats the one I was watching yes hehe.
  14. I mean the thing on the far right. Hes twice as high as the Chief. I dont remember him that big from H4s campaign.
  15. Is that some sort of updated Didact or why is he so huge?
  16. Im happy that he is, I was always a fan of him and he deserves it!
  17. But wasnt it just like that because Halo 1 to 3 did not have an assist medal? I mean if they would take the Reach medals for Halo 5 then you would also have that medal. So the medals we would not have would be all the medals after HR. And most that came after Reach are the ones people are complaining about (plus the new design). But I understand the argument against it. It just something I think would be nice since we also have it in the MCC. But I can hope :P
  18. Halo Reach has an assist medal. Of course one good version would be the the thing to go but I dont see 343 doing much to get back to the classic feel :/
  19. Something that just came into my mind (addressing medals and audio): Would it be hard to implement an "experience option" like the toggle for the medal flasher in MCC?! "Classic" and "New" New is Halo 5 as they want it to be and Classic would be the old Medals, the old announcer, and old audio in general like the shield sounds, no headshot sound or hitmarker beeping etc. So that way everyone would be happy - 343 (and peeps who like it) can have their new style and the old guys can have the classic feel. I dont think something like that would be too hard to implement but I could be wrong. We have the medal icons and announcer voice and all other sounds and its also in MCC. @@Sal1ent would this be something you could think of adding? Maybe as an update a month after release or so.
  20. Yes you are right. I forgot to say that you would wait though before buying it. Thats pretty much what I wanted to say, that some peeps are angry at others because they preorder H5 or are already saying they will buy it without knowing how it will turn out. Instead of them having a problem with someone buying H5 because they like it.
  21. Im not saying you are bad or anything but imo you shouldnt make yourself look better than you really are. Everytime you upload a video you say stuff like: I havent played in a long time but I still got some sick clips (but then you say they are just leftovers blahblah)... 95% of the clips are from last week... I have a shitty TV, my gamepad is broken or whatever. You DID play in the last couple month because you were uploading stuff and I even met you a few times. It might be true that your TV is old and without audio and stuff like that but to me those "excuses" make the videos worse. To me it just sounds like you want to hype urself etc Again, Im not saying you are bad and I know you are better than me but still...
  22. I think the "problem" is not that you or some people in general like Halo 5, it is the fact that you as a customer of a company got a broken product (MCC) which is still not working to this day. And that you want to buy H5 anyways. If you would buy a car which misses half the promised stuff you paid for and where the rest is not working at all - would you still buy the next version of it or another product from that company? I guess not. And you cant say: Well there were other people working on the old car, so the new one will be fine. Of course a video game is not a car but that is exactly the point. People have to stop taking video games as "just games", they have to see it as a product like everything else out there in the world of products.
  23. The problem with the EU is that you cant make a living out of eSport. Well you can, but its really really hard and its definitely impossible with Halo. eSport itself isnt really big or better said accepted in the EU compared to USA/Asia and you have to decide: conenctrate on the game to become good enough for the US or whatever, or concentrate on school/job. The European school/college/job system is quite different from the US one.
  24. To me it sounds like we are hearing the story after it all happened. I think the episodes he is uploading to the internet are not the same episodes we get. Its a bit hard for me to explain in English but I mean he is always telling an story/event that has already happened. And then he puts in live recorded footage. For example in episode 02: In the end he says: "But what I didnt realise - was that this crack - was only the beginning ...". So he must have already known all the crazy stuff at that point to make such a statment. I could be completely wrong but thats at least how I do understand it with my English "skills".
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