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  1. Hello. Ive quit Halo a couple years ago but I want to play again. So Im looking for people to play with. Mainly H3 (mlg snipes octagon etc) but Id also play H1 and H2 Im 25 and from Europe. My GT is biancr Greetings
  2. Looking for players for the MLG playlist. Im only a 30 something on my current account tho. Add M1 Blainer - thank you
  3. Hey, I requested to join the Team Beyond spartan company a couple weeks ago but havent gotten in yet. I really would like to help out and ofc get the helmet myself so it would be nice if someone could put me in - thank you. I know probably no one knows me bc Im more of a lurker but I hope thats not a bad criterion to get in.
  4. Does the company still need members? Im pretty active, playing almost every day (mostly arena) so I would be glad to help on the grind
  5. Oh I thought... you took an arrow to the knee
  6. This will be the go to style for montages!
  7. $1 million prizemoney? http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/05/technology/with-halo-5-microsoft-seeks-to-lure-e-sports-players-back.html?smid=tw-nytimestech&seid=auto&_r=0 "Now, for Microsoft and other game makers, e-sports is considered a crucial leg to the multimillion-dollar marketing push — a way to extend a game’s reach to a highly dedicated group of gamers. As part of that push, Microsoft will announce on Tuesday that its Halo competition will give away a total of $1 million in prize money, the most ever for the game."
  8. 0:30 shows best why Clamber is stupid. You cant do two actions at the same time: He is reloading but has to wait for it to finish before making the jump.
  9. A big prizepool alone wont make H5 a success imo. It worked for CoD because it has a huge following. They then see that there is money thrown at their game and get interested in the competitive side (maybe). But we need a rather large community first, so people who are interested in the game itself become intersted in the comp side.
  10. But the pro about it is that everyone has the same stuff. Doesnt make them good though I agree with that Also for the pro side: Higher shooting skill gap. Pretty much the main reason I dont play H2A (the easy shooting)
  11. It says Armour Abilities. I guess he means not being able to choose one in a loadout. Equal starts for Halo 5. Which shouldnt even be in the discussion imo. Like who would ever have dreamed that we wont have equal starts in Halo one day?
  12. A big con for me is the lack of "old Halo" for sure. By that I mean the complete change in audio and visuals (weapons, medals etc). But that is just me, like you have said a solid game for todays standards but not so much a good Halo.
  13. I have a lot of those games today, with me hitting 30+ kills (and I still dont win them). Its not that hard if your teammates can only get 5 kills together and the enemy team isnt full of good players. But pretty much 90% of my games started as a 3vs4 or 2vs3 or today. Ive thought this wasnt a thing anymore? Also the H2C hit detection is horrible, at least in snipers.
  14. Is anyone up for some Snipers? Or something else Idc as long as it is not H4 ^^. GT: Blainour
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