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  1. Great explanation and examples, phil. Well done.
  2. Thanks for watching, bro. Appreciate the support greatly! Thanks a lot, man. Really glad you enjoyed it. I do imagine I'll have more of these eventually. Glad you liked it. Thanks, man. Very much appreciated.
  3. That's very cool of you. I really appreciate the comment, man, and I'm very glad you dig them!
  4. Hope all's well with the homies! Made a new CE video, figured I'd post here instead of making a thread: Thanks a lot for checkin' it out if you do, very much appreciated.
  5. Haha, glad you enjoyed it, man. Thanks a lot for watching. Excellent, appreciate the post, Frosty. Thanks a lot watching. I really appreciate it and am glad you liked it. Hyena >>>>>>>>> Thanks a lot for watching it, dude. I really appreciate you giving it a shot and also for commenting. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support and for checkin' out the vid. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to engage and hope it has inspired others to play the game and even create content to share with the community. Again, thanks a lot, all.
  6. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it! Thanks dude. Prolly some highlights to burn through footage. Gotta start playing again to make shit happen so we're a ways off from another like this. Again, thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks, man. Appreciate it, dude. TY. Haha, all good man. This game has a lotta nerds sweatin' it up (myself included ) Thanks a lot, Deucey. Glad you liked it man.
  7. Thanks a lot, brother. Always a pleasure to see you. Thanks for dropping a comment. Haha, addin' a bit of insult to injury. Thanks for coming through and leaving a comment.
  8. Thanks a lot, guys. I appreciate the comments. Hard Way, I actually hit that same Dammy clip on Walshy during first month or two of MCC's release but died when I hit the bottom. I am 100% confident that it was frame perfect and I should've survived but I got MCCd (if you remember you were able to take fall damage/die from normal jumping height during the first few months). Again, thanks dudes. Glad you enjoyed.
  9. This is my first Halo CE MCC montage (3rd overall CE montage) and also my submission to thehaloforum's montage competition! I appreciate you guys always coming through and interacting with my content. This has been quite the learning process as far as editing is concerned and it's my second real effort. I really hope you guys enjoy but if not, thanks for coming through regardless.
  10. I've caught up with Fil4 and Bobek since MCC dropped and got a few games in before everyone abandoned the game. Played with Bobek much more because Fil4 wasn't usually able to jump on during a decent hour. From what I saw he would mostly run 1v1s with his boys but I am not sure if it was mostly because of MCC things or if he lost interest in 2s. On topic: What are the chances of getting T2, Walshy or whomever to simply host the Twitch channel? Isn't that a thing? If it comes down to it perhaps offer a little cash just to host the stream. While it won't pull the typical audience that those dudes would likely receive, nor address the whole official commentator thing, I feel it's a realistic backup plan which requires little effort for a nice viewer spike (assuming this was a part of the reason you'd want to bring those guys in). If all else fails just throw a tuxedo shirt on Jeenyus and mic him up.
  11. Excellent to see this shape up the way it has. Props to all.
  12. CT was my introduction to the series but also my exit (bought Blacklist but was hugely disappointed). The game's MP experience is undoubtedly one of a kind and also very deep, just like you guys were saying. The maps were absolutely top notch, as well. I was actually talking about this yesterday with a buddy, hoping that since it's officially the era of reboots/remasters that SC:CT would get the treatment with untouched physics -- just a graphic overhaul to keep the new crowd happy. I was full blown nerd status with it, just like H1. Just a beast... The game speed is completely dictated by a player's skill level and the controls were fuckin' perfect. The MP exploits/glitches as both spies and mercs kept me coming back for years until servers went dark. Then I played over XBC and XLink for a while before college rolled around and that was the end of that. I had quite a bit of content hosted on Mythica but that's been extinct for years now, wish I could retrieve it. The game was definitely niche fandom wise; it's really unfortunate people will never get to experience the depth let alone the multiplayer experience. Glad to hear others saw it the same way I did.
  13. Likewise, brother. Glad to see you're still involved in the scene and killin' it. Keep it up.
  14. This happens to me before I start to play every single time. Let this message remain opened for :30-1:00 minute and then hit cancel. Then enter matchmaking again and it'll let you through. Straight fuckery but it works every single time for me.
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