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  1. Visited the ESL Studio this week and saw them putting up some of the Halo decor. My chief, you have returned.
  2. Our office is located in West Hollywood - will definitely need to gauge interest before figuring out how many boxes/monitors we need but I think we can handle around 20-30 people here. Timing wise, I wanted to shoot for release on that Tuesday but I'm thinking more people will be available on the weekend to make the trek (if they are coming from outside the city). Currently gathering more info, will bump thread once I know what kind of people will be around.
  3. Hey friends, Lester (hokum) here from Machinima. My colleague (MioFF) and myself run the eSports/Live teams here and are considering doing a LAN event at the office on/around the day of the MCC release. Trying to get fans/lovers/enthusiasts of the title to stop by and get some serious playtime. Event will likely be BYOXBOXONE but we will gladly provide some kind of monitor/gamecap setups where we can do pick-up games and general play. We will provide food/beverages and keep the train going into the wee-hours. Being long-standing lovers of the Halo titles and now having a good space to do an event of this sort it would be fun to see who could come by and crack open the game with us. All recommendations are welcome, you can privately DM me with any questions or tweet me at twitter.com/hokum_ One love.
  4. Yes, that hokum. I was so beautiful I broke the link to the image.
  5. Hello brethren, It's been a long time since I've cruised the forum space. So glad Beyond has kept the community alive for so long. Hope to actively participate in all the discussions here and get back into the swing of things. Hoping big things out of Halo in the next few months, y'all going to make it sweet! One love.

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